Weekend Warriors: IRON KINGDOM At The Wisco, Madison, WI

Dripping in power riffs and just as many studs on their denim vests, Iron Kingdom took the stage last Saturday, November 23, 2019, and left the whole dive bar quaking in awe.

The indoor stage for the Wisco seems like it is all of five-by-five inches wide, but the sound and energy this band had came in hard and made it seem like we were all watching an arena performance!

They seem too good to be true. As I was taking shots of their performance, one audience member leaned in to me and asked “Are they original?!” (meaning playing original music, not covers). I told him yes. He definitely seemed shocked as he said, “This fuckin’ shreds!”

Agreed. I, too, was blown away that we were in the presence of such greatness in the neighborhood favorite dive bar.

Iron Kingdom is a power metal band hailing from the Great White North in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Influenced by other such power-driven metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (among others), it’s obvious this band has done their homework on what creating and performing power metal is supposed to be!

I was lucky enough to receive a press pass to shoot as well as have an in-person interview with this incredible four-piece, listed and linked below.

Weekend Warriors Interview with Iron Kingdom at Wisco, Madison WI

It was an honor to simply be in attendance at all, and on behalf of us here at Maehem Underground Media, I would like to thank Iron Kingdom for their time and incredible performance, as well as Asher Media for sending them our way!

Iron Kingdom are on the road now for their North American Road Warriors tour, with only a handful of dates remaining. Go to http://www.iron-kingdom.com for tickets, as well as their music, and don’t forget to get your hands on some of their sweet merch!

FRONT ROW: Iron Kingdom Live at Wisco, Madison, WI

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Written by Cat Sullivan

Edited by Samantha Crocker


Welcome to the weekend Maeniacs! This week we were able to get five minutes aside with Megan Orvold from the undeniably brutal Madison based death metal band, Casket Robbery.

Shot on site at the Wisco’s Midsummer Metal Mayhem three day fest, we were able to catch Megan before Casket Robbery performed that night to talk about their upcoming album, touring, and their new music video “From Hell“. Watch the interview and Front Row footage from that night below, and don’t forget to please subscribe to us on YouTube!

Cat Sullivan

Weekend Warriors: SEVEN CITIES DEAD- SV2 In Green Bay, WI

Welcome Maeniacs once again to another segment of Weekend Warriors featuring SEVEN CITIES DEAD!

Based out of central and southeast Wisconsin, Seven Cities Dead is a 5 piece metalcore band inspired by groups like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, and many others. They seek to create the perfect blend of heaviness and musicality with the ultimate goal of making music that energizes and inspires listeners!

We caught up with these guys at the SV2 in Green Bay, WI to see what we all should be looking forward to with these dudes! Keep an eye out for their performance at DANGERFEST as well!

Get their album ‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’ HERE and check out our Album Review!

Keep it metal!
-Emily Mae


I like Coasting because they check all the boxes for what I look for in a punk band:

Lots of fun and plenty of “Fuck you!”

On January 5th, Coasting played the Majestic for the first time at Madison’s Punk Fest. Starting the show off as the second act, the crowd was ready and waiting with a chant filling the venue.

TJ (vocalist and bassist) would later go on to say, “It’s crazy, there were people that we knew like always, but there were a LOT of people we didn’t know, chanting our name…this is big for us. We’re not used to that.”

Judging from the wall to wall packed house (I’ve never seen so many punks in one place!), it’s obvious that Coasting is gaining more and more popularity in the South Central Wisconsin punk scene with each bill that they appear on.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys up in the green room of the Majestic for a quick interview after their energetic and awesome set.

Giving some history of the certainly soon-to-be-infamous Coasting, as well as a teaser to some things such as a possible new EP coming soon, I am excited to see where Coasting goes.

Connect with Coasting

-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Emily Mae

Weekend Warriors: Lords Of The Trident

It’s Weekend Warriors with the most metal band on earth- LORDS OF THE TRIDENT!

The Lords, disguised as roadies, took the time to speak with us about about their newest album ‘Shadows From The Past’, upcoming videos, Patreon content and the exciting road ahead! Check out out interview below!  

