Album Review: ASHES OF ALEXIS ‘Neurosis’

Ashes Of Alexis is a metal/death core band right out of the Fox Valley here in WI! Their newest EP release ‘Neurosis’ is finally here and available on all listening platforms! Recorded by our friend David Pietila from SourceTrack Studio– this is a brutal banger! So, let’s dive in!

Starting with “Statuses! Statues! Statuettes! Statures!” Honestly, right off the bat, I catch similar vibes as one of my most favorite bands of all time Between The Buried And Me. The guitar riffs really take me there, they have an elegant yet brutal edge. Everything about this track is heavy and strong; a perfect way to start off any release. “Oh God” kicks off hard with the vocal statement “Oh God The Irony!!” One thing I am loving about this release is, is it brutal? YES! Is it heavy? YES! Can I understand the vocals? YES YES YES!! No disrespect to any death metal bands, or other kinds of extreme vocals, but I personally love a band where I can clearly hear what they are trying to convey. Proving that you can be heavy “AF” and still be clear. Also, I really dig the bass solo in this track as well! Super slammin’ for sure!

“Sasquatch” starts off with an eerie call of the beast from beyond the tree line. I actually, not to be on a side rant, have recently read an article of a mysterious howl in the Wisconsin northwoods; so I find that a tad ironic, but moving forward. This track is awesome and incredibly dynamic! This track has a lot of progressive vibes in it which I think helps contribute to how full everything sounds all together. “…Thirteen Pints…” has that classic metalcore build that we all love but also has a lot going on with keys/effects and other elements that pull it away to create a unique feel. Especially in the breakdown.

For the final 2 tracks on this EP there are two special guests! “Hooligans” features Josh Rundgren on guitar and “Frantic Scribblings and Incoherent Thoughts” Features Francesco Antonio Mastrocola-Kochan on vocals from the band The Martyr Complex which is another well known band in the Midwest Scene. “Hooligans” is a lot heavier on the keys than the other tracks and has a nice slow build up, but then as we start to reach out we have a melodic breakdown with sweet licks that compliment the beauty of the keys. “Frantic Scribblings and Incoherent Thoughts” picks up the pace a bit and carries us out to a strong finish.

Over all this album is fantastic and I was honestly not at all let down. For those of you who really dig the metalcore scene- this is definitely an album you want to add to your playlist! As I mentioned before it is available everywhere! So, no matter what you prefer- you can find your copy of Neurosis—–HERE

Neurosis Tracklisting
1 Statuses! Statues! Statuettes! Statures
2 Oh God
3 Sasquatch
4 …Thirteen Pints…
5 Hooligans (ft Josh Rundgren)
6 Frantic Scribblings and Incoherent Thoughts (ft Francesco Antonio Mastrocola-Kochan)

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Author: Maehem Underground Media

A team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you!

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