Extended Play: FLESH TO ASHES Self-titled

Flesh to Ashes is an up-and-coming death metal band out of Escanaba, MI! Following their most recent video release track “Hell Catcher” is their very first self-titled EP release!

This release contains three tracks of face-melting brutality! Starting with ‘Ass Casket’ (that’s not a typo, haha!); it starts with the bass setting a solid foundation for the rest of the track, and honestly the album over all. ‘Hell Catcher’ has all those nasty, teeth-grinding riffs that you love, and the classic death metal vocals bring all the brutality! Finishing out this release is ‘Impending Doom’, which is more relatable now than ever it would seem. All jokes aside, this is a hard and heavy metal slow jam, and is my personal favorite of this release. Something about it hits just right, and you’ll know what I mean when you check it our for yourself!

This EP is hard, heavy, and just what the doctor ordered for times like these! This self-titled release is available now! Follow Flesh to Ashes online HERE!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: LUNAR MOTH Self Titled

Lunar Moth is a three-piece doomy, garage-rock band from Madison, WI. Their latest self-titled EP release was recorded at Fuzztapes Studios and mixed and mastered to keep true to their raw but defined sound. Originally intended for cassette release only, as it’s the perfect fit for their retro sound, it was also released digitally for those of us who are missing a cassette player in our lives (which is unfortunate for those who don’t own one if we are being honest). You can purchase this release digitally HERE!

This four-track EP is packed full of sludgy riffs, spacey vocals, fuzzy bass, and hard-hitting drums. It’s been 50 years since 1969, and there seems to be a retro-revolution on the rise! Doom bands have been brining back the groove all over the globe and creating a movement far and wide! Lunar Moth is a great example of what is coming out of this movement. Combining everything we love about the 1960-1970 songs of groovy-witchcraft and bringing it to life with modern twists and turns.

Track Listing
1. Abecedarian
2. Fever Brain
3. Inner Demons
4. Red Room Mistress

I recently saw Lunar Moth perform for the first time at the Waupaca, WI. battle of the bands (held at Schueller’s Great Exspechtations, which we proudly also sponsored) competition and was captivated by the energy they brought to the stage. I knew right away that I had to include them in a line up of our own- which happened to fall perfectly in place! Be sure to catch Lunar Moth live at our upcoming Halloween show October 19th at the SV2- Moon Doom Ritual; which also includes performances by the bands Twichard, Beetlegork, and is headlined by Chicago doom band legend Black Road!

Follow Lunar Moth Online below!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: TOXIC RUIN- ‘Mortal Insolence’

Hello again local readers and music lovers! Oh baby, do we have a sweet ass EP Release for you this time! Sheboygan based monsters of thrash Toxic Ruin have come out with their 4 track EP Mortal Insolence which is following their first album release Subterranean Terror. This album was a breath of fresh air for the local Wisconsin scene. After adding guitarists Jake and Blake, this was a firm lineup change with Stephen stepping up with slamming vocals; a whole new rage took the vocal spot! Toxic Ruin is now on a whole new level of amazing!

Building a great anticipation with their intro, it’s just a smack in the face! The first track “Mental Atrophy” instantly assures me that I am in for a treat! There is a new subtle dynamic that they have latched onto that I am really digging.

Toxic Ruin has everything their sound had before, but there’s a sprinkle of an almost melodic death metal touch added to the inner workings of their composition, definitely held together stronger than ever by the relationship between Stephen (bass, vocals) and Dave (drums). First of all Dave, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the leaders in our scene. Some of the best drummers I have known look up to his style and professionalism. As for Stephen, his voice has added new depths of passion and reality to who they are as a band, and what it is they have to say.

Don’t worry, in the second track “Tyrannical Demise” their is no shortage of compliments for the guitarists Jake and Blake. As a lover of damn near all thrash has to offer, I can say these two bring their f*cking ‘A’-game; especially when it comes to groove, technicality, and composition of this track as a whole. The progression of this song is nothing I’ve heard come out of Toxic Ruin before, and I love it!