Weekend Warriors: With Emily Mae 

Check out their live performance at the SV2 for their song ‘Burn It Down (with Fire)’! 

Burn it Down (With Fire) shot and edited by Emily Mae 

 The Lords Of The Trident are going on tour!! Check the dates below!

Support Them on Patron HERE

Connect with Lords Of The Trident online
Official Site

-Emily Mae 

Weekend Warriors: Chi Noden

It’s time for another segment of Weekend Warriors! We caught up with solo artist Chi Noden at Gorilla’s Nieghborhood Bar & Grill in Oshkosh, WI.

Chi Noden hails from the Sokaogon Chippewa Community and brings a ferociously executed brutal yet beautiful, groovy yet melodic and highly energetic metal style to the stage. Chi Noden means Big Wind in the Potawatomi language, so think hurricane or large low pressure system with brutal, relentless winds.

Catch him live 12/8/18 at DimeBash to  be held at The Gibson Music Hall, Appleton, WI! You can view one of his playthrough videos HERE!

Connect with Chi Noden online

-Emily Mae


Weekend Warriors: ATTALLA

Welcome to another segment of Weekend Warriors, where we feature some of the best musicians on the scene! This week we revisit the Wisconsin doom band- Attalla! After the release of their second album ‘Glacial Rule’ and a summer packed full of festivals and other great shows; we caught up with them at their Halloween Bash in their home town of Oshkosh, WI at the Reptile Palace with lead vocalist Cody James.

To see our full live Footage of Attalla’s evening at the Reptile Palace click HERE

To see more from Attalla, be sure to keep up with them in the links below!


-Don Niesen
Edited by Emily Mae



Weekend Warriors: ALL KINGS FALL

It’s Weekend Warriors with All Kings Fall! This band has been hitting our scene hard and heavy over the past few years and nothing has kept them back! These guys have become a huge influence on our scene, not only on stage, but when they are in the crowd as well! For those of you other there who are maybe hearing of All Kings Fall for the first time- they are a thrash metal band from Central Wisconsin that have been rocking the scene since 2015 (hey, that rhymes). AKF has been hard at work and now finally has released their second full length album- ‘Grip Control’Check out our interview with Emily Mae below!

Available for purchase HERE and across all digital platforms!


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Weekend Warriors: HANGMAN’S CHAIR

Hangman’s Chair, from Paris, France, has announced their newest album ‘Banlieue Triste.’ Earlier this month, we released our album review which you can read HERE. We took some time to further discuss the album and other details for Hangman’s Chair with Julien, co-founder of the band and guitar player. You may view our discussion below.

Q: Your new album ‘Banlieue Triste’ will be released September 28th; can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this album?

JULIEN: There’s something nostalgic in this album, in the artwork especially, the front cover is like a tribute to old covers of French singers of the 80’s, as well as the layout inside. You can see a picture of a teenagers bedroom that looks exactly like ours when we were kids. We just used elements of our past to get inspired. And you can also feel in the music, that 80’s feeling, with a lot of reverb and chorus, this was a choice.


Lyrically, we talk about events that occurred those past three years. We had some tough times between our previous album « This Is Not Supposed to Be Positive » and the writing of « Banlieue Triste,» we’ve been through health issues, hospitalization, insomnia, anxiety attacks; it’s all described in our lyrics, like a diary.

I guess with all that mixed; we had something to tell.

Q: How does this album differ from your past releases? What can fans of Hangman’s Chair look forward to?

J: Hangman’s Chair was and will always be about slow and dark music with some burst of light. What differs is the production. This time we had a lot of time in the studio to explore different sounds. Maybe it sounds less raw than the previous ones but with lots more dynamics.

Q: You will be on the road starting September 21st; I saw quite a lot of festivals on there. Have you played any of them before or are these all first-time appearances?

J: This summer we played the Download Fest and the Motocultor, that was our first time there. The next festivals are the Reeperbahn in Germany, the Mama Fest in Paris, lots of shows in France including four gigs with Zeal & Order. And then, there will be festivals for summer 2019, but it’s too early to talk about it.

Q: What has been your favorite venue or event you have played so far?

