About US!

Maehem Underground Media is a site put together by a team of individuals to bring the local music scene to you! Specializing mainly in Metal, Rock, and Punk genres of the local Midwest. Featuring album reviews, live show reviews, band interviews, live interviews, Concert photos, special events and more!

Contact info:
Email: maehemundergroundmedia@gmail.com

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We have many segments as listed below!

Gearview Mirror- A special segment for all you gear-heads out there! Created by local Midwest musician Mitchel Fulcer; this is where we see what gear your favorite local musicians are using to bring the noise! Check out written and video interviews!

Front Row- Live footage of your favorite local and underground bands! Straight out of the pit for your viewing pleasure!!

Weekend Warriors- This is the place for all of our interviews with the finest local talent the scene has to offer! Written and recorded segments, you just never know who you’re gonna see!

Extended Play- Reviews on the newest EP’s!!

Album Reviews- what the title implies! Check out the newest albums on the scene!

Single Reviews– Just drop a hot new track!? We want to review it!

Av Amplified!- Reviews on the latest music videos to drop in the local and underground music scene!!

Backstage Pass- This is where we get to meet the people who stand behind the musicians in the scene and help bring everything together. Photographers, booking agents,production companies, road crew, stage crew, artists and more!

The Stage- Events, festivals, tours, and concert reviews!!

Maehem News- What’s making headlines?? Find out in Maehem News!

Maehem Makeup- Make up tutorials inspired by albums, artists and tracks!

Powerslide LIVE!- Whats going on in the scene?? Music News? Tours? Venues? Music Videos? New Album Releases- and other cool stuff!? Check  out what’s new on POWERSLIDE!

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