Extended Play: LOCUST GROVE-‘Monster EP’

Hello Music Maenics! Mitchel Fulcer here with the latest edition of Extended Play where we feature the latest in EP releases! We’re going to shift gears down to Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma City is the stomping grounds of the incredible hard rock/metal band- Locust Grove! These guys blew me away when I saw them come to life on stage. So, with that, here is a look at their five-song EP – ‘Monster EP.’

We start off with “Menace Of Society” The song kicks the door in with a strong rhythmic pulse, which is quickly followed by strong vocals that hook you. The lyrical content is powerful, passionate, and relatable; giving off a vibe that any headbanger can get behind. Throughout the chorus, it brings things down a bit, but never loses its attitude; the way you get drawn in by bands such as Black Label Society or Down.  The modern guitar tone mixes amazingly with the classic hard rock vibes both on and off the stage. The deep, groovy solo is a breath of fresh air for myself, who had grown up on classic rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson.

“Truth” is next. Right from the start of this tune, it is very driven by the drums which build you up to the neck-wrecking verse riffs and ear-hooking progressions with a sly vocal pattern. The second song shows me that Locust Grove has a firm grasp of structure and musicality. Each musician seems to have their own identity attached to their solos and general styles. The drummer and bassists foundations are rock solid through every transition to get that pulse all the way to the back of your head!

“Destroy Me” has a straightforward rock style that allows the vocals to shine. Getting down and dirty with a vocal intensity that almost forces you to sing along with that unison bending that we all crave. The dual solo cranks the tune into high tone-shredding that gets all of you guitarists there. “Life Of Mine” is a song that makes you want to start a pit. The drum fills pop out in this song just right; not too simple, not too much. I dig the way it slides from riff to riff and keeps a strong flow. They pull various emotions out of one song. The raw solo made the end of this song truly come alive!

The final track is the title track of this EP – “Monster.” This tune is my personal favorite, although every track could be a hit single on its own. Everything about this song kicks ass. Pulling back the rhythms on the verse is a well-known trick that is hard to do well; these guys make it sound easy! They sound bigger and fuller with every change and progression of their songs. Locust Grove covers a broad demographic which is vital whether you are local, underground, or all the way at the top. They hit the nail on the head in this song with a grade A chorus and a chant that gets the whole crowd going.

From beginning to end – ‘Monster EP’ has me banging my head and attempting to learn the lyrics as quickly as I can so that I can sing along as loud as I can. Nothing like a jammin’ rock/metal album to bring back that youthful energy! There’s a spark in this EP that is hard to put the finger on, but when you give it a listen, you will feel it too! I hope you dig Locust Grove as much as I do!


Monster EP Track: 
1. Menace Of Society
2. Truth
3. Destroy Me
4. Life Of Mine
5. Monster

You can find ‘Monster EP’ HERE

Connect with Locust Grove in the links below! 
Official Site

-Mitchel Fulcer

Edited By Samantha Crocker


CRETURA Announce A Great Britain Tour

CRETURA returns overseas in september. Taking on England, Scotland and Ireland in one tour setting. Already joining forces are Mordrake from Bristol, Byrde from Norway, A Night In The Snow from Ireland and more bands still to be announced.

Check out their video for “Funeral Roses” here:


unnamed (28).jpg

Tour Schedule
25.09.2018 – The Unicorn, Camden, London
27.09.2018 – The Basement, Essex.
28.09.2018 – Firebug, Leicester.
29.09.2018 – The Gryphon Real Ale and Metal pub, Bristol.
30.09.2018 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland.
01.10.2018 – The Wharf Chamber, Leeds.
03.10.2018 – The Black Box, Belfast, Ireland
04.10.2018 – Fibber Magees, Dublin, Ireland
“ In the setlist for this tour we’re going to try a whole bunch of different things. Our rehearsal plan is booked throughout august and september so that we can prepare everything and be at our best..even better than before!”