Now, this next track was the first released single of the EP- “Insolent Obsession.” I’ve heard this song performed live and I had the fortune of shouting along to it at the top of my lungs! This song has the catchiest hooks I have ever heard come out of a Wisconsin local band yet! Calling all 6/8 fans-pulling back into that refrain and giving me the chills!

Finally, they cover a song that I have loved since I discovered metal-Death’s “Crystal Mountain” has never been honored better! This is something you just have to jam at full blast and scream your heart out! It will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to the first time this killer tune hits your ears!

100%- these dudes are a f*cking force to be reckoned with. I honestly believe that the ones out there that truly want to ‘get to the top’ without ill-intention and without any ill-will to others will definitely reach great success. Toxic Ruin is the best testament to just that, and this release proves to us all that hard work and true passion go miles for yourself as well as others!

Thank you all for reading, and please do yourselves a favor and check out Toxic Ruin for yourselves in the links below! Be safe out there and thrash fast!

Mortal Insolence is available HERE!

Mortal Insolence track list
1.Mental Atrophy
2. Tyrannical Demise
3. Insolent Obsession
4. Crystal Mountain (Death Cover)

Line Up
Jacob Baneck: Guitar
Blake Toltzmann: Guitar
David Miller: Drums
Stephen Behrendt: Bass/Vocals

Check out TOXIC RUIN Online

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: OUR LAST VISION- ‘Cold World’

Our Last Vision is based out of Marinette, Wisconsin. They consist of four dedicated members who continuously push each other to reach their furthest potential as musicians. They play all original music that could be best described as hard rock that touches some alternative metal elements.

Their debut release Cold World is on its way and we got to take a first look at this killer EP! This highly anticipated rocker is just what fans of Our Last Vision are looking for. This album begins with a real head-banger. “Creation” is a track that fills you with the spirit of determination. This track gets you pumped up, and there are all kinds of hooks that grab hold of you and pull you into this album! “Make Me Insane” takes me back to my angsty years. This track is emotional and passionate. The style reminds me of Seether in their best days, back when they released Disclaimer; with a hint of Shinedown (as they were). Our Last Vision shares that same hard rock attitude and applies it to their style to bring forth the voice of today’s generation.

“Cold World” is the title track and is perfectly placed in the climax of this release. The intro creeps in slowly and has a graceful build up. This track gives you an overwhelming feeling to stand up and fight; conquer your fears and take back what’s yours! “The Lights” has almost a blues-rock kinds of flavor to it. This track is honestly my favorite one. I like the attitude and aggression that this track brings. It helps it stand out against the other tracks for sure. Also, just as a personal preference, I always dig tunes with passion and aggression behind them. Maybe I’m just an angry person, who could say. (Except probably all my friends laughing at this now!)

“You Made Me” keeps the flow going. I like the balance of back up and front vocals. It has a catchy flare that draws you in; the chorus is especially beautiful. Everyone comes together in this track for a really tight sound; there is also a bit of a spotlight moment for everyone as well; with a tiny bass solo and an epic guitar solo as we begin to reach the end of the track. “Forsaken” is the final track of Cold World. I’m drawn in by that cool little bass lick at the beginning of the track. This bass in this track is really poppin’. It’s cool how sometimes just a small detail can add such a unique element that changes the whole vibe of a song. “Forsaken” is a much harder track overall. It’s lower, slower, and more steady than the others. The vocals are also much more aggressive; adding a strong and sound finish to this release.

Our Last Vision has proven with this debut that they are ready to take their career to the next level! Want your copy of Cold World? Catch them LIVE at the Lyric Room in Green Bay, WI. April 6th at their official release party! Ticket Link HERE

1. Intro
2. Creation
3. Make Me Insane
4. Cold World
5. The Lights
6. You Made Me
7. Forsaken

Line Up:
Nate- Guitar, Vocals
Joey D- Guitar, Vocals
Cødy- Bass
Neil- Drums

Follow Our Last Vision in the link below!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

EXTENDED PLAY: Mega Colossus Fifth Studio Record, ‘V’

I was immediately enamored with Mega Colossus when I saw them for the first time last year at Mad With Power Fest in Madison. When they announced a new EP was coming soon a couple of months ago, I couldn’t resist contacting them to review it!

