Front Row: MARC RIZZO + Supports

On Friday night the Maehem Team took a trip North to the SV2 in Green Bay, WI for a special evening of metal featuring Crater, Squidhammer Metal, Chi Noden, and Marc Rizzo of Soulfly! Rizzo is currently on his Solo Experience Tour. Catch a date near you below!

The evening was starting off strong as people began to fill the venue in anticipation of the evening ahead; starting with a performance by Crater. However- no one was prepared for this evening of surprise performances!

Squidhammer Metal was next in line and they brought the brutality as always! It’s never a REAL party until these guys hit the stage! They performed all of our favorite Squid-hits including “Spark”, “Chapter 2” and “New Found Tribe” as well as a performance of their newest tune “18436572”. Check out our footage of New Found Tribe below!

Chi Noden hit the stage with the guest appearance of Corey Tod Fritschka on bass guitar. Both of these artists have an energy like no other. When I saw them sharing a stage the chemistry was unreal! Footage below!

As if that wasn’t cool enough in itself, they took the stage once again to perform with the man himself- Marc Rizzo! They cracked the stage wide open and the crowd packed in as close to the stage as possible. After their first tune Rizzo gave the crowd a quick glance over and stepped into the mic- “Hey THOM-Where you at??” To all of our surprise- Thom Hazaert of Combat Records and EMP Label Group was in the house and on the stage on vocals! Performing covers of our favorite metal tunes including “Territory” (Sepultura), “Mandatory Suicide”(Slayer), and one hell of a performance of “Mouth for War” (Pantera)! Check the footage below to see their performance of “Mouth for War” with guest appearances by Mitchel Fulcer of All Kings Fall and Jake Hiller of Squidhammer Metal!

After the stage cleared we headed out back to check out the party bus (footage coming soon via Youtube) Another excellent evening of metal at one of our favorite Wisconsin venues! Great times were had and memories were made. It’s always a pleasure to get out and spend an evening with the band family. Metal is alive and well in the Wisco-scene! Until next time my friends- Keep it METAL!

-Emily Mae

Photos by Emily Maehem Photography

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Front Row: ALL OUT MUTINY ft Mitchel Fulcer

We have a very special Front Row Friday feature for all of you this week! At Cold Shot in Appleton, WI we got to see the very talented Mitchel Fulcer (of All Kings Fall) perform with the mighty All Out Mutiny! This is something all of us here in Wisconsin only caught a glimpse of at last years 400 Block in Wausau, WI- but for all the lucky bastards on the west coast (when All Out Mutiny had their tour Death In The Desert with Endtime Illusion
) , they got to catch his performance long before we did and I KNOW all of you were as jealous as I was!

Finally! The time has come- below is our footage of All Out Mutiny Ft. Mitchel Fulcer on vocals and also a guest return to his roots- bass guitar!

Founded in 2015, All Out Mutiny (Wausau WI) has undoubtedly made their presence known and are steadily poised to continue to spread their brand of groove metal to all corners of the rock’n’ roll world. Self-proclaimed ‘party thrashers,’ AOM have traversed the globe with performances throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, and most recently a historical tour in Brasil.

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-Emily Mae


Hello all! Welcome to another segment of Front Row! This feature is brought to you by progressive-instrumental beasts of Chicago Coyote Man! We had the privilege of seeing these guys perform at Cold Shot in Appleton, WI and it was a killer experience! Check out our live footage below!

In late January 2017, the debut album from this Chicago based instrumental/progressive rock trio was released. Weaving intricately among various soundscapes, songs such as “What Once Was” and “Demon Sun”-focused around visceral, riff based guitars – are the juggernaut at the core of this release. The tribal drum rhythms of “Majestic Vixens” build to a primal, spiritual frenzy, whereas the haunting keys/synths of “Murder Designer” take the overall feel of this album toward new horizons, all while maintaining a cohesive, graceful balance.

Get your copy HERE

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Emily Mae

Front Row: SIMPLY MEGGO- Live at Schueller’s Great Expectations

Simply Meggo is a tight knit three piece, alternative rock band from Waupaca. Featuring passionate lyrics, edgy guitar, thrashy bass lines and intricate drums!

Check out our live footage of their performance at Schueller’s: Great Expectations below!

Most recently, Simply Meggo Released their very first album Behind Green Eyes ! Check out our review HERE

Connect with Simply Meggo online

Emily Mae


I like Coasting because they check all the boxes for what I look for in a punk band:

Lots of fun and plenty of “Fuck you!”

On January 5th, Coasting played the Majestic for the first time at Madison’s Punk Fest. Starting the show off as the second act, the crowd was ready and waiting with a chant filling the venue.

TJ (vocalist and bassist) would later go on to say, “It’s crazy, there were people that we knew like always, but there were a LOT of people we didn’t know, chanting our name…this is big for us. We’re not used to that.”

Judging from the wall to wall packed house (I’ve never seen so many punks in one place!), it’s obvious that Coasting is gaining more and more popularity in the South Central Wisconsin punk scene with each bill that they appear on.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys up in the green room of the Majestic for a quick interview after their energetic and awesome set.

Giving some history of the certainly soon-to-be-infamous Coasting, as well as a teaser to some things such as a possible new EP coming soon, I am excited to see where Coasting goes.

Connect with Coasting

-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Emily Mae

Front Row: WRATH Live At Happy’s Pub

Check out our latest Front Row Footage of the all mighty Wrath of Chicago!! We made the epic journey to the north woods in Woodruff, WI to visit our favorite venue Happy’s Pub for an evening of pure Thrash Gold! Check our our live footage for their track “Tension On High” from their latest album release-‘Rage’ AVAILABLE NOW via Combat Records HERE

Filmed and Edited by Emily Mae 

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Front Row: Forcefield SV2 Green Bay

Space… The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Cosmic Power Metal band FORCEFIELD. Their mission; to seek new venues and play for new civilizations, to boldly go were no Metal band has gone before…

Check out our live footage of Forcefield at the Sword and Velvet 2!! 

Shot and Edited by Emily Mae 

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Photo Credit: Emily Maehem Photography

Front Row: Doyle At The Ruby Madison

Last Saturday The Ruby Madison filled with Doyle die-hards to see Doyle perform live! Check out our footage below!

Legendary guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has broken new ground with his solo project, “DOYLE”. A horror based hardrock/metal band of epic proportions! Performing live, they are visually striking as they bring back the spirit of rock back to the stage. Catching these intimate shows brings fans and bands together in the music scene; creating truly unique experiences which I feel is most important over all to keep the spirit alive!

So, get your thrash out and catch a show!

Doyle is still on tour! Check out dates for As We Die Abomination Tour  HERE

Photos: Emily Maehem Photography 

Filmed by Cat Sullivan-Navillus Media

Edited by Emily Mae

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