Album Review: A SOUND OF THUNDER- ‘It Was Metal’

We start off with “Phantom Flight” which also features Mark Tornillo. I could tell I was going to like the album just by the first guitar strum. As it began to pick up the pace, I heard everything I loved about 80’s metal in just one song! The guitars were shredding, the bass and the guitars were thunderous, and it was all brought forward by the beautiful vocals of Nina Osegueda. The guitar solo hits you hard, and the bass solo takes it home! A Sound Of Thunder commands your attention from track one.

“Lifebringer” has that killer guitar duo with the bass just kickin’ it behind them. This tune hits those Iron Maiden heartstrings just right. I love the vocal and other effects; it adds a unique dynamic this track as well. “Atlacatl” takes you in with a bass solo and a steady drumbeat that leads you into battle. The passion of this tale is brought to life through the lyrical content and powerful vocals. At this point in the album, it’s only the third track, and I am entirely and helplessly captivated.

The Crossroads Deal” is a sweet blues-driven metal track lead by the harmonica that bleeds smoothly into the title track of the album ”It was Metal.” This track is an epic tale of the birth of heavy metal! This tune is perfectly placed as the climax of the album, and rightfully so! Every single musician shines brightly. This solo is a double bass and guitar solo and the switch-offs are phenomenal. A Sound Of Thunder fully captures the metal soul in this track.

Check out their official video for “It was Metal” here:

We slow things down a bit in “Obsidian & Gold (Desdinova Returns)” which has another great feature guest-Tony Carey. The opening vocals are quite poetic. This track seems to be one of the favorites of fans of A Sound Of Thunder, and it’s no wonder why! This track picks right back up into the thrash zone without missing a beat! I love the keys and other synths as well. The way it is blended in with the raw metal style creates something unique to A Sound Of Thunder’s performance. “Obsidian & Gold” is an enchanting tale.

“Second Lives” is a soulful and triumphant track. The entire album is crazy amazing, but I have to say this is a close second in line for favorites from ‘It Was Metal.’ Everything about it comes together so well, as it does in all of the other tracks. I continue to be blown away by how tight the sound is. The guitars are wailing, the bass is bouncing, and it’s all kept in perfect timing by the drummer. The lyrics of this tune are very inspirational as well, and the vocals are soaring.

The guitar and snare take us to the battlefield once again for “Els Segadors (The Reapers).” Raise up your swords and defend your honor; this tale captivates your imagination and brings your soul to life! “Tomyris” is a powerful song about the strength of womanhood. The tale of the warrior queen is an inspiring story of love, war, and independence. We start to come to a close with “Charles II” which is the tale of a king and his kingdom. The bass continues to slam; his style reminds me of my most favorite bassist of all time, the mighty Steve Harrison of Iron Maiden. I can’t get enough; it’s great to see the bassist shine rather than be shoved into the background and drowned out.

We come to the final track, ”Fortress of the Future Race.” Appropriately, the theme of this track seems to be set well into the future. It kicks off with the rhythm section and a killer solo from the lead guitarist that blasts us into the tune. Time travel has always been one of my favorite subject matters, but now, there is a killer song for me to fill the void! A Sound Of Thunder ends this album in just the right way, passionate and strong. The track itself suggests that this is just the beginning of what A Sound Of Thunder has in store for all of us, and I will be looking forward to the future!

A Sound Of Thunder is a band that you NEED in your playlist if they are not there already!

Be sure to check out their live performance from Mad With Powerfest HERE!


Tracklist for “It Was Metal
1.Phantom Flight
4.The Crossroads Deal
5.The Crossroads Deal
6.It Was Metal
7.Obsidian & Gold (Desdinova Returns)
8.Second Lives
9.Els Segadors (The Reapers)
11.Charles II
12.Fortress Of The Future Race

A Sound Of Thunder lineup
Nina Osegueda – Vocals
Josh Schwartz – Guitar
Chris Haren – Drums
Jesse Keen – Bass

Label– Mad Neptune Records

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Official Site

-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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