Weekend Warriors: HANGMAN’S CHAIR

Hangman’s Chair, from Paris, France, has announced their newest album ‘Banlieue Triste.’ Earlier this month, we released our album review which you can read HERE. We took some time to further discuss the album and other details for Hangman’s Chair with Julien, co-founder of the band and guitar player. You may view our discussion below.

Q: Your new album ‘Banlieue Triste’ will be released September 28th; can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this album?

JULIEN: There’s something nostalgic in this album, in the artwork especially, the front cover is like a tribute to old covers of French singers of the 80’s, as well as the layout inside. You can see a picture of a teenagers bedroom that looks exactly like ours when we were kids. We just used elements of our past to get inspired. And you can also feel in the music, that 80’s feeling, with a lot of reverb and chorus, this was a choice.


Lyrically, we talk about events that occurred those past three years. We had some tough times between our previous album « This Is Not Supposed to Be Positive » and the writing of « Banlieue Triste,» we’ve been through health issues, hospitalization, insomnia, anxiety attacks; it’s all described in our lyrics, like a diary.

I guess with all that mixed; we had something to tell.

Q: How does this album differ from your past releases? What can fans of Hangman’s Chair look forward to?

J: Hangman’s Chair was and will always be about slow and dark music with some burst of light. What differs is the production. This time we had a lot of time in the studio to explore different sounds. Maybe it sounds less raw than the previous ones but with lots more dynamics.

Q: You will be on the road starting September 21st; I saw quite a lot of festivals on there. Have you played any of them before or are these all first-time appearances?

J: This summer we played the Download Fest and the Motocultor, that was our first time there. The next festivals are the Reeperbahn in Germany, the Mama Fest in Paris, lots of shows in France including four gigs with Zeal & Order. And then, there will be festivals for summer 2019, but it’s too early to talk about it.

Q: What has been your favorite venue or event you have played so far?

J: Our first show ever, this was back in 2006. It was a show on the streets of Paris. I keep good memories of it; I guess it’s because it was our first time. The first time is always great, like drugs.

Q: What has been one of the most memorable moments in your career?

J: I hope it’s coming soon.

Q: What have been some of the most inspirational bands you have met on the road?

J: Selim from The Devil’s Blood (RIP); Mehdi, our drummer, used to be a good friend of his. He had always helped and supported us back then, especially during the « HOPE///DOPE///ROPE » era. At that time, we were not as concerned about music as we are now, he really gave us good advice.

Q: Any other big upcoming news for Hangman’s Chair?

J: As we have signed with Spinefarm Rec, we can expect some good opportunities with touring Europe. We also have some extra songs that we didn’t use on the album; we might put out one or two splits EP’s in 2019. Stay (low) tuned.

Thank you to Julian for taking the time to speak with us. ‘Banlieue Triste’ will be available on all platforms on September 28th, 2018, so keep your eyes open for this release!

Connect with Hangman’s Chair online! 

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