Album Review: CHOUT-‘Dogwater’

Chout is a Rock band from South Chicago formed in 2018 by vocalist Brendan Maier, guitarist Matt Morgan, bassist Rocco Gilsdorf, and drummer Joel Matinez. Childhood friends since elementary school, they are truly a band of brothers. The four have been writing songs together since the age of 13, drawing influences from all realms of the musical spectrum. While remaining faithful to the 90’s influence, Chout combines both classic metal riffs and modern upbeat songwriting, with a new progressive sound.

When I first busted into this album, as a lover of 90’s grunge and the overall 90’s influence of the music scene especially- I was left in absolute SHOCK!


Chout shines brightly with experience and talent unlike any other! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and they are from the Midwest no less!?? The music scene here really IS in full bloom! How do we get these guys to Wisconsin to play for us!?? …That’s for another time.

We begin this release with their single-“Seasons” which you can check out for yourself below! I was captivated by the lyrical content in this song- dripping with emotion. The music is so tight, and I just can’t get enough. The guitar solo just soars through to the finish so beautifully. They really sell you on every single note, and it holds you from start to finish. This album has my full attention from TRACK 1!

“So Long Long Gone” has an upbeat swing, creating the perfect ‘in your face’ attitude to this very relatable track. Leave those haters in the dust my friends and move along to bigger and better things; they’ll be sorry! I love the atmosphere created by the guitar effects, and the guitar solos are seriously giving me life. This track has such a strong presence!

“Restless Heart” has that good ole’ Grunge-gloom that we all love and very much miss. This tune is a slow, heavy rocker. It takes me to those heavy- soul felt moments that we experienced back in Alice In Chain’s releases like “Frogs” one of my MOST favorite songs of theirs for sure!

“All Has Been Done” brings out the acoustics for a stunning performance. The vocal harmonies, the casual strumming patterns all brought together with that smooth bluesy tone– DAMN! Where has this band been my whole life!?

“Pick Me Up” picks the pace back up again. This jam really gets you moving and is perfect for the climax of this album! This the instrumental spotlight of the album as well. Here, we really get a chance to zoom in on what each musician is bringing us- and it is fantastic!

“Out Of Time” is next in line..okay..are we SURE this isn’t Layne Staley on vocals!? Like, where my conspiracy theorists at? The lyrics really resonate with me in this track especially; the chorus is catchy and powerful:

Stare into my hollowed mind
(In the sunless place I hide) 
Only cause I’m out of time 
(Give away what once was mine) 

As the album begins to reach its conclusion we reach the track “Thin Ice” which is a smooth and heavy jam. That blends perfectly into the final track of this album “To Lose” This tune has a vibe all its own, but it fits well as a conclusion to this breath-taking release from Chout. The harmonizing vocals in this one hit your soul in just the right spot and are complemented by a beautifully placed guitar solo. The last note echoes out to the finish, and it leaves you hanging on until the very last breath.

Dogwater is an incredible experience. I loved every single second of this album. Every track stands as well on its own as it does when all together. For fans of Alice In Chains- especially releases like Dirt and their other early work, I can not express enough how much this album is for you. Chout is a band that we will hear a lot from in the future; I can guarantee that. I can’t wait to see the places they will go!

Get your copy of Dogwater HERE

Track List
1. Seasons
2. So Long Long Gone
3. Restless Heart
4. All Has Been Gone
5. Pick Me Up
6. Out Of Time
7. Thin Ice
8. To Lose

Line Up
Brendan Maier (Vocalist)
Matt Morgan (Guitarist)
Rocco Gilsdorf (Bassist)
Joel Matinez (Drums)

Find Chout Online in the links below!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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