Hailing from the barbaric hills of Raleigh, North Carolina, this five-piece self-proclaimed adventure-metal band is influenced by other such power rockers such as Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Scorpions.

They just announced that their fifth recorded work, titled “V,” will be making its debut on February 8th, 2019. The new record is currently available for pre-order NOW on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp and of course for vinyl and CD as well. (You can pre-order through their Kickstarter HERE.)

Without further ado, here is our review!

Track 1: Kaiju King

Right off the bat, you feel yourself immediately start this melodic journey by being thrust into a Japanese monster movie, and you are the king of the monsters!

Death has come to Tokyo!”

This monster is powerful. It towers over the large booming city of Tokyo. It is unstoppable, just as this driving, pulsing riff implies. I’d love to see this monster take a good swing at Godzilla and knock him flat.

Track 2: Atlas

The world on my shoulders, I stand tall
Unfaltered by the woes of man.
Alone with the struggle, I am

In Greek mythology, Atlas was one of the Titans that ended up bearing the curse of holding up the universe after the ten-year battle known as Titanomachy, during which the Titans fought the Olympians. He is the symbol of endurance and strength, and this song does a brilliant narrative on his behalf by mirroring his fight and struggle. Condemned to be the sole being to rest the entire cosmos literally on his shoulders, he proves that he is, and will always be, a Titan.

Track 3: Bug Hunt

“Guns on mechanical arms
Kill with ease
But keep your shotgun handy
For close encounters.”

This is quite a song–and by that I mean this is a song about blindly following orders from an army (with the biggest guns). What is this army fighting? I’m glad you asked.

Well, it seems that Mega Colossus has discovered some planet somewhere far further than the government will let us civilians see; and that planet is infested with large, dangerous…bugs.

I’ve never heard a song about hunting bugs that I’ve jammed out to so much. Frankly, I never thought I’d be saying those words in a sentence together either.

That being said, on my list of songs about bugs, this definitely takes the top spot.

Track 4: Navigator

“No time to spare
We’ll get you there
These human ways are ours to dare

This is one hell of a cruising-down-the-road-in-a-90-degree-humid-summer-night song. Where do you want to go? Where will you end up? The answers wait, the choice is yours. Get going.

Track 5: The Mountain That Rides (Live at Local 506)

Whoa! Is this an Iron Maiden song I’m not familiar with?? Honestly, I had to google “the mountain that rides iron maiden” to make sure this wasn’t a cover. Nope, Google confirmed that this is 100% pure, unfiltered Mega Colossus. This song is like getting whipped in the back of the head with the butt of a sword handle–but, like… in a good way!

Track 6: Sea of Stars (Live at Local 506)

“Here now we brave the lands and sea
For fortune thrills and wine
Desiring only to be free
Partners in heroic deeds and crimes..”

When I say this is an EPIC of a song, I mean epic like the freaking Iliad by Homer.

What a journey Mega Colossus lays out before us. The sea is made of stars, and the stars create a sea, where the possibilities are endless. If your spirit is thirsty enough for adventure and your mind is strong and willing, you must sail forth and embrace the new direction the universe has thrown you into.

I don’t know about you, but I NEED to get my hands on one of these vinyls when they become available! Trust me, you’re going to want to grab this record as soon as it debuts, you will not be disappointed. Prepare for a legendary quest with the warriors in the army of Mega Colossus at your side, and don’t forget: Raise your hammer high!

Connect with Mega Colossus:

-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: GATEKEEPER- ‘Grey Maiden’

Gatekeeper’s epic new EP Grey Maiden plunges listeners into world of lutes, bards and dragons. Exploding out of Vancouver, Canada, Gatekeeper will find a home with fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, or any classic power metal.

The greatest strength of Gatekeeper is its intricate songwriting and over-the-top guitar riffage.

