Album Review: EVILON-‘Leviathan’

Hailing all the way from Sweden, Evilon has evolved from the music style of Melodic Death Metal into a form of metal inspired by Celtic and Nordic folk music. Now, they have finished a new full-length album – “Leviathan.” The album contains ten tracks full of great melodies, excellent vocals, and heavy riffs!

“Eye of the Storm” starts us off strong with melodic riffs. The vocals and riffs are deep and brutal throughout, setting the tone for the entire album. The guitar solo and breakdown take you harmoniously through to the finish and into the next track -“Sound of the Tombs.” This track begins with a fast pace, but it is met with pleasant melodies and a lot of classic death metal vocals and riffs. As we progress further into the track, we experience a beautiful breakdown. The guitar solo is epic, and the bass behind it gives the perfect boost.

“Leviathan,” which is the title track of this epic album, starts off with smooth bass and guitar; accompanied by the drums, it gives you imagination and the fuel it needs to lead you through a voyage. The guitar riffs continue to soar as you drift away into the tale of beast and man.

Experience the lyric video here:

“Souldrainer” is a shorter tune but it is every bit as brutal as the others! Heavy and thrashy, this one is a headbanger for sure! They hold true to the theme of the album, however, with more of those sweet guitar solos and breakdowns within the track. You even get a short bass solo in this one as well, which gives this song a bit of a unique edge compared to the others. “The King of a Thousand Suns” leads you in with a slow progression and jumps right into the lead guitar. This song is packed with power metal soul but still fits well with the death metal type of vocals. Within are also some violin (or what I think is a violin) and clean guitar riffs. It almost gives this tune a darker type of edge to what one would consider power metal. To me, this only creates a more intense tone to the music and adds to the unique style of Evilon.

“In the Shadow of My Grief” feels a bit like a continuation of the previous track. It continues to carry in the violin and other similar tones. However, in this tune, the vocals different. As before we were experiencing the more deep and growling style vocals, we are now met with cleaner, higher vocals as well. This gives “In the Shadow of My Grief” not only a different overall sound but a different type of attitude and energy as well. However, although it sets this track apart from the others, it doesn’t take away from the style of the album overall. It adds a bit of an early Mastodon type of vibe to the storytelling, which I welcome with open arms.

“Welcome Home” is another shorter track on the album. It begins with guitars and then rolls into gripping drum beats. This track gives the drummer his time to show off a bit by bringing him more to the forefront of the track. The bassist is also more noticeable in this track as well. It doesn’t overtake the guitars or anything like that, but it just sounds a bit more prominent to me as well. So, this track is one for all of you who favor the rhythm section indefinitely. We are back into the deep, brutal vocals as well, making this track one of the heavier ones on the album overall.

“The Sacred” has a bit of an Iron Maiden type of flavor to it. In the beginning, the guitar and rhythm patterns remind me of something you would hear from the Iron Maiden album ‘Dance of Death.’ This track is full of epic fills and savory guitar riffs as well. The vocals are both clean and heavy in this one, creating a whole new vibe to this track! I enjoyed the balance between the two styles of vocals. I can feel a bit more of the thrash influence within this track as well. Honestly, if I were going to introduce this band to a new listener -“The Sacred” would be my track of choice. It has a little bit of everything.

“Serpent Eye” gets your head moving. The guitar riffs are super catchy, and the hooks draw you in. This tune is short, brutal, and perfect for preparing you for the final track -“When the Leaves are Falling.” This tune hits heavy from the very first note and is the perfect finish to this triumphantly brutal album. The guitar continues to soar beautifully above the rhythm section, bringing us to a strong and solid finish.

‘Leviathan’ was a deliciously melodic metal album. I enjoyed each track, and I loved how each one brought its own elements into the experience. All of the tracks contained similar themes, without exhausting them. No two tracks sounded exactly alike, and I believe that is a characteristic of an excellent album.

‘Leviathan’ will be available September 28th  HERE! 

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Track list  for “Leviathan”
1. Eye of the Storm
2. Sound of the Tombs
3. Leviathan
4. Souldrainer
5. The King of a Thousand Suns
6. In the Shadow of My Grief
7. Welcome Home
8. The Sacred
9. Serpent Eye
10. When the Leaves are Falling

Label: Worm Hole Death Records

Kenneth Evstrand – Guitar/Choir
Jonny Sjödin – Guitar/Choir
Björn Wildjärn – Bass/Choir/Lead-Clean Vocals
Joel Sundell – Lead-Growling Vocals
Anders Hagen – Drums

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-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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