Album Review: WITHERFALL-‘A Prelude To Sorrow’

Melodic metal masters Witherfall return! After a whirlwind year of triumph and tragedy, California-based Witherfall are poised to storm the hallowed halls of heavy metal with their new album, A Prelude to Sorrow. Since the self-release of their debut album, Nocturnes and Requiems, in 2017, Witherfall have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media, releasing their newest album “A Prelude To Sorrow”! Get your copy HERE

We begin with the namesake track of the album, “A Prelude to Sorrow.” This short track sets the stage for the rest of the album, bringing to life a chilling atmosphere. “We Are Nothing” is to follow as it kicks the metal door wide open! I am hit with the same energy that the great gothic-melodic metal that matches that of one of my favorite bands of all time-Nevermore. This track is eleven minutes of beautiful metal. It’s diverse as it goes from hardcore headbanger to a beautiful and soulful breakdown; the lyrics steal your heart. There are a lot of killer progressive style leads as well, making this track gripping from start to finish.

“Moment of Silence” bursts forward with a powerful beat. Quite contrary to the title, this is a hard and heavy track! Joseph’s (lead vocalists) vocals- Charred Walls Of The Damned meets Warrel Dane, with maybe a hint of King Diamond in there. His voice is a beautiful compliment to the killer talent throughout the band. Anthony (bassist) is killing it with Steve (drummer) as they are creating all the thunder and Jake and Fili (guitarists) are shredding us to pieces with their killer riffs!

“Communion of the Wicked” slows down the momentum with a beautiful and captivating melodic groove. As we progress, we get heavier and more progressive. This tune taps those early Mastodon viens for sure, especially in the guitar and bass style. “Maridians Visitation” takes a break from the thrash and bringing forth more of the sweet melody. This track somehow feels hopeful and hopeless at the same time-taking all of your emotion’s hostage with a strong finish; bringing you deeper into the “Shadows.” This is a heavy track without a doubt; sweet and savory. The power is unleashed in this track- from high notes to low! This is a story-telling track as well. This is truly the climax of the album, and you can feel it in every aspect.

Next in line is “Ode to Despair.” This is the first track I heard from this release-as Witherfall had revealed a video release of the track. This track balances metal styles with classical guitar riffs. It keeps the diversity alive and well; reflecting perfectly the talents of each musician. This was the perfect sneak peek into the album-view their official video for “Ode To Despair” below!

“The Call” is an eerie instrumental interlude into “Vintage.” This track builds us up for the conclusion of the album. Another beautiful and dynamic track filled with epic storytelling lyrics and stunning musical talents. This track is a soulful performance as you feel the passion within you come to life! This is a song I would love to see performed live that’s for sure- hopefully someday soon! (*clears throat*- please come to Wisconsin).

Finally, we reach the end track of this album “Epilogue.” This track leaves us on the edge with a beautiful acoustic finish. It’s a satisfying ending, as it perfectly brings the whole album together, yet, you are still left wanting more from Witherfall! With the conclusion of this album, I am left every bit as impressed as I was when I heard their first album- “Nocturnes and Requiems.” Hell-actually moreso! I know that I am certainly looking forward to hearing more from this band!  


Track List ‘Prelude To Sorrow”
1. Prelude to Sorrow
2. We are Nothing
3. Moment of Silence
4. Communion of the Wicked
5. Maridians Visitaion
6. Shadows
7. Ode to Despair
8. The Call
9. Vintage
10. Epilogue

 Witherfall Line-Up:
Anthony Crawford – Bass
Jake Dreyer – Guitars
Joseph Michael – Vocals/Keyboards
Fili Bibiano – Guitar
Steve Bolognese – Drums

Label Century Media Records

Connect with Witherfall Online
Official Site

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker 

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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