Album Review: GOD AM-‘Phylactery Of The Decayed’

God Am’s new album “Phylactery of the Decayed” is awesome! From Noblesville, Indiana, This progressive metal quartet pulls their influence from Tool, Dio, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Opeth, Control Denied, King Diamond, Korn, and Type O-Negative just to name a few. Their sound takes me to a place where technical nu-metal riffs meet progressive doom and power metal rhythms. Their unique sound explores varying tempos and time signatures with fluidity. The vocals remind me of early Iced Earth and System of a Down. The technical proficiency of the drums truly shines on this album. Bass and Guitar compliment each other expertly demonstrating insane rhythmic command and displaying crazy dynamics. Many moods are visited throughout the album and are best highlighted by the band’s sense of composition. Organized and attention getting, the contrast they create through variation and timing keeps riffs interesting yet tasteful.

Track 1, “Phylactery,” is an intro track with samples of ghosts and epic battle music. I immediately felt like I was thrown into a boss fight! This brings us to track 2 “Mordhaus” where great technical instrumentals meet dynamic vocal stylings. This songs hooks will appeal to fans from Korn to Opeth. The industrial rhythms bring us to a crazy technical breakdown with a killer tom outro leading us to track 3. “Putridity” is my favorite track on the album. The double kick is insane with modulation on par with Gojira and crazy ride cymbal syncopation. The verse rhythm is equally intriguing and leads up to atmospheric guitar solo. This track highlights God Am’s incredible ability for contrast. Fast parts are expertly transitioned into slower parts creating a unique tension and release that grips the listener throughout. Track 4 drops us into the “Void in the Abyss” where apocalyptic tone breaks into sick groove metal riffs. At all times this band maintains your focus. Each musician contributes variations and musicality that always offers something new to latch on to each time you hear it.

Track 5 “Heretical Son” switches gears to a technical thrash rhythm with awesome swing time. The vocalist really shines on this track with his percussive meter. The bassist gets an epic solo at the  breakdown that shows off crazy influences of Death and Control Denied . The tones of both the guitar and bass really shine on this track as well with ominous dissonance and apocalyptic atmosphere.

Check out “Heretical Son” for yourself in the video below!

Track 6 “Zealot” opens with attention grabbing stops that kicks into a fast five-count meter. The odd timing and up beat syncopation feels like a progressive punch in the face. The vocals reminded me instantly of original Iced Earth. The groovy modified rock tempos helps you to break away, disconnect, and give you back your life!

The production quality shines in Track 7, “So Shall I Reap.” The atmosphere of Castlevannia meets Fallout with epic lead tones and precision sampling. At all times their power groove makes you feel like you’re surfing in Hell! The bridge is another great nod to prog with an atmosphere reminiscent of Scale the Summit.

Track 8 “Contagion” expands upon this atmospheric desert feel. The Inspiring use of timing coalesces on this track with the strongest hooks on the album. At the chorus, the vocals, and music work together in the strongest way. A Great jazzy high-hat bridge, like Mastodon’s fill-meister, takes us to a powerful tom driven outro and we’re into Track 9.

Track 9, “Derelict,” is a deceptive song. The Intro slows things down a bit but breaks quickly into a thrash punk tempo. This one is the Anthrax meets Faith No More track. The roller coaster of contrast keeps your attention the whole time. The third riff is crazy technical complete with great cymbal work and displaced hats. The breakdown is so insane with a distant howl of a snare drum and dissonant pluck of tone.  

Track 10, “Dissonance,” is the final track on the album and opens with a busy tom intro that drops the listener in a wasteland of intersecting time. The kick drum syncopates with concussion as God Am gives one last glimpse of their incredible use of timing and composition.

God Am is an inspiring progressive metal band that touches on influences ranging from grunge to metal, and from doom to progressive. Their production quality highlights atmospheric tones powerful rhythms. Their awesome use of timing and unique approach to the genre is definitely worth checking out so pick up a copy of their new album “Phylactery of the Decayed” today!


Track List for ‘Phylactery Of The Decayed’
4.Void in the Abyss
5.Heretic Son
7.So I Reap

God Am Line-up
Cody Randall (Vocalist/Drummer)
Joe Linville (Guitarist)
Jake Linville (Bassist)
Will Grimes (Drummer)

Connect with God Am online


-Jake Steinmeyer
Edited by Samantha Crocker 

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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