The epic twin lead of Geoff Blackwell and Kenny Kroecher are backed by atmospheric textures of uniquely crafted tone. Told in true Iron Maiden style power metal, “Richard III” is a great example of shining guitars. With a contrast of dirty desert rock tones and soaring atmospheric twin solos, this tune sells the richly crafted intricacies of Gatekeeper’s lute section. Track 3, “Moss,” further illustrates this individuality with Blackwell’s acoustic intro, showing strong influences of Blind Guardian and diverse musicianship.  

Gatekeeper’s lead vocals of Jean-Pierre Abboud and backing vocals of Geoff Blackwell share a similar dynamic to Jon Schaffer and Matt Barlow of Iced Earth. The projections on  “Moss” demonstrate techniques straight from Judas Priest yet tempered by classical choir-esque training. The transition between these textures demonstrates skillful control with a truly unique style. The title track “Grey Maiden” is also vocally dominant with piercing 80’s wails expertly blending with an orchestra of epic metal. Abboud sets himself apart as a vocalist with style reminiscent of obscure metal bands like Control Denied and Charred Walls of the Damned.

Intricate rhythms also set Gatekeeper apart as a power metal band, and it is especially true on their Grey Maiden EP. With a rhythm section consisting of Tommy Tro on drums and David Meddier on bass guitar. This is shown in the thundering intro to “Tale of Twins,” immediately catching and holding the listener’s attention with a powerful low end and chopping syncopation. The duo does an excellent job of holding down the fort while the twin lead guitars escalate over the fray. The second solo on “Richard III” shows this dynamic as the bass and guitar tones separate and you can really hear Messsier’s bass rise to the forefront.

If you’re a fan of uniquely expressed power metal, you’ll be right at home with Gatekeeper. Be sure to pick up Grey Maiden by Gatekeeper. Available now for digital download HERE!

Track Listing For Grey Maiden
1. Gray Maiden
2. Tale Of Twins
3. Moss
4. Richard III

Connect with Gate Keeper online!

-Jake Steinmeyer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: JINJER-‘Micro’

Mitchel here again with another tasty EP release! This time for my favorite band on earth- JINJER! Following their most recent release, King of Everything in 2016 is their latest and most anticipated EP release-Micro.  Although EP’s are not typically my favored type of releases, I could NOT pass this up! Not to mention that what Jinjer brings to the table with their killer performance, this album was as full as the day is long! (That’s a thing right?) So, without further adieu- let’s rock Micro!

Kicking that door right down with “Ape”! That signature bass pop brings everything into high gear! The relentless vocal pattern and rhythmic foundation during the verse is a force to be reckoned with! I’m feeling a stronger connection to this EP right away between the music and the musicians. The transition from the slower and “prettier” tones added extra power to the outro. This track references the consistency between old world man and modern man and was very intriguing. “Dreadful Moments” is more progressively technical but never loses its swing! The drummer really understands how to give the guitar just enough space to pop when they need to. DAMN! The energy of this track just keeps flowing! The ambient lead licks add a great touch as well and I also really dug the blues-like tones the vocals pull out of this song. It adds quite they dynamic, as well as, again, allowing the heavy riffs to crush the ending with a chilling spoken word-PERFECT!

Track 3-“Teacher, Teacher” reflects Tatiana’s obvious hip-hop influences. There is a sinister character that gives it a traumatic identity. Possibly a story of personal experience or trauma? The lyrical content stands straight up using excellent word choice. The chorus has an amazing and natural flow also; going from innocent to furious at the drop of a hat. This song has a pure passion behind it that until now I honestly only hear it from bands like Gojira and Sylosis.    Jinjer are officially THE masters of groove metal-I’m calling it now!

“Perennial” has a very alluring intro that leads you in with hair-raising chords and bone-chilling phrases; followed by an eye-opening pulse that will make you kick a hole through the floor. The full progression through the slightly mainstream refrain, and back into the heaviest riff I’ve heard in years-it’s pure F*CKIN’ GOLD! I enjoy how they save the climax for last; most bands will fall back into another chorus or verse. They say what they need to and let it be. This track is definitely my favorite on Micro! It really hits the mark for me in my current phase as a musician, and to me, that speaks volumes.

