The Stage: Doomed And Stoned Festival Chicago 2019

The Maehem team was once again invited by Lara Noel McGlynn to attend the 2nd annual Doomed and Stoned Festival held in Chicago. The event officially began at the pre-party which was held at Soundgrowlers Brewing Co. in Tinley Park.

Lara and Billy (Goate)
Suzi, Tim and Nicky

Soundgrowlers was also the official beer sponsor of this event. Their rootbeer was excellent!

We had a lot of laughs and good times as we all caught up outside of the venue. The first band up was High Gallows from our very own Milwaukee, WI. (Performance in the video above).

Following High Gallows’ performance was Weed Demon, who made their way all the way from Columbus, OH! They were, of course, a perfect fit for this event, especially if you saw their merch table. See our live footage of Weed Demon HERE!

Black Road was the headliner for the pre-party event. Last year they took the big stage and this year were honored to hold the place of the kick off for this event. I was thrilled to see them once again, as we have become great friends over my time with the Maehem Team. Every time I hear them play, I imagine them at giant festivals captivating thousands of people. They always make me feel welcome in Chicago.

Black Road’s performance concluded the beginning of Doomed and Stoned Festival. I was super pumped up and couldn’t wait to make it to Reggies!

After a some rest and an excellent Denny’s breakfast I headed back into the heart of Chicago to Reggies to begin the Doomed and Stoned event.

I was there a little early so I was able to get a good look at the venue. Reggies is surrounded by art work as they support musician and artists alike! Below is just one of many amazing views of the alley way.

There were several artists at the show as well! I had the opportunity to speak with them and they donated some very beautiful prints to our raffle for our upcoming BBQ fund raising event for Cause “A”. Jeff Berner was the officail poster artist for Doomed and Stoned Fest and Jonathan Grimm did the official logo art (featured in our videos). Both are from Chicago and they do a lot of art for the doom and stoned metal community.

Uncouth was the first band up. Native to Chicago, they were one of many bands in the Chicago scene showcase. I was able to catch up with Skitz Mjones who is the vocalist. We talked about their artwork and how Nick Gurly (featured artist) had done a lot of their work. Their latest release was a 5 track EP called ‘Tree of Woe’ which is available now!

Well you know the doom bands,” he said, “We all just wanna get high and listen to Black Sabbath.” I laughed and he also added that he was a stand up comedian and had performed the night before. They are also currently recording their newest album at Clockwork Audio with Samual Krumpus. Check out Uncouth’s performance below.

Starless was up next and another Chicago feature. I spoke with Jessie briefly about what is to come for them. They talk about how they too were setting up and album to be released in Autumn that was being recorded at Electrical Audio Studio with Steven Alleini.

There live performance HERE.

High Priest of Magnetic Eye Records from Chicago got set up and hit the stage with a killer performance.

Our live footage of High Priest HERE

Frayle was the first out-of-state band to hit the stage for the day coming from Cleveland, OH. Gwyn, the vocalist of Frayle, took some time with us to talk about what they had going on (she also signed a copy of their single to be given way at our raffle). She said that their next album “1692” was scheduled to be released in Autumn and will be self-recorded.

They are with two albums Aqualamb and the other is Lay Bare Recording (which is their European label) Gwyn was very kind and her glowing aura reflected in their performance as well-live footage HERE.

Forming The Void was the second-to-last band of the evening. They came to Doomed and Stoned Fest from Lafiette, LA. They informed me they had a Eurpean Tour coming up and may be playing at the Wisconsin Chapter of Doomed and Stoned as well, but that depended on when they returned from their tour. They hit number 2 on the Doom Charts and are sold out of their first vinyl press. They are scheduled for a winter release. Live performance HERE.

Torche was the headlining band of the evening and they came all the way from Miami, FL. to give us an amazing conclusion to the first day of Doomed and Stoned. They have a new album ‘Admission’ which is coming out July 12! With that they are heading out to an east/west coast headlining tour.

Everything wrapped up, concluding the very first evening for Doomed and Stoned Festival! There were no complications and everything was smooth sailing. Not to mention everyone was celebrating the announcement of legalizing marijuana in Illinois so of course spirits were extra high (pun intended).

The final day of Doomed and Stoned fest was on the way. Upon my early arrival I was lucky enough to meet headlining band Coven and see their sound check, which was really cool. Small tour of Reggies below!

I had the chance to meet everyone from Snow Burial as well, who was the first band for the night. Their performance is below.

They have released 2 EP’s and one full LP (one in which they donated) and one on the way which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year. As soon as they are done recording they plan to tour the Midwest as well with a conclusion of a one week England tour!

Somnuri from Brooklyn, NY hit the stage and kept the groove going. This performance was part of their very first Midwest tour. They are also working on a new album to be released in Autumn. They had a very strong stage presence which you can see HERE.

Wizzerd from Caluspell, MT has been around for almost 5 years and have just released their self titled LP in March which is still on the Doom charts. They also have an east coat tour coming up! Live performance HERE.

Wolf Blood from MN hit the stage hard and heavy with their performance HERE.

Witch Ripper from Seattle, WA have just released a split release called “WB” with Brume (who had attended last year’s Doomed and Stoned Festival). Their full album “Homestead” is currently available. They told me they are on a huge festival opening for Gojira, Behemoth, and Slipknot down in Seattle! They were one of the bands I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with.

Live performance HERE.

Bask from Ashville, NC have a new album scheduled to be released in November of this year and are on a tour in the Southeast area. Live Performance HERE.

Demon Lung of Las Vegas (who donated 2 tees to our raffle as well) was next in line. They have a current EP out now “Paredolia” which you can get on vinyl! Performance HERE.

Blood Ceremony was among the top of some of my favorite bands to hit the stage. They just released a single of vinyl of their track “Lolly Willows” with a cover of The Who. They also have a new release on the way. After spending some time overseas they are winding down to release the album. Performance HERE.

Coven took the stage as the headlining band and were ready to bring this amazing festival to a conclusion. I was sad that it was coming to an end- but that also means that I can start getting ready for the next event!

I want to take some time to Thank Lara for allowing us to cover this event, and for being a wonderful hostess to me for part of my stay. I want to thank all of the bands for giving us some insight into what they all have going on, taking the time to speak with us, and for all of the amazing donations for our cause. Thank you again to the artists for supporting and participating as well and of course thank you to Billy, the staff, and everyone at Reggies for organizing this spectacular event. I truly felt welcome during my time in Chicago and I can’t express that enough. I hope to be back next year and I am looking forward to being a part of the Wisconsin Chapter as well!

-Don Niesen
All photos/videos by Don Niesen
Content Editing by Emily Mae
Article edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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