On The Road: Swampfest 2018

Deep within the woods, down a mysterious trail, there is a hidden swampland where one of the year’s most magical festivals is held. This is Swampfest!

When I got there, there was a very large trail. We were guided down the trail by one of the Swampateers, past fields, through the woods, and into the swamp. The entire grounds were lit by torches that lined the entire area. The vibe of the land was brought to life with the spirit of the old times; there was a Medieval type of theme going on. The whole experience was very intimate. The camping areas, the stage, the refreshment area; they were all tightly tucked in together.


All were in good spirits as they swapped stories and homemade mead. The first night, those who had arrived settled in and unpacked all of their tents and other objects. After everything was set, we all got together and went on an adventure into the woods. This gave us all a chance to get to meet those of whom we didn’t know and make new friends.

The following morning there was a huge breakfast and then we all continued to prepare for the night ahead. We began to drive up the trails and gather all of the band gear, power equipment, and other things we needed to get the stage in full function. As the day progressed, more people began to show up. Soon enough, Tim, from the band Angrboda, appeared and began to ambush everyone with arrows that were from the LARPing weapons that were laying around. People began to participate in other LARP events as well. I was having a blast in the woods with the other band members and Swampateers! Honestly it was more fun than I’ve had in a while. Not only did it create a tighter bond, uniting everyone who was participating in the fest, it also was an amazing way to kill time while we waited for the music to begin.


Cheef MOABi was the first band to take the stage. They had a classic rock style and played familiar covers that we all know very well, certainly a great way to start off the evening. The next band was A Coupe De Grace. Since they were missing their original vocalist, Cole (drummer of Beetlegork and one of the hosts of Swampfest) stepped up and woke everyone up. Now everyone’s blood was pumping as Order Of Unukalhai stepped up. It was cool to see Mason (Vocalist and guitarist of Beetlegork and also one of the hosts of Swampfest) filling in for bass in this band! I enjoyed the unique sound and energy he brought to their set.


The other bands to follow just kept the energy going on a high note! Deciphering The Zodiac, Forcefield, and Angrboda killed it as always; bringing full force to the festival! My band, All Kings Fall, took the stage as well and we truly gave it our all! Everything had come together so smoothly and all the vibes were great, even though I got my eye smashed in the pit (haha). Finally, it was time for Beetlegork to take the stage. These guys are the main event of the whole festival as they had worked tirelessly to make it happen along with the other Swampateers.


It was an amazing experience to see Beetlegork enjoy the fruits of their labor. This was Beetlegork in their natural habitat. The stage had a very unique look to it with it being so dimly lit by the torches and everything surrounding it. This surely made an imprint in my mind’s eye that will stay with me forever.

I know that I speak for everyone who was at Swampfest when I say that we truly appreciate everything that when into preparing and carrying out this event. Thank you once again to Beetlegork, the other bands who participated, the other Swampateers as well as the family who allowed us to use their land to enjoy this event! I cannot wait until next year!!!

LIVE Performances in the links below!
Deciphering The Zodiac
A Coup De Grace

Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by Samantha Crocker
Video shot by Mitchel Fulcer and Ian Gray
(assisted by a Swampitier)
Video Edited by: Emily Mae
Photos by Mitchel Fulcer

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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