One Night Stand: A DOZEN PACES- ‘Devil’s Daughter’

It’s time for our One Night Stand  with rockers A Dozen Paces coming at you from the Chicago-lands! A Dozen Paces is a rock and roll band from Joliet, IL formed by singer-songwriter David Manchen and guitarist Gerard Rapp. After the dissolution of a previous project, they began working on original material that more closely reflected their root musical influences. Ranging from punk rock to the delta blues, reggae, and American folk; they began forming their own unique blend of rock and roll. After playing shows for a while and cycling through different eras of drummers and members the band parted ways in 2015. But now they are back in action with the release of their latest single- “Devil’s Daughter”!

One two three four… And spread those tasty riffs! This track is what rock n’ roll SOUL is all about! From the very first lick, you are in, hook, line, and sinker! This is the passionate and emotional tale of a meeting with the Devil’s Daughter! As we are lead through temptation, we experience every emotion love has to offer with each heartthrob. This tune is an instant classic, and I fully expect to hear it in every juke box across the land one of these days!

So, get ready for a dance with the Devil’s Daughter! This is just the beginning of what A Dozen Paces has to offer! Keep an eye out for their upcoming FULL EP release! Until then, get a taste for yourself in the link below!

“Devil’s Daughter”-HERE!

Keep up with A Dozen Paces online in the links below!
Official Site

Author: Maehem Underground Media

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