J: Our first show ever, this was back in 2006. It was a show on the streets of Paris. I keep good memories of it; I guess it’s because it was our first time. The first time is always great, like drugs.

Q: What has been one of the most memorable moments in your career?

J: I hope it’s coming soon.

Q: What have been some of the most inspirational bands you have met on the road?

J: Selim from The Devil’s Blood (RIP); Mehdi, our drummer, used to be a good friend of his. He had always helped and supported us back then, especially during the « HOPE///DOPE///ROPE » era. At that time, we were not as concerned about music as we are now, he really gave us good advice.

Q: Any other big upcoming news for Hangman’s Chair?

J: As we have signed with Spinefarm Rec, we can expect some good opportunities with touring Europe. We also have some extra songs that we didn’t use on the album; we might put out one or two splits EP’s in 2019. Stay (low) tuned.

Thank you to Julian for taking the time to speak with us. ‘Banlieue Triste’ will be available on all platforms on September 28th, 2018, so keep your eyes open for this release!

Connect with Hangman’s Chair online! 

Weekend Warriors: LOCUST GROVE

Hello Music Maeniacs and welcome to another Weekend Warriors feature with the Oklahoma City heavy-hitters- Locust Grove! Earlier I reviewed their EP- ‘Monster EP’ which you can check out HERE!

To follow up with this killer EP feature, I took the time to Chat with Zain Smith, lead vocals, and guitarist of Locust Grove!

I know some of your members are from different bands. How did you all find each other?

So, I grew up around Chickasha, and I’ve known Vince the longest out of everyone. He played in a couple of bands around Oklahoma City, and I was in Anti-Mortem. When that fell apart in 2014, I started recruiting members for Locust Grove, and Vince stepped in to play guitar beside me! Our drummer, Joey, I met at Namm 2015 he said hello, and I noticed his badge said Yamaha Drums, so I looked further into it, and found out he lived in Norman, so we started jamming songs the following week. Quentin, our bassist, I met at a show at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City, and the rest is history!

Your five track Monster EP kicks ass!!! Does Locust Grove have any plans on going for a full album or are you guys sticking to EPs?

Well, the goal is to make a full length for sure, but we are patient until the songs and production are right. I own a studio in Oklahoma City, and we demo music all the time, but the plan is to go to Bob Marlette and do another EP or hopefully a full length soon!

In Oklahoma, you pointed out your travel generator. What’s the most random/crazy show you guys have played with it?

Well, that was just our generator to power our RV so we can have air conditioning on the road, but you never know what you are going to get with some of the venues out there. We would use it if needed! At the end of the day, the show must go on.

You guys have some great videos out. Got any more in the works?

We plan to as soon as we get new material. Videos are important in the world we live in today, but I think we all want to have more songs to choose from and maybe an idea will stick.

Locust Grove champions the hard rock sound. Do you plan on expanding to any more genres, or styles?

Actually yes, we love playing music, so it doesn’t matter what the sound is as long as we all have fun while doing it. I write all the time as you got to hear in my studio the night we hung out! It’s all over the place; from hard rock to rap and back to heavy metal. Recording and producing is another love of mine, so I spend a lot of time crafting ideas.

What’s Locust Grove’s biggest show to date?

Rocklahoma. We were lucky enough to play there two years in a row and both years were packed with at least 1,000 people.

My personal favorite question to ask; who are you most influential and/or inspiring local bands/musicians?

I don’t get out nearly as much as I should, and the majority of local bands I have listened to are no longer active. I am constantly building Locust Grove, so my time is limited, but I support anyone playing and giving it their heart and soul.

Have you ever opened the show for one of your members’ heroes?

We have shared the stage with some pretty big acts but our biggest heroes we haven’t gotten to meet or share the stage with yet!

Finally, what do your fans have to look forward to in the future?

They have more music to look forward to, more shows coming soon! Also, more merchandise! We are working on getting an online store and more items for everyone to buy!

Thank you once again to Zain and Locust Grove! It was an honor to meet you all while I was on the road and I hope to see you again soon!

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-Mitchel Fulcer

Edited By Samantha Crocker