Extended Play: DECIPHERING THE ZODIAC (Self-titled)

Formed in 2016, Deciphering the Zodiac is a progressive metalcore band from Northeast Wisconsin. Influenced by bands such as Veil of Maya, Lamb of God, and After the Burial- they know how to pack a punch when they hit the stage!

Deciphering the Zodiac has now released their DEBUT self-titled EP, and all of us in the Wisconsin scene are excited to get our hands on it!

We begin with the explosive track “Opiates & Daisies.” This track is full of metal-core brutality with shredding guitar solos bouncing breakdowns. “Give Me Solace” begins and ends with the spotlight on the drummer. The guttural vocals balance out the guitar riffs and rhythms which has its unique blend of metal-performance tone. The guitar in this track ads a little bit of power metal flavor, while keeping the metal-core formula.

“Speaking Volumes” is perhaps one of the most memorable songs from Deciphering The Zodiac, at least for myself. As soon as the track began, I vividly remembered hearing it being performed live. The track is just packed full of good hooks and catchy guitar tones. This tune also happens to be the longest on the album and is kept fresh with all kinds of changes, breakdowns, and solos.

We conclude this EP with the slow and heavy track Ellis.” This chorus of this track is extremely catchy. This one is recognized from their live performances as well. We recently caught it live at Swampfest! Check it out here

Overall, I am pleased with this release! I had been waiting a long time to get my hands on a recorded version of Deciphering the Zodiac since I had seen them live in 2017. To get your copy of their self-titled EP click HERE


Track List of Deciphering The Zodiac’s Self-titled EP
1. Opiates and Daisies
2. Give Me Solace
3. Speaking Volumes
4. Ellis

Line up for Deciphering The Zodiac
Brandon Dugan – Vocals
Derek Foytik – Drums
Dave Borabon – Guitar
Mickey Matuszewski – Guitar

-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Connect with Deciphering The Zodiac online in the links below!

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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