– Sárá, Cretura

Cretura has ben on and off tour for the past 2 years after releasing their debut album “Fall Of The  Seventh Golden Star”. The album made good reviews internationally and enabled the band to do tv apparences, tours and festivals. Last festival was the Metalhead Meeting with Behemoth and Cradle Of Filth.

Having their tour van stolen in Denmark, equipment stolen in Poland, and guitar gone missing from airplane in Finland are all challenges the band has faced throughout their touring cycles and have managed to overcome. Shows are always the main priority!

“ We are excited to be able to return to London, Essex and Leicester, places we visited last time around. And to be able to cover 3 countries in one tour leg is amazing!”

– Markus, Cretura

Connect with Cretura online:
Official Site


Album Review: Floyd Turbo- ‘Through Wolves Teeth’

Wisconsin’s favorite ‘middle-aged rock and roll’ band Floyd Turbo is back in action with the release of their newest full album- ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ Earlier this year we dug into their EP release ‘Orange’ which you can read for yourself HERE

Check out the teaser trailer to ‘Trough Wolves Teeth’ here!

“Something Afoot In The Mistletoe” is the first track of ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The progression of just the intro of this song leaves me interested in the full sound of the album. The mix of a stoner/doom vibe and almost Queensryche vocals gives them a unique sound that has me hooked from the very first note. This song builds on a very thick foundation of groove and has a strong ending. We are then taken to the title track of the album- “Through Wolves Teeth” which kicks things up a notch! I feel as though I have rediscovered the feeling that I can recall from the first time I heard Mastodon’s album “Blood Mountain” The dynamics of this song gives me some insight into the vast pool of influences that they have. Getting heavy and then “pulling it back” at just the right times, showing the true experience and talent of these musicians. The doom style solos are very fitting, but also unexpected in the best of ways!

In “Death Of The Sun” it continues a sort of storytelling theme. I love that each track has a tale of its own. These all have a beginning, a climax, and all end wonderfully. A vocal driven turn on this song takes me back to late 80’s style progressive vibes like the Queensryche above, Control Denied, and Dream Theater. The high energy rhythm under the epic leads creates something comparable to a unique life’s experience.

“Gold Tooth” has a little bit of growly back vocals that add a nice touch throughout this track. The drawn-out vocal patterns make you want to push your voice right along with them! The drummer’s techniques shine in this song for me as well. I dig his fulfilling style; never letting it drift while exploring an array of other fills and expression. The next track “Pillars Of Regret” has a vibe that matches the title perfectly. You can feel where Floyd Turbo is coming from with the one. The bits and pieces of reverb and production build an intriguing story as you explore the desperation in the vocals and lyrical content.

“The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is bringing back the groove. This tune rides a wave that feels like it never ends. The acoustics in the background gives a nice touch to the voyage type of feel. “The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is another neck-wrecker, if I do say so myself, however, it still keeps that vintage sound. “ITHAVOLL” is the final track from ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The clean, progressive tone is well placed at the end of this album. It gives a conclusive intention that allows you to build your interpretation to the ending and it sounds beautiful.

The overall levels of this album are even and appealing. I enjoy listening to each layer. I was a big fan of the originality and eclectic tendencies of Floyd Turbo. It had me grinding a lot of nostalgic styles all at the same time, and I loved it! The composition was excellent and if you’re one that is all about the story or music that paints you a picture- you will dig ‘Through Wolves Teeth’ without a doubt!

Physical copies of this album are available HERE

Soon to be available on other media outlets!


Dean + Mark + Nick + Jim = Floyd Turbo

Through Wolves Teeth Tracks
1. Something Afoot In The Mistletoe
2. Through Wolves Teeth
3. Death Of The Sun
4. Gold Tooth
5. Pillars Of Regret
6. The Dirt, The Devil, and Me

Check out Floyd Turbo online!
Official Site

Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by Samantha Crocker

WORMHOLE DEATH USA Launches Spotify Playlist

WormholeDeath USA launches WHD Spotify. Enjoy it share it and blare it! The playlist will be updated regularly with new releases and older releases uploaded.WormholeDeath USA launches WHD Spotify. Enjoy it share it and blare it! The playlist will be updated regularly with new releases and older releases uploaded!

