Album Review: UNITRA-‘Lock Up Your Daughters’

Hello Music Maeniacs! Welcome to our review feature for the band Unitra! Now, I know what you all have been thinking, we need a new wave of British heavy metal. Well, look no further! The 80’s are back with this killer album ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’!

“UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)” is a short intro track to the epic metal journey we are about to embark on. It blends flawlessly into the next track “Enforcer” which comes at you hard and heavy with classic 80’s guitar riffs while proclaiming: Metal is the reason we live. This track continues to describe the metal lifestyle with a catchy chorus- ENFORCER! There is also a cool breakdown with some sweet bass licks that remind me of another 80’s British rock star, Steve Harrison.

Next in line is “Violent Storm” which has a unique intro that highlights the drums. This tune is a full speed thrasher that will wreck your neck. If you aren’t in the pit during this tune, you are seriously missing out! This tune is full of wailing guitar solos and bass beats that get the blood moving. “Total Annihilation” keeps that energy on a high. Full of force and aggression; this is another tune for the brutal bassist. This track taps deep into the metal soul with many of our favorite elements of classic metal throughout.

“Tyrant Rex” is a chant-worthy track. This tune has a lot of the epic Iron Maiden flavor. The guitar and bass lead the way in this tune, and the drums keep everything tight and clean. I can also feel an Iced Earth kind of vibe in the track as well, especially in the vocal pattern and content; that being said, the finish is very much a great homage to Iron Maiden. You can check the track for yourself in the link below!

“(We are) UNITRA” is the epic battle cry of the band. It lays out the attitude and foundation for what Unitra brings to the table. It’s also sort of a “part 2” to the track “UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)” which takes this album in a solid full circle. This album ends us on a high note that has you craving for more! Which, lucky for us, Unitra was kind enough to fuel our metal-wanting souls with their bonus track: “American Girl.” I’m going to let you check this one out for yourself below, but take it from this American girl; It’s a f*ckin’ jam!

I am happy to have discovered the gem that is Unitra! They are something I needed to have on my playlist and a delightful blast from the past! Their energy is everything we are craving in the metal scene! Each member brings full force, passion, and brutality to the table and we can’t get enough!


Line Up
Max Speed – Vocals, Bass
Ben Cross – Guitars
Marty Jupiter – Drums

Tracks for ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’
1. UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)
2. Enforcer
3. Violent Storm
4. Total Annihilation
5. Tyrant Rex
6. (We Are) UNITRA
7. American Girl (Bonus Track)

Purchase your copy of  ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ HERE

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Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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