Album Review: NEUROTIX-‘Save Me’

Meet NEUROTIX the band that is picking up the grunge scene right from where it ended! Without losing any momentum, this band has been pouring themselves into the scene with the hopes of revitalizing the grunge movement! From where I stand, their newest album release ‘Save Me’ is certainly another great step in the right direction.

Crank the stereo up to 11 and get ready to dive in to track one, “Service Me”! This tune is packed with all the distorted force we have been missing since our beloved decade has come and gone. The 90’s attitude is alive and well from this very first track as the rhythm and vocals come together and force us into full-blown nostalgia!

Track two, “Dizzy” has all the right ‘ugly’ notes and cords to pull out those angsty emotions and bring them from deep within your 90’s soul right to the surface! This track is a short, sweet, and to the point jam session! “Pumpkin Seeds” is a slower tune dripping with melancholic guitar riffs and bass licks. Alice In Chains-like vibes takes me back into the core of the grunge genre.

Next in line, we pick things up into a more upbeat swing with “Bad Night.” This is a track that we have recently worked with in our own creative endeavors for our YouTube feature POWERSLIDE  which you will be able to view in our next episode! This tune is full of catchy guitar hooks and emotional vocals that we just can’t resist!

“Vulnerable” has a great balance between clean guitar backed up by slow, steady beats, and fast-paced heavy distortion. This reflects both the sorrow and frustrations we feel when we, ourselves, are experiencing vulnerability. “Drives Me Crazy” has the same grunge-like feel as the other tracks, but adds a bit of that old-school punk spin on it. The vocal style changes up a bit as well to further complement this vibe.

“Unusual Trend” begins with heavy distortion and has a groove to it that draws you in. This is a track for those of you that love the stoner scene, for it shares a similar sound with that genre. “Save Me” is the namesake of the album. We begin with a clean and beautiful guitar lead. This blends us into the rest of tune for a slow and steady groove. This track definitely reminds me of the lovely legend and grunge icon-Kurt Cobain. I could see this being a tune from the MTV unplugged session. Whatever happened to that anyways!?…but, moving on. This track is a beauty for sure and represents the album very well.

As we approach the end of the album, we pick things up again for some final, thrashy jams. “Girl on the Street” actually kind of reminds me of a tune I would hear from the Scott Pilgrim VS The World soundtrack (which, if you haven’t picked up, you should). The bass is heavy and complements the distorted guitar very well. The album concludes with their previously released single “Loser.” Check out the video here:

This ends the album in all the right ways! ‘Save Me’ leaves you with the perfect combination of everything grunge has to offer! We get a little of everything from the 90’s-from Mudhoney and Nirvana all the way to Soundgarden and hell, even a little bit of Blind Melon in there! Neurotix is bringing grunge back from the dead!


Get your copy of ‘Save Me’ free HERE!


Track List for ‘Save Me’
1. Service Me
2. Dizzy
3. Pumpkins Seeds
4. Bad Night
5. Vulnerable
6. Drives Me Crazy
7. Unusual Trend
8. Save Me
9. Girl on the Street
10. Loser

Produced and Recorded by: Dr. Caw Recording

Neurotix is:
Dominic Tonozzi–vocals and guitar
Dave Reisig–drums
Paul Rhyne–guitar
Carlo Tamayo–bass

Connect with Neurotix online below!
Official Site

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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