Album Review: F.U.A-‘Socially Transmitted Disease’

F.U.A. is a Dutch light and heavy punk creation of four friends who are all self-taught musicians. They want to share all the good times with the world. Because of this online presence, F.U.A. got approached by Italian music producer Corvi Wahoomy, from RealSound Studios and Carlo Bellotti, owner at record label Wormholedeath, in 2016. Bellotti asked the band for a newer demo. Agreeing to Bellotti’s request the band spent a lot of time recording this demo, but the sound was still low quality. Still, Bellotti saw a lot of potential in F.U.A. as he fell in love with the energy and tone of the band, especially the song “Cheers.” He wanted the band to record a full-fledged album with Corvi at RealSound Studio in Langhirano, Italy. The band, again agreeing, started writing for an entire year and finally entered the studio in January 2018. Working together with talented producers Coruzzi Christian and Corvi Wahoomy, the fruit of the band’s labors have paid off. The album, containing 14 songs, was exactly what everyone had envisioned. With many influences in all kinds of rock.

We kick off the album with “Cheers” the track that hooked them into the label Wormhole Death Records. It begins with a clean guitar riff, then the distortion clicks on, and the tune begins. This upbeat punk track says ‘Hello’ to the 90s’ with its catchy, simplistic style. “Blind” continues to wash you over with nostalgia. Its lyrical content is relatable and full of attitude. It takes me down the road of East Bay punk, sort of like Green Day in their early days or The Offspring. You feel more of The Offspring sort of vibes coming from the following track “M.O.U.S” as well. Everything comes together smoothly musically as well; it really holds your attention.

“Blame it on the Weed” begins with sounds of people smoking, creating an environment for the listener’s imagination. This tune tells the tale of a young pot smokers experience with delving into the lifestyle. This fun tune captures the spirit of rebellious young youth. “Fake” is a fast pace track lead by bass and drums. This tune has a bit of desperation in it, like that of someone who feels lost. We move on to the next track, “Make Punk Great Again.” I have a feeling this a play on a particular presidential slogan. Coming at you with a politically sarcastic tone, this track is full of that old-fashion punk attitude and rebellion.

“Hey! Hello” is a high energy track. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the rhythm has a nice groove to it. Almost like a bouncing feeling that gets you moving, which coincidentally matches the lyrical content very well. The tune cuts off suddenly and fiercely as we are prepared for the eighth track, “Love You.” This tune has a slower pace within it, coming off with that classic punk feel. This song is also a bit more on the emotional side, that is, until the ending, which gets you into the thrash zone to finish it out, and then moves onto “Riot.” The punk attitude is thick in this track, especially since ‘rioting’ is like…the punk thing to do after all. I dig the guitar solo in this tune also, it’s a bit more complex than the previous tracks, but is still very much punk.

“I Want To Hit You In The Face” is an aggressive tune for sure. Not only is it in the title and lyrical content, but the music itself brings the whole feel together as well. This tune is short and sweet, with a cool little bass solo within it. We continue with the same theme as we enter “Fuck You Anyway” which starts off with a bass solo. This song has a different beat to it than the others. It’s slow and groovy as well as full of profanity, and who doesn’t like that? As this track starts to approach its ending, it continues to follow the formula of the other slow tunes where it picks up the pace before it cuts out.

We arrive at “S.T.D” which is the groovy title track of the album. This track has a different kind of vocal pattern, and I appreciate the heightened attention on the bass as we progress through the album as well. This is one of those punk tunes that talks about the ‘hard to talk about’ subjects. It’s pretty short again as well, which is common in punk styles. “Wankers In Blue” is a stab at ‘the man’ making this a tremendous political style punk track. We finish out this album with a longer track, “Psychotic.” This track has a bit more complexities within it; moreover in the dynamics of the sound as well as the subject matter. This is a song that talks about the haunting side of mental illness as well, which if you deal with it yourself, as I do, I am sure you can find the lyrics relatable to how it feels at times. We end this album with passion, strength and plenty of attitude. This is an album I would easily recommend to any fan of the punk scene.

F.U.A. is planning to release this album on a worldwide scale on the 28th of September, 2018 via Wormholedeath across all platforms.


Track List
1. Cheers
2. Blind
3. M.O.U.S.
4. Blame it on the weed
5. Fake
6. Make Punk Great Again
7. Hey, Hello!
8. Love You
9. Riot
10. I Want To Hit You in the Face
11. Fuck You Anyway
12. S.T.D.
13. Wankers in Blue
14. Psychotic

Label- Wormhole Death

Lead Singer: Daphne Detleij
Drums: Sander Pietersen
Bass: Robbert Vanderbijl (Bakkie)
Guitar: Mitchell Verschoor

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Official Site

-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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