The final track “Micro” I did NOT expect this at all. Just a Cajun box, the bass, and a few bells to add some texture. I can’t get enough! This is a bold move that I think more bands should follow the lead on. This was a leap way outside the box that shows you a bit more about the foundations of Jinjer and where the heart is at. I also find it very compelling that they titled this release after this track (or perhaps it was vice-versa) but either way, it was an inspiring ending to and inspirational album. A great way to leave the listener wanting more, while also providing closure to this chapter.

Well, Holy Shit! Me being a previous fan besides, I honestly feel like this is the most diverse and unique album I have heard in years! I didnt want to miss a second of this and I can’t wait for what they come up with next! It was my honro to review this album. Thanks for reading and as always- THRASH FAST!

Track List for Micro
1.  Ape
2.   Dreadful Moments
3.   Teacher, Teacher!
4.   Perennial
5.   Micro

Label- Napalm Records

Line Up for Jinjer
Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Kostyuk – bass
Vladislav Ulasevish – drums

To keep up on JINJER check out the link below!

-Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker 

Extended Play: OF BRIGHTER SKIES-‘Nowhere Kids’

Of Brighter Skies is a pop-punk band based out of Madison, WI. and in November 2018, they released their EP for “Nowhere Kids.”

Poetic, full of heart, well-articulated, and just deceivingly fun is how I would describe Of Brighter Skies, and this five-track EP captures that masterfully. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, they remind me of the pop-punk bands I got hooked on in middle school, in the early 2000s. They say the music you listen to during those formative middle school years is pretty much where you tend to stay from there on out, so to me, this was a nostalgic sound that was a breath of fresh air, and I was hooked again.

Track 1: Sweater Weather

“Why is it always snowing outside of my car?/ It’s always so cloudy I can’t see the stars/ I’ve heard stories about all the Midwest summers, and the fires that always seem to keep me together/ But the forecast is calling for more than sweater weather.”

If this isn’t the absolute pop-punk anthem for Wisconsin, I just don’t know what is. This song makes me picture myself behind the wheel of my crappy Craigslist Cavalier, driving without a care on I-39 heading back north to my hometown. Windows down, wayfarer sunglasses on, Of Brighter Skies blasting through my speakers, and I don’t even care that the douchebag in front of me didn’t use his turn signal to jump in front of me. The air is humid and hot, but the breeze is calming, and I brought a sweater just in case it gets chilly when the sun goes down (spoiler alert: It will. It always freaking does even on 90 degree days).

“Anywhere else is better than here/ They say the grass is always greener/ This winter got the best of me/ You can tell by my demeanor.”

Yeah. Winter sucks. These guys definitely know Wisconsin. Yet for some reason, we keep hanging around this little Midwest hole. And those who get out? Most of them end up back here. Sure the grass is always greener, but home is home even when it chills you to the bone, and summer always comes sooner or later (usually later).

Track 2: Way Back When

“Take me back to way back when/ where all the things that were left unsaid/ didn’t mean anything/ to anyone but me/ Take me back to simple days/ where the biggest plans we ever made/ was playing in the backyard with the ones we called our friends/ yeah way back when”

I think, no matter what genre you tend to lean into, everyone has or has had moments in their life that can relate to this song, especially the chorus. I’m gonna say it, and I know everyone can agree with me: BEING AN ADULT SUCKS.

“I didn’t think about our future/ or the things we haven’t done/ we just lived in the moment until our time was gone”

I think if we all had a chance to be taken back to “way back when” things were simple, when nothing mattered, when the days were long, and in a good way, most of us would take it. This song captures that feeling perfectly to me.

Track 3: Bonfires

“Whatever happened to us?/ Whatever happened to those summer nights we’d stay out till dusk/ And I miss those bonfires/ I miss the way you’d whisper in my ear and say that I’m still here/ And now I need you.”