Check out it out HERE

Wormholedeath USA is the North American branch of Wormholedeath.
With this branch joining the offices in Europe and Japan Wormholedeath has now taken the term worldwide to a higher level now servicing USA and Canada with a full service label including the world famous website and now a web store for digital and physical releases with North American shipping rates.

You can connect with WORMHOLEDEATH USA here:
Official Site

AV AMPLIFIED! The Red Flags-‘Lovely Woman’

Welcome to AV AMPLIFIED! where we talk about some of the hottest music videos to drop from our scene! This time we are featuring The Red Flags with their newest video release for their single “Lovely Woman”. You can check it out for yourself here:

For those of you who have been keeping up with us here at Music Maehem may recall our previous AV AMPLIFIED! feature for their video “Basement Nasty” which you can find HERE!

In case you did miss our previous features, The Red Flags are a three-piece band from Janesville, WI. They’re a rock band with that good ‘ole 90’s nostalgia that you simply canNOT resist! In this video especially, we are transported to the Rage Against The Machine era, a feeling and sound that is prevalent through most of their music. There is an aura of resistance that makes you want to jam and break stuff! At the same time, it is reflected in an optimistic vibe throughout the video. We really get a good sense of the personality that The Red Flags put out–they’re fun loving rockers at heart and anyone who spends time in the music scene will tell you that the stigma of musicians being “serious and brooding” is basically…extremely false.

The video itself is packed full of personal moments with the band and is put together like a series of home video clips, which again is to me a huge 90’s staple. I can’t remember a single family event or otherwise from the 90’s that didn’t have someone there with a huge video recorder on their shoulder weighing them down. There is of course plenty of live footage that shows off the energy of The Red Flags as performers as well. So, all in all, this video has nothing but charm and that sweet, sweet nostalgia that everyone craves the taste of.

Besides the personal clips throughout, there is a central plot about Gabe and Jonah being robbed by a dude in a Batman mask! More proof that these dudes don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a refreshing thing to see in a scene that sometimes does take itself too seriously. Sometimes we need dudes like The Red Flags to remind us to lighten up!

The guys are of course oblivious to this ballsy Batman raiding their home until Gabe is woken up by Batman in the form of a pummeling! If you’re not familiar with the original Batman series (you know, the one with Adam West!), the fight scenes are very cheesy and campy, and they made sure to portray their robber Batman in the same way.

Meanwhile, Jonah is shown to be too absorbed in his book on the couch in the other room to even realize his brother has received a vicious pounding and robbery from Batman himself! Batman then returns to the kitchen and helps himself to a snack before letting himself out the door and on his merry way. Gabe is now awake enough again to get up and chase Batman out the door, but he is already gone. He stumbles across the street, where he finds Jonah hanging out on the ground behind a car having a cigarette. Gabe defeatedly has a seat in front of Jonah in the driveway. Gabe stares at Jonah, completely in disbelief because he’s just chilling. You can tell he’s thinking “Did…that seriously just happen??”

…There are also intermittent shots of Batman humping the air. Because why not? So…nice touch there too boys! Who DOESN’T want a humping Batman in their music video? It begs the question…is a music video really complete WITHOUT a humping Batman??

I laughed out loud throughout most of the video, and the song is gonna be stuck in my head for days because it’s catchy as hell! I’m not sure what getting robbed by Batman has to do with the lyrics of the song itself, as it is clearly about a “Lovely Woman” that is being lusted after. But, personally, I absolutely love when bands write a song about one thing and the music video has a completely unrelated story. The Red Flags pull it off with ease and it is incredibly fitting with the cavalier attitude that The Red Flags are known to carry.

