The Stage: Orange Fest 2019–Last Orange Fest EVER!

The early autumn of the Madison music scene means once again the return of Alex Nitke’s brainchild Orange Fest. This Orange Fest, held this year at the Wisco in Madison, was slightly more bittersweet than any of the previous, because it was announced in September that this year’s would be the last show ever.

(I give him ten years at most for the comeback; three before I start bothering him about it.)

With some roadbumps here and there along the way to planning for Orange Fest 2019, the bill ended up being filled by Order of the Jackal, All Kings Fall, Seisma, and Orange the Hueman and his Shitty Metal Band.

Starting off the night was Order of the Jackal, a last minute fill in after aforementioned speed bumps allowed them to take the opening slot.

Following up on the second slot were Orange Fest veterans All Kings Fall, who were the only band on the bill who have played all four Orange Fests to date (besides Seisma, of which band Alex aka Orange the Hueman is the creator of Orange Fest).

Third up to bat were tried and true kaiju metal band Seisma. Not only was Seisma doing a recording of their next live album, but it was announced by Dan (vocalist) that this was one of three last shows ever with Dan fronting the band. From here, it was said that Seisma will thereafter be taking a brief hiatus while they start new material with a new vocalist.

Last but not least to hit the stage was the member-swapping-concoction known as Orange the Hueman and his Shitty Metal Band. This band is much different from all the others, as it is not one concrete band, but rather a fluid project in which songs are played and covered by Alex/Orange and a select lucky few who come on and off stage to join him on vocals, guitar and bass for each song.

Covers included some metal, some punk, some stuff written by Alex and his band from way back at age 13. It was an awesome conglomeration to say the least!

(Note: not all members who played in OTH&SMB are pictured.)

Not to brag, but yours truly was one of the lucky few asked to join Alex on stage to cover a Misfits and a Dead Kennedys song.

(Okay I’m totally bragging! It was an honor!)

It was an amazing night filled with great friends, incredible music, and cheap beer in the friendly neighborhood dive bar–an Orange Fest just as sweet as all the rest. A lot of us are going to miss looking forward to this event every year, especially including myself!

Click the links below to find out more about each of these amazing bands!

Order of the Jackal

All Kings Fall


Orange the Hueman and his Shitty Metal Band

Written by Cat Sullivan

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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