Ah, young summer love…almost all of us have dealt with it at one point or another, no? Whether it was sneaking out late at night to get five minutes alone with your crush, or having deep and meaningful conversation with that beautiful stranger that gave you your first beer, the memory of “that summer” is tainted with both a happy nostalgia and an unrequited sadness that you don’t know if you’ll ever stop thinking about. Primarily using an acoustic guitar for this song really laid into the feeling of that happy/sad memory you’ll never be able to shake. I don’t know about you, but this song definitely brings one person to my mind without question, and I feel that if you close your eyes and just listen to the echo of that person that broke your heart and left with the changing season, you’ll relate too.

“And darling make sure/ when I’m not around/ you’ll still hear my sound through your stereo/ And make sure/ you roll the windows down/ as you parade this sound when you’re Cali-bound.”

The heartfelt chant belting the outro really put the cherry on this sundae, and if I’m being honest, it hit me in the feels and brought a tear to my eye; easily my favorite song on this record.

The season changed, and so did you, and so did they. Maybe they left because it was your fault. Maybe they left because it was theirs. Maybe they think you’re the guilty one. Maybe you’ll never know. If you’re being truthful with yourself, that person always held a special place in your heart, even now, and you hope they never forgot about you either. I don’t know about you, but this song definitely brings one person to my mind without question, and I feel that if you close your eyes and just listen to the echo of that person that broke your heart and left with the changing season, you’ll relate too.

You’re thinking of that person now, aren’t you?

Track 4: Pennsylvania’s Thinking of You

“I’ve been waiting up all night/ finding sleep is one hell of a fight/ you’re always on my mind/ and I can’t come home tonight/ and I don’t know where you are/ and all I see are stars/ I wanted to see your face/ and you said you needed/ Space”

“DAMN THIS BOY IS SAD AND NOW I’M SAD TOO.”- Me, listening to this song.

Now I’m thinking of a similar someone, although it is a different someone. This someone didn’t skitter away with the wind or the tide, but rather, I fell out of place in their life. Sometimes, shit happens, and it sucks, and in a perfect world there would be no broken hearts, no dial-tones when you desperately want to hear a voice…but we live in a far-from-perfect world. This song is here to remind you that you’re not the only broken heart in the world…but it still sucks. A lot.

Track 5: Ten Times Over

“…I know that your hands are tired, your eyes are swollen and your heart is raw from being ripped open…but your love is so pure. It resonates from a boundless ocean deep inside of you. And I’m so happy that some of it poured out to reach someone as messed up as I am.”

I admit it: I’m a sucker for spoken word, and this song starts off with a couple of lines that feel like stab wounds.

That person is gone. They are not coming back. You’re bitter, you’re hurt, you “move along because there’s nothing left to see.” You want to hate that person, and as hard as you try to hate them because it would be easier…you can’t. You’re not sure if you ever will. And the worst part? You’re somehow thankful you had any time with this person at all.

But sometimes…”Fuck you!” still rings through your head at their memory.

All in all, I hereby rate this EP 5 out of 5 stars. It took me back to “way back when” and it makes my heart feel full even though it brings back memories that are sad as well as happy. I needed this, and I look forward to more gut-wrenching pop-punk sounds from Of Brighter Skies in the future.

Connect with Of Brighter Skies online
Google Play

-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: SEVEN CITIES DEAD-‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’

Hello again loyal readers and music enthusiasts! Mitchel Fulcer here with another tasty album review for you. This edition features the E.P. “Siren Songs of the Apocalypse” by the very talented, and ever-growing five-piece, Seven Cities Dead. I have had the pleasure of seeing these fellas live a couple of times, and certainly enjoyed their performance. So, I thought it would be super sweet to review their collection of tunes.

In the first track “Taste of Innocence,” the audio clip track has an intense thematic way of giving the listener an immediate feeling of an underlying dystopian theme. I also took note of the wide range of synergy between the epic riffs and aggressive vocals. It gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling being a fan of bands like Shadows Fall, and early In Flames. It has a great way of staying catchy without churning into cheese sauce, which I find in a lot of bands in this genre.

Finally, I found the breakdown to be a f*ckin’ headbanger and didn’t want it to end.