The Red Flags are a band that has a lot of power and energy behind them, and it’s no wonder they gain a bigger and bigger fan base each and every day! Their reputation for their incredibly unique sound and stage presence is thriving in the best way! We look forward to see how far The Red Flags will go, and we strongly encourage you to get out there and see them for yourself!

Below are some upcoming dates and locations!


Dates for The Red Flags
August 2-  The Wisco- Madison, WI
August 4- RTM Bar LLC -Two Rivers,WI
August 10- The House Cafe -Dekalb, IL
August 18-Fire On Water- Milwaukee, WI
September 8- Cold Shot- Appleton, WI
September 25- The Annex- Madison, WI

The Red Flags are:
Jonah Wilson
Gabe Wilson
Lavonne Sieling

Find The Red Flags online!
Official Site


– Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

COLOR KILLER Save Punk Documentary Announcement

Hello Maeniacs! There is something fantastic a-foot in Marlborough, Massachusetts that we would like to bring to your attention! Punk prodigy band Color Killer is at it again! Not only are they the youngest band EVER to play Vans Warped Tour, but they have now teamed up with Ironbound Films to help capture their unbelievable journey in it’s latest documentary COLOR KILLER SAVE PUNK.

COLOR KILLER SAVE PUNK, a feature-length documentary, follows Dylan, Lincoln, Matt, and Nate on their arduous journey from a middle school talent show to Vans Warped Tour this summer. Beyond being a punk band composed of 8-12-year-olds, Color Killer is a bit of an anomaly. They don’t see themselves as a viral sensation—although they are—or novelty act. They are a punk band rising to the top as any punk band would; through basement practices, dive bars, and punk festivals. They, however, have just begun their journey a bit younger than most bands typically have.


The title refers to America’s first generation with internet technology readily available from a young age. This supposedly makes Generation Z’s members detached, unsocial, and unfocused. Color Killer offers a striking exception to that idea; and perhaps, some much-needed hope for our times.


Daniel A. Miller, Seth Kramer, and Jeremy Newberger are with Ironbound Films, the directors of COLOR KILLER SAVE PUNK. Ironbound creates documentaries for theaters, television, and the web. One of their films, as well as the most recent- THE ANTHROPOLOGIST, was recognized by L.A Times as “utterly winning” and “stealthily insightful” by The NY Times. It premiered at DOC NYC, screened at more than 50 film festivals, and won numerous awards. It hit theaters by the care of Argot Pictures in 2016 and maintains a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Which, is very impressive! Sounds like the perfect combination of people to bring together this documentary! All they need is just a little help from their loving and supportive fan base!

So, how can you help? To participate in the movement that is COLOR KILLER SAVE PUNK and back this project simply click HERE ! 

There are a few pledge levels for those who participate!


Ironbound has been creating documentary films for fifteen years. Every production we take on has premiered at a major film festival, run theatrically, aired on a major network, and/or been made available online. Along the way, we have won countless awards, critical acclaim, and at worst, a few grey hairs.

Check out more from Color Killer in the links below!

Album Review: Shadow Witch-‘Disciples Of The Crow’

Shadow Witch is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Grunge/Metal band from Kingston, New York. They recently released their newest album, Disciples Of The Crow, which follows their first release, Sun Killer, from the year 2016. They released Disciples Of The Crow in 2017 under the label Salt Of The Earth Records! You can connect with them online in the links below!




Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals. Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.

I had the opportunity to see Shadow Witch Perform live at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL during the Doomed and Stoned Festival. Shadow Witch is a perfect name for this band because it represents their musical style. Hidden in the shadow of the upbeat riffs is a dark doom theme. Smoke and mirrors for the message, if you will. This LP starts out with an upbeat rocker-“Love Could Be Like This.” A tale of a conflicted soul who experiences a dream of a dark shadow illusion of love; the conflict of temptation and of a desire to be loved, but what love is this? Within the lyrics, it states Love is like a scream, which is a play on the phrase Love is like a ‘dream,’ suggesting that this type of love is more nightmarish than welcoming.

