The Leptons Release New Video ‘Ballad Of An Evil Twin’ TODAY!

Janesville, WI, Friday, September 7, 2018– Lo-Fi indie rock band, The Leptons, have released the music video for the first single off their album Pseudonym. The video, featuring evocative imagery and inky black and white photography, was directed by photographer Jacob Ruffin, and is based on a local urban legend.

Pseudonym is set to be released on October, 19, 2018. The tracklist includes live favorites “Extraordinary People” and “Last Night”, as well as first single “Ballad Of An Evil Twin”. The album was recorded by Seth Lambert and mixed by Nathan Bollig.

The music video for “Ballad of an Evil Twin” is shot in stark black and white, complementing the song’s mysterious two chord riff. The video is a dramatization of a local urban legend.

According to Lambert: “When we were kids there was a man who’d always walk around town talking to himself. The story was that some time in the 60s he and his twin brother disappeared into the woods. When they found him days later, his family wasn’t able to identify which twin he was. The other twin was never found.”

The video marks the directorial debut of up-and-coming videographer Jacob Ruffin, who has a growing Instagram following based on his photos of touring metal and hardcore bands.

The tracks for Pseudonym were recorded in 2014 by Lambert. Recording the album solo was a departure from The Leptons previous album, which featured a five piece band. According to Lambert, “This album is thornier, darker.” The lyrical themes present here deal with depression, anxiety, paranoia, war, and gun violence. In early 2018, Lambert and Bollig began work on mixing the collection of tracks, whittling down 25 tracks to the concise 12 that make up the album.

From the liner notes: Pseudonym is the sound of me being 24, disillusioned with a dead end job, gaining weight, trying to go back to college and battling the worst depression I ever had. It’s also the sound of me discovering the electric guitar. The wild vicious joy of ripping into a solo on a Les Paul played through a Big Muff. Fuzz, my almighty savior, the medium which made these tracks possible. The music I hear in my head. Anxious, bitter, paranoid. The victories are seldom won, and never without sacrifice.”

pseudonym ALBUM COVER 300X300.jpg

1.Ballad of an Evil Twin
2.Heavy Heart
3.Animal My Soul
4.Extraordinary People
6.I Don’t Belong Here
7.Marathon Man
8.Jerusalem & The Holy War
9.I Love My Gun
11.Last Night
12. The Hourglass

The Leptons
is a Midwestern rock trio that specializes is fuzzy guitar anthems, featuring sing along choruses and lengthy guitar freak outs. The band was started in 2008 by Seth Lambert and has had a number of lineup changes since. Today, the band is made up of Lambert on Guitar and Vocals, McKenna Dodson on Bass and Vocals, and Justice Toberman on Drums.

In 2012, The Leptons released their first studio album Hurricane Gospel. The album featured a five piece band playing a variety of styles including Folk-Rock, Garage Punk, acoustic duets, and Piano Ballads. The current lineup was solidified when Dodson and Toberman joined the group in late 2016. The trio plays fast, stripped back versions of the tracks on Hurricane Gospel.

Connect with The Leptons online in the link below!

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