Album Review: THRON- ‘Abysmal’

If you’re looking for a great combination of melody and atmosphere, then Thron’s sophomore effort ‘Abysmal’ is for you. Packed with complex songwriting frequently reminiscent of Dissection, the ten-track effort was released by Listenable Records on October 26th. It clocks in at around 57 minutes and is a truly emotional joyride of brutality, depth, and beauty.

Formed in the Black Forest region of Germany in 2015, Thron released their self – titled debut in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. With their most recent release, they have continued to build upon the massive empire that they’ve created in the black metal genre. Though they have a few shows booked in the near future, there are no known plans for a tour in support of their latest effort.

‘Abysmal’ is an intensely captivating listen that leaves you wanting more. Songs such as “Beyond the Gates” or “A Glorious Ride” possess a cold, bleak sounding brand of blackened – death metal, seemingly picking up where bands like Immortal or Belphegor left off. This alone will soon have Thron at the forefront of modern extreme metal, with ‘Abysmal’ being remembered among other groundbreaking albums in the genre. All in all, Thron is a band worth looking into. Their sound is one that hasn’t been seen (or heard) in ages.

Check out “Beyond The Gates” here:

Abysmal is available now HERE and HERE


Track Listing:
1.Beyond the Gates
2. Under A Bloodred Sky
3. A Spark Of Divinity
4. Dead Souls
5. Hidden In Shadows
6. A Glorious Ride
7. Liturgia
8. Blood Of Serpents
9. The Wrath Of Gods
10. The Shrines

Thron Line-up
Samca – Vocals
PVIII – Guitars
MIII – Guitars
SXIII – Bass
CII – Drums

Connect with Thron online

Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

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