I found “In My Own Hands” was a bit more guitar driven, revealing the perfection achieved in complementing tones with one another. There is a clear difference between the two, but they fit together seamlessly. Get them solos, boys!! The passionate backing vocals give a relatable sense of humbleness to their tracks that tells me these guys will go far.

Immediately I was digging the groove within the third track “Rising Tide.” This track definitely gives me a sense of how tight this group can be. I love the way the vocals, and guitars come in pairs. They have a wonderful way of allowing every member to have their own identity. I feel these qualities make a more authentic and professional record. Check out “Rising Tide” here:

Every fan loves a good chant, and this tune has got it! Do I smell a single?

“The Path Unknown” has a golden consistency in the lyrical content. When keeping to a theme as a band, keeping that going without saturating your songs with the same words tossed in a blender, is a difficult task. These guys, however, pull it off nicely. The solo section is on level 10! It’s my favorite part yet.

The fifth track, “Dissolution,” takes a hard-left turn with dynamic, grunge-esque angst. I thoroughly enjoy the “gross” riffs that hold perfect context with the relentless vocal pattern. I never saw this coming. That said, it was a pleasant look into the possible diversity, and future paths these guys can take.
The “riffy” technicality of the verse on their sixth track “All War Starts from Within” really hooked me. I also noticed how their drummer has a vast knowledge of his bandmates and always gives them ways to fill wide open space with individual creativity, and their afore-mentioned identity.

When all was said and done, I legitimately enjoyed this E.P. and cannot wait to see what they’re going to release in the future. They started in February of this year, and have blasted their way into a great position in the music scene. If this is what they have for a first release, Satan only knows what delicious metal they can brew for the next release.

Looking forward to next time, but until then, stay safe, and thrash fast!!!!!


Track List: 
1.Taste of Innocence
2. In My Own Hands
3. Rising Tide
4. The Path Unknown
 5. Disillusion
 6. All War Starts from Within

Seven Cities Dead Lineup
Josh Kurtz – Vocals
Guy Smith – Guitar and Vocals
Thomas Hogue – Guitar
Josh Swart – Bass Guitar
Lucas Peters – Drums

Connect with Seven Cities Dead online

-Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: DECIPHERING THE ZODIAC (Self-titled)

Formed in 2016, Deciphering the Zodiac is a progressive metalcore band from Northeast Wisconsin. Influenced by bands such as Veil of Maya, Lamb of God, and After the Burial- they know how to pack a punch when they hit the stage!

Deciphering the Zodiac has now released their DEBUT self-titled EP, and all of us in the Wisconsin scene are excited to get our hands on it!

We begin with the explosive track “Opiates & Daisies.” This track is full of metal-core brutality with shredding guitar solos bouncing breakdowns. “Give Me Solace” begins and ends with the spotlight on the drummer. The guttural vocals balance out the guitar riffs and rhythms which has its unique blend of metal-performance tone. The guitar in this track ads a little bit of power metal flavor, while keeping the metal-core formula.

“Speaking Volumes” is perhaps one of the most memorable songs from Deciphering The Zodiac, at least for myself. As soon as the track began, I vividly remembered hearing it being performed live. The track is just packed full of good hooks and catchy guitar tones. This tune also happens to be the longest on the album and is kept fresh with all kinds of changes, breakdowns, and solos.

We conclude this EP with the slow and heavy track Ellis.” This chorus of this track is extremely catchy. This one is recognized from their live performances as well. We recently caught it live at Swampfest! Check it out here

Overall, I am pleased with this release! I had been waiting a long time to get my hands on a recorded version of Deciphering the Zodiac since I had seen them live in 2017. To get your copy of their self-titled EP click HERE


Track List of Deciphering The Zodiac’s Self-titled EP
1. Opiates and Daisies
2. Give Me Solace
3. Speaking Volumes
4. Ellis

Line up for Deciphering The Zodiac
Brandon Dugan – Vocals
Derek Foytik – Drums
Dave Borabon – Guitar
Mickey Matuszewski – Guitar

-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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