“Reap” is the second track; this tale is an expansion of the story of creation-like Genesis. Its groove takes us into the dark karma of humanity. We are then lead to the third track, “Cruel” which seems to represent the fact that just because people possess ‘sparkly’ things does not mean that they own anything. This is because there is no justice or freedom in actuality. For all the so-called ‘valuable’ things people own, they are born to be subjugated, and they do not desire to be genuinely free.

Track four is the title track of this LP- “Disciples Of The Crow” The song starts out with the haunting cackles of a crow deep in the woods, calling you in. The beat is dark and menacing. Grinding riffs of doom paint the backdrop for this tale of the Raven King, which spells an apocalyptic end and suffering for all of humanity; suggesting the fall of an empire.  The fifth track is “Stranger Skies” which is another groovy upbeat rocker. This tune describes the awakening of the Dragon King. This yellow beast offers no relief, only grief, and nothing can stop his impending rise.


“The Sea” is the next track which begins with the sound of rain and distant thunder. The song kicks off with a slow, soft intro, then builds to a rockin’ slow verse riff. The cymbals seem to play the role of flashing lighting as the lyrics describe a beckoning to take to the stormy sea. It tells of the spell cast by the sea that lured men to their demise. “Beneath The Veil” picks things up a bit, as this track is a fast-paced, groovy tune. Essentially, we have all been sold to be a feast for the beast.

The final track “Dead Heros” is the conclusion of Disciples Of The Crow. This one starts with a sweet, crunchy doom-groove. The message I get out of this one is a reflection of too many lost heroes of war, which creates a feeling of hopelessness. This album has lead us from a more of an upbeat track to a downslope track. This, to me, is the perfect doomy outro for an album adventure such as this.

Overall I was very impressed with this album. They have a unique quality of sound to their flavor of the doom metal genera. I loved how the music was groovy and upbeat, but the subject matter was dark and in depth. This created a fascinating moody tone to the whole thing.

Thank you once again to Shadow Witch for being one of the main contributors to our Doomed and Stoned giveaway. We thank you for your support!

The tracks of Disciples Of The Crow are:
  1. 1. Love Me Like This
  2. Reap
  3. Cruel
  4. Disciples Of The Crow
  5. Stranger Skies
  6. The Sea
  7. Beneath The Veil
  8. Dead Heros

Shadow Witch is:

Doug Beans-Drummer

‎David Pannullo-Bassist

Earl Lundy- Vocals


Jeremy Hall-Guitar

Catch Shadow Witch at their next show! August 3rd at The Anchor ins Kingston, NY
For more on Shadow Witch find them online in the links below!
-Don Niesen
Edited by: Samantha Crocker 

Backstage Pass: Happy’s Pub

In this edition of Backstage Pass we are featuring one of the greatest hidden gems of our Wisconsin music scene – Happy’s Pub out of Woodruff, WI! Happy’s Pub is a venue that transports you instantly back in time to a place where the music is excellent, and the company is greater. When entering the venue on metal nights you are immediately greeted by Happy as well as his fantastic staff members. This metal clubhouse is indeed your home away from home!

 Happy shows nothing but love and respect for all of the bands as well as the fans. His hospitality is something to behold. Other venues certainly could take a page out of his book as far as what it means to show support for your local music scene. His sincerity, charisma, and overall genuine personality make him an especially memorable guy (as well as his mustache).


Happy has so much support in the music community as well as the community of Woodruff in general. While spending time with him, people would shout from their vehicles as they passed “HELLO HAPPY!!” 

He is also supported by Russ Krueger who runs sound and lights on metal nights as well as Russ’s wife, Jeanne Krueger, who is an excellent promoter for Happy’s Pub as well as an excellent host when you arrive at the venue. She welcomes you with open arms.


