ALBUM REVIEW: Blackcat Manor ‘From Here On Out’

Blackcat Manor is one of those rare finds of proof that hardcore punk is still alive. Hailing from Freeport, Illinois, the guys in Blackcat Manor do a really fine job of melding progressive rock and punk rock. On January 11, 2019, they released their second album, “From Here On Out”, a driving and exciting five-track tour de force.

Track 1: Sun to the Shore

“But with a vengeful heart, you better dig two graves
See when the better half falls, six feet for the enraged
Said from unseen shores, you try to pull away
But never mind, you better dig two graves, you better dig two graves”

Right away, I am picking up some major Suicidal Tendencies vibes–I’m sold from the first couple riffs. To me, this sounds like a redemption song, a song about getting back on your feet after being knocked on your ass one too many times, a song about –most importantly– revenge. The world be damned if you don’t get what you’re desperately searching for.

Track 2: Evidence to Burn

“You see the trouble within for honor, for duty
The trouble within, see the trouble within
Could you end your friend, could you end your friends?
Could you end your friend…
Go ahead and pull the trigger, go ahead and move your finger
Tell me could you end your friends?…”

This song is intense. Someone is out for blood and they don’t care who knows it. It seems that a former friend has run one too many strikes, and what is there left to do but burn the bridge, and all the evidence of the history thereof?

Track 3: Hats Off to You

“Really thought it was the best thing for you,
I’ve thought about it, have you?”

I’m starting to notice a theme here. Seems this whole album is about committing a terrible crime and covering up the evidence. Was this all necessary? Could there have been some other way out? It seems there was only one way, this was the best way… Have you made a mistake?

Track 4: Conflict Resolution

“I’m gonna cancel my subscription to all your issues…”

“See, its arithmetic that just can’t be one, it’s a numbers game…”

I really admire all the clever metaphors in this song, this is a true masterpiece of playing on words. Lots of people can talk the talk, but not many can cash the check that their mouths write so easily. This song is really fantastic at calling out those kinds of fucks.

Track 5: Hammerclaw

“You know that feeling before you kneel, where anger subsides
Say ingest how you feel,
Your emotionless is your broken-ness and distress spells

It’s all just energy in an empty space with no memory, no memory…”

What a fantastic way to round out the story of this album. Some betrayal, some actions taken, some actions only spoken of, some things we can never speak of again. What does it matter? It’s all just energy in empty space, everyone is in exile in one way or another. From now on, you’ll just be a memory, but who will remember you?

This whole album was an awesome hardcore concept ride from start to finish. To hear the full album, it is available for purchase at this link along with Blackcat Manor’s previous album, Relentless.

Blackcat Manor will also be playing Maybash in Rio, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 25th! Get the full schedule and details for Maybash on Facebook here.

Get connected with Blackcat Manor:

Twitter: @BlackcatManor



-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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