Album Review: WOLFTOOTH-‘Wolftooth'(Self Titled)

Hailing from the Midwest via Richmond, IN. comes the “Stoner Metal Riff Worshipers” Wolftooth, consisting of a pack of well-seasoned musicians (all 20+ year metal scene veterans) determined to raise the bar of the almighty riff. Wolftooth combines influences from the 70’s and early 80’s NWOBHM with Bay Area Thrash and doom-laden riffery. Meanwhile, the vocals soar over blues-drenched solos that add a stoner sensibility to the Wolftooth sound.

With all that being said, we bring you our official album review for their newest release -‘Wolftooth’ Available for purchase HERE


We start off this album with “Black Birds Call.” The vocal delivery reminds me of grunge; the lyrics are clear and comprehensible. The guitar riffs and solos are catchy and rhythmic as well, which holds your attention. The bass and drums back everything up, keeping time perfectly. This first track lures you into the album with rising intrigue as we head into the next track, ”Aegaeon.” This song tells the tale of the storm brewing; speaking through metaphor, perhaps, of reaching the realm of the afterlife. The story is brought to life through not only the lyrical content but also the blues-like tones that set the atmosphere of this album.


“Sword of My Father” is a battle track with a sort of western/bluegrass feel to it. This song is full of great hooks and captures the imagination. The thunderous drums paint the image of marking warriors, and the guitar solo carries you through the climax of the battle.


“White Mountain” is a haunting tune that speaks about the black masses being held at the White Mountain. It begins hard & heavy; then the bass solo brings us to a pause which leads us into the rest of the track. You can feel the 70s doom/rock influences thick in the tune. That seems to be coming back in metal these days I have noticed; I’m not at all complaining either. This is adding a different taste within the metal community that, when combined with other elements of metal and rock, is much appreciated.


“Frost Lord” picks up the pace with a bit more of a speed/thrash metal kick, which is perfect for the barbaric story of a Frost Lord. This tune gets you moving as you follow the journey across the Bering Sea. The guitar solo is soaring and soulful. This barbarian shows no mercy!


We move on in the album from the story of the barbarian to the visionary tale of “The Huntress.” This tune captures a tribal essence within its groove, and the track is bursting with heart and soul as the forest comes to life within it.


We continue deeper into the forest with the next track “Season of the Witch.” The groove is slow and steady, making a full circle back into the Black Sabbath type of vibes that you picked up from “White Mountain.” This moody track tells of Witches and their troubles within history, describing a witch hunt.


We arrive at the final track of the album “Forged in Fire.” There is a very ominous beginning, and then the thunder of horses is represented by the drums. The soul of this character is on fire with rage and a lust for revenge! The character’s desire is clearly to be made immortal through the legend of his name. This track is a strong, passionate tune which ends at just the right place!


This self-titled album was soulful, passionate, and triumphant. The featured art pieces for each track makes it almost as if you are sitting with your favorite book. Each track stands well on its own, and I could listen to it over and over again without skipping a single track. The production quality of the album is spot on as well, and the whole band’s sound is tight. It’s almost as if you are experiencing them live and in-person. I also especially dig the 70’s influences that are brought to life within their sound as well. Mixed with modern metal/rock styles, it brings a perfect vibe into our metal scene, and I can’t wait to see more from Wolftooth!

Wolftooth Tracks
1. Blackbirds Call
2. Aegaeon
3. Sword Of My Father
4. White Mountain
5. Frost Lord
6. The Huntress
7. Season of the Witch
8. Forged in Fire
Wolftooth Line Up
Chris Sullivan – Guitar/ Vocals
Terry McDaniel – Bass
Jeff Cole – Guitar
Johnny Harrod – Drums/Vocals
Connect with Wolftooth online
Official Site

-Don Niesen

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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