Maehem News: Decibel Mag Video Premiere: SLUDGEHAMMER Cover ‘Sledgehammer’

t’s been a long time coming, with a band name like SLUDGEHAMMER, it was inevitable that the Toronto based quintet would be doing a cover version of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’. The two are a perfect pair up, which is demonstrated in the band’s new music video covering the track.

The band comments:
“After many drunken fan requests, many misspelled marquee billings and many hours spent researching the legalities. We at Sludgehammer are moderately delighted to release our Sledgehammer cover. Peter Gabriel is our band inspiration, he has influenced every riff, blast beat and vocal harmony that we’ve created. We hope this does him some justice we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.”

Teaming up with Decibel Magazine for the video’s premiere, SLUDGEHAMMER doing ‘Sledgehammer’ can be viewed at the following link HERE

Though the track is not on the band’s latest album “Antechamber” released this past April, new fans can have their eardrums pummeled and destroyed by the heavy groove presented by the band. Those with an ear for Decapitated, Pantera, Lamb Of God, and Cannibal Corpse can dig into this slice of groovy progressive melodic death brutality.

“Antechamber” is available for download and streaming on the following platforms:

Since the release, their first full-length album, The Fallen Sun, Sludgehammer from Toronto, Canada have been riding a wave of great reviews for the record as well as their live show.

Originally formed in 2013 by Jeff Wilson (guitar) and Fernando Villalobos (drums), Sludgehammer’s initial lineup came together with the addition of Daniel Ayers (vocals/bass) and Christopher Szarota (vocals).  By the end of the year, they released a demo which gained considerable ground. 2014’s EP Organ Harvester introduced Dan Ayers as a co-vocalist, creating a unique sound that molded Sludgehammer into the heavy and groovy band it is today.

In 2016, the LP The Fallen Sun was released; fast and chunky it was well received by fans and the media. Unfortunately, after the release of that album, the band parted ways with Szarota and Josh Stephney was brought on board to complete the album cycle.

With the lineup finalized, Sludgehammer hit the road and laid waste to every stage they set foot on, showing their fans that they were now stronger than ever.  After a few successful tours in support of The Fallen Sun, it was time to start writing the next record which will be the first to feature Stephney on vocals. Sludgehammer is preparing to show their maturity by unleashing a second monstrous album “Antechamber” in 2019.

Find Sludgehammer Online HERE

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