Ultimately, we said what we could, but you won’t truly know the magic until you head on up and spend an evening there yourself! There are so many amazing bands that visit, so you are sure to see your favorite band on the schedule at one point or another! So, get on up to Happy’s Pub and keep an eye out for the next big metal show!!!



Never a cover, always a good time. Come in check them out and have a HAPPY time!

Connect with Happy’s in the link below:


-Emily Mae 

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/



Album Review: Brume-‘Rooster’

Hello and welcome Maehem readers to another killer album review. Recently we took a trip to Doomed and Stoned Fest down in Chicago, IL where we found a band that stood out to us: Brume. Brume rhymes with “doom,” and that’s precisely what you get!

There was a buzz going on among all the bands at Doomed and Stoned about the fantastic quality of their newest LP- Rooster. Right away I knew this band had the goods. I was able to speak with the drummer of the band, Jordan, while I was there which you can see more of in our Article On The Road//Doomed and Stoned Fest- Chicago. They also donated a copy of Rooster to us to give away in our drawing which we featured earlier in the week.

Right from the first bass drop in track one, “Grit and Pearls” you know this band means business. I have to say that the bass tone has somewhat of a Motorhead flavor to it, but the riffs are pure doom; the tone has that punch though. As I listened, I was brought to a smooth, peaceful trance with the groove of this tune. Susie, lead vocal and bass guitarist, has a uniquely haunting quality to her voice that accents the harmony of the strings and cuts cleanly through the thunderous grooves of the drums. By the end of this track, I just wanted more. The message of this tune, to me, seems that there was a time before we humans let ego overcome empathy and there was harmony. Suggesting that we need to find our way back to harmony and balance to stop participating in tyrannical behaviors. We need to unite and stop dividing humanity.


The second song is titled “Harold.” This song continues the grinding doom riffs. I am sensing a quality of the Jefferson Airplane influence to the vocals; harkening back to the psychedelic age. I’m not saying exactly, but the clear cutting vocal quality through the riffs seems to bring this thought into the light. With a short pause and a clean strum of the guitar, we are brought to our next track “Reckon” I enjoy the journey this track takes you on. It describes the ominous character of reckon. It starts with a western style riff which leads to the dark tones of the “meat” of this one. Definitely, more of the Jefferson Airplane influence in the vocals here as well while a spiritual ritual is taking place.

The more we progress through the album, you will start to notice a Keith Moon influence in the drumming style as well. The guitar tones have a Black Sabbath feel and marry well to the bass tone I was speaking about earlier. I can say that it was already at this point in the album that I started falling in love with Brume. “Reckon” was honestly one of my favorite tracks on the album as well. Track four is “Call The Serpent’s Bluff” which comes at you heavy with a slow drum roll. The track is a tune about what seems like the haunting of an evil entity waiting to prey on your soul.

Track five is “Welter,” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about the irony of the fact that in the following lyrics:

Oh welter, Meet the clouds halfway, oh welter, Summon another raining day

At this point, while I was listening to the album for review, the rain was coming down hard. The thunder and lightning dancing outside my window were bringing this track to life. I was getting the true psychedelic experience as my imagination ran wild with the story I was being told.

The final song on the album is “Trade Wind.” We included a video link to the live performance below!

This tune was the perfect strong finishing hat to the album’s vibe overall. The poetic meter of the lyrics lends themselves naturally to the rhythm of this tune. This is a quatrain style poem, which adds a unique structure to the whole song overall.

Rooster was a very impressive LP.  When I listened to the LP and then reflected on my experience of seeing them perform live, the quality was just as amazing as it was in person.  In fact, I was so impressed with the album overall that I was sure to head over to their online shop and get myself a tee!! You can get one in the link below!


To experience Rooster for yourself check out the link below! Also follow them on Facebook as well!

Bandcamp: https://brumesf.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brumeband

You can catch them at their next show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA July 12th!


-Don Niesen

Edited by Samantha Crocker