Album Review: DREAD- ‘From This World To The Next’

Dread is back to Slay the Kings! “From This World to the Next” sees Dread return to the metal masses with a collection of seven thunderous songs, the first offering since 2010’s “Brace for Destruction.” Produced by Taylor Young (NAILS, Twitching Tongues) at The Pit Studios in Van Nuys, CA., mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Eternal Champion, Sumerlands).

Originally hailing from Albuquerque, NM., Dread is now located in Los Angeles, CA. with the current lineup being Taylor Dread on vocals, AD Camarena on lead guitar and Vinny G on lead guitar. Live, the band is rounded out by Carlos Gutierrez on drums and Bobby Sins on bass. Influenced by the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Armored Saint; Dread is determined to put the heart back in heavy metal without compromising a killer riff.

Earlier in the year, we had an interview with these thrashers, which you can find HERE

We kick off this album with “Blitzkrieg From Hell.” This tune starts off by slowly easing us in, creating intrigue and a sense of anticipation. Then, the thrashing begins! Instantly you get a feel of their Judas Priest and Armored Saint influences, especially in not only the vocal tones but also the vocal patterns. There is tons of that classic thrash metal shred as well! “Redemption Lie” starts to take us in more of a Metallica kind of a direction. This tune is bass driven- heavy and thunderous; the guitar meets this as well with heavy distortion. Live, I could see this track getting you stomping your feet and throwing your fists into the air. It’s an excellent track for battle, that is for sure.

“Tyrants Of Demise” picks up the pace, coming back at us with tons of energy. Having just seen Armored Saint live in Milwaukee, I can hear the influence here indefinitely! Dread has their unique flavor in it, but the spirit and style is very much there. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album as well; I love the blood pumping energy it gives you. It also has a very catchy chorus that pulls you into the moment.

“Lost Souls Avenue” is a track for all you drummers out there, for this is where they shine the most; pairing in perfect time with the bass. This is one for the pit for sure! “The Sleep of Last Breath” is the longest track on the album. The drums are rolling, the bass is bouncing, and the guitars are wailing. This classic thrash style tune is one that takes you back in time to when thrash reigned supreme!

We now make our way to the title track of this album “From This World to the Next.” This is a triumphant thrash tune that touches the metal soul. It keeps the spirits high and the energy moving. It’s the perfect highlight track for the entire album as well, for every musician shines equally throughout it. You can feel the amazing power of thrash within the story it tells, bringing this album to its climax right before we hit the last track on the album, “Until Again.”

“Until Again” starts off with a slow paced, clean guitar. The vocalist comes in soulfully belting out the lyrics. You can feel the pain and sorrow in this track as it progresses into heavier styles and riffs. This track takes you to the same type of sadness and passion that you feel when you listen to Queensryche. You don’t feel hopeless. Instead, you feel like you can overcome your hard times and emotions. The song begins to pick up the pace a bit as if to illustrate this particular point. I guess that’s one thing that metal music tends to show us. Metal music isn’t afraid to acknowledge the darkness within us. It is in times of pain and sorrow that we find our truths. Truths about who we are, and what kind of company we keep; truths about the decisions we make, and the paths we choose. The power to change is in your own hands. Be strong, and carry on.

Overall, this album is just what the thrash community needed to carry on the legacy. It holds true to its influences and carries on timelessly in the metal world.

You can purchase “From This World to the Next” HERE.


Dread Track List
1. Blitzkrieg From Hell
2.Redemption Lies
3.Tyrants of Demise
4.Lost Souls Avenue
5.The Sleep of Last Breath
6.From This World to the Next
7.Until Again
Rock Syndicate Records

Dread Line up
Taylor Dread – vocals
AD Camarena – guitars, vocals
Vinny G – guitars
Nick Moreno – drums

Find Dread online!

Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

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