Special Event: METAL BBQ- Supporting Cause ‘A’

Hello Maeniacs! All of us here at the Maehem Underground Media team are excited and proud to announce that we have joined up with Ben Nendza of Schueller’s Great Exspechtations and the Waupaca Community Arts Board to present a very special evening of food and metal!

CAUSE ‘A’ – Take A Stand For The Arts is a group of individuals who are joining together in this effort!

The arts, in addition to offering a sense of inclusion and identity, also bolster student grades. (See article HERE) Funding has begun to diminish within established institutions (i.e. schools) for the arts, creating a more difficult space for youth and other artists to grow. Putting together a fund to help aid the art culture turns focus on to safe and healthy alternatives to otherwise negative behaviors- That’s where we come in!

Our Metal BBQ (June 29th, Waupaca, WI) is going to be the very first in a series of events (and other efforts) to put aside funding for the community of arts culture; especially for the youth. Featuring amazing metal bands that highlight some of the best parts of the music scene including Bitter Cold of Madison, Forcefield of Oshkosh, Deciphering The Zodiac of Green Bay, Squidhammer Metal of Watertown and from right HERE in Waupaca, our hometown heroes, All Kings Fall! Schueller’s Great Exspechtations will be providing a BBQ which is a great way to start your summer out right! Only $10.00 in advanced or $15.00 at the door will set you up with food and entertainment for the night!

DON’T FORGET about all the great drinks provided by the bar! Make sure you stop there for all your needs as well!

There will be a raffle with all kinds of cool prizes!! (Details will be provided on the Event Page HERE) Every single dollar put into the entry goes 100% into CAUSE ‘A’!

Cause ‘A’- Take A Stand For The Arts
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Thank you to these Official Sponsors:
Metal Jim
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Steven Vertz – Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group
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Maehem Underground Media

If you wish to donate any items to be raffled off please message us or one of the team members for how to make that possible!
Thank you all!
Keep it metal!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Special Feature: A Year Of MAEHEM

What an INCREDIBLE first year as a publication of the music scene! We have worked with bands on all levels. We’ve met amazing people all along the way. Some of you have been here from the very beginning, and others are just arriving here today, but no matter what the case we can’t thank you all enough for the love and support and we hope to keep bringing plenty of Maehem your way!

Our Anniversary party was about much more than simply a year of our efforts; it was about what we share with everyone out in the scene from local businesses, venues, artists, musicians, and fans of music alike! We all made this happen, and we here at Maehem Underground Media are proud to be a part of it!

Thank you once again to our bands!

All Kings Fall

Squidhammer Metal


Thank you again to our sponsors!
Patrick Gunderson- Gunderslam
Chris Craig- Project Mayhem
Iblis Rhodes
Jake Olson- Metal Head Brewing Co.
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Emily Mae- Emily Maehem Photography
Cat Sullivan- Navillus Media
Mitchell Guitars

Congratulations to Gary Golwitzer for winning the Mitchell Guitar!!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker


Maehem 5 is our new YOUTUBE feature! This is the place to get sneak peaks at some of the most killer album releases coming your way from the underground scene!

5 albums-5 tracks!

All hosted by Maehem Underground Media creator- Emily Mae!

This episode features:
Frenzy– ‘Blind Justice’- Track: From Hell
West Of Hell-‘Blood of the Infidel’- Track: Infidels
Lucifer’s Fall-‘Split release with Cardinals Folly’- Track: Die Witch Die
Getaway Van-‘Self Titled Release’- Track: Lord, I’ve Been Running
Iron Age Mystics-‘Pride Before The Fall Part 1’- Track: ‘Pride Before The Fall’

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Special Feature: Maehem Underground Media HALLOWEEN SPECIAL-OUT NOW!!

Its the BEST time of the year- HALLOWEEN!! Join the Maehem Team and special musical guests- Of The Earth and All Kings Fall as we tap into the mysteries of our local theater in Small Town, Wisconsin!  Hosted by our very own Ian Gray from Powerslide- it’s gonna be creepy: LETS DO THIS!

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*This video is a parody video, and was meant for entertainment purposes only.*