Maehem News: MOLLY HATCHET to Release New Live Album ‘Battleground’

It’s no secret that a lot of fans measure the artistic value of a rock band mainly by the quality of a group’s live performance. The Allman Brothers without their legendary concerts? Unthinkable! Lynyrd Skynyrd as just another anemic studio project? Impossible to imagine! The same goes for Molly Hatchet as another legendary force among these protagonists of the longstanding history of Southern rock that, alongside lots of outstanding studio recordings, the band’s full potential comes into effect live on stage. Again and again, the musicians surrounding guitarist Bobby Ingram have reinforced their reputation as an awesome live act in brilliant live “battles”, so it comes as no surprise that requests by their international fan base for a new live recording have been growing increasingly insistent for a number of years. 

Battleground was recorded in Pratteln, Switzerland, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and during Molly Hatchet’s 40th anniversary tour of the United States and features amazing cover artwork created by Paul Raymond Gregory (Saxon, Blind Guardian, Uriah Heep, among others). Ingram looks back with legitimate pride and unmistakable modesty not only at the new live album but also at the band’s career to date: “Molly Hatchet has now been in the mainstream of Southern rock for over forty years and still counting. That in and of itself is an honour for every band member who experienced the journey along the way.” It’s this honour that listeners sense in every note on Battleground.

The upcoming shows will see Ingram & Co. not only present their greatest hits, they will also introduce their new vocalist Jimmy Elkins, who has joined the fold to replace the late Phil McCormack, who sadly passed away in April 2019. Elkins was the frontman of Florida band Bounty Hunter for a number of years, an act who has shared a stage with Molly Hatchet on various occasions over the past two decades. “To us it was the logical next step to ask Jimmy to become our new vocalist,” Ingram explains. “You can tell that he has the Southern rock gene and is a perfect match for Molly Hatchet, not only on a musical but also on a personal level.”

Battleground” will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on November 29th, 2019 as 2CD DigiPak, 3LP gatefold version, download and stream: 

1. Bounty Hunter 3:10
2. Whiskey Man 3:46
3. Why Won’t You Take Me Home 3:19
4. Son Of The South 5:03
5. American Pride 4:18
6. Edge Of Sundown 3:56
7. Fall Of The Peacemakers 5:30
8. Devil’s Canyon 5:45
9. One Man’s Pleasure 3:52
10. The Creeper 5:09
11. In The Darkness Of The Night 4:45

1. Justice 8:09
2. As Heaven Is Forever 5:00
3. I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die 7:52
4. Beatin’ The Odds 3:28
5. Jukin’ City 2:08
6. Dreams I’ll Never See 7:34
7. The Journey 7:34
8. Flirtin’ With Disaster 5:42

Current Line-Up:
Jimmy Elkins – vocals
Bobby Ingram – guitars
Tim Lindsey – bass
John Galvin – keyboards
Shawn Beamer – drums


  • 17.10. Daytona Beach,FL – The Doghouse
  • 19.10. Palm Bay,FL – Palm Bay Harley Davidson
  • 31.10. Des Moines,IA – Val Air Ballroom
  • 02.11. Dubuque,IA – Diamond Jo Casino and Resort
  • 07.11. San Juan Capistrano,CA – The Coach House
  • 08.11. Montclair,CA – The Canyon
  • 09.11. Agoura Hills,CA – The Canyon
  • 10.11. Santa Clarita,CA – The Canyon
  • 15.11. Viera,FL – Space Coast Daily Park
  • 16.11. Winter Haven,FL – Jessie’s Concert Venue
  • 17.11. Venice,FL – Performing Arts Center
  • 20.11. Warrendale,PA – Jergels Rhythm Room
  • 21.11. Harrisburg,PA – XL Live
  • 22.11. Woodstock,GA – Madlife Stage & Studios

MOLLY HATCHET Live 2019 – Europe:

  • 06.12. DE-Flensburg – Roxy
  • 07.12. DE-Lübeck – Werkhof
  • 08.12. DE-Hamburg – Downtown Blues Club
  • 10.12. DE-Bremen – Meisenfrei
  • 11.12. DE-Essen Turock
  • 12.12. DE-Siegburg – Kubana
  • 13.12. NL-Drachten – Iduna
  • 14.12. DE-Bensheim – Rex
  • 15.12. DE-Obermarchtal – Kreuz
  • 17.12. CH-Pratteln – Z7
  • 18.12. DE-Nürnberg – Hirsch
  • 19.12. DE-Munich – Backstage
  • 20.12. DE-Torgau – Kulturbastion
  • 22.12. DE-Augsburg – Spectrum

More from Molly Hatchet:

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Maehem News: TERMINUS Unleash New Song ‘Harvest’

Northern Ireland’s Epic Metallers Terminus have released a new song from forthcoming sophomore album A Single Point of Light.

A Single Point of Light is the second full-length album from Terminus, one that continues their exploration into science fiction realms. The album will be released November 9 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Stream album track “To Ash, To Dust” at this location.

Pre-order A Single Point of Light:

It took three years for Terminus multi-instrumentalist and songwriter David Gillespie to compile the tracks for the band’s sophomore A Single Point of Light studio album. During that time, Gillespie was willingly subjected, in his own words, to “endless navel-gazing and hand-wringing” over the album’s particulars. Since he was responsible for every note and arrangement, not to mention handling the recording process at his home studio, the album became all-encompassing, a quest to improve upon the band’s well-received 2015 The Reaper’s Spiral debut. Based on the strength and depth of A Single Point of Light’s seven tracks, Gillespie and vocalist James Beattie succeeded in every respect.

Mixed and mastered by Richard Whittaker (Solstice) and with artwork created by Anaïs Mulgrew, A Single Point of Light represents the logical next step in the music development of the Northern Ireland epic metallers. Their brand of twisting, sometimes complex, but always effective metal does not lend itself to one particular era or sonic reference point. Instead, Terminus songs are often mini-journeys onto themselves, a regular confluence of spiraling riff changes, guitar harmony duels and Beattie’s emotive vocals.

The A Single Point of Light album title stems from the song “Mhira, Tell Me the Nature of Your Existence,” where the main character had her consciousness digitally preserved upon death. Gillespie compares it to how a blind person who was once sighted still sees in their dreams; the mind will process stimuli and thoughts as images to represent them. The “Single Point of Light” in the title and the song itself is the outside world communicating with her which she perceives as a singularity amongst darkness.

A Single Point of Light is split between the album’s first three standalone tracks, and the concept that ties together the final four songs and relates to the album title. The album’s lyrics and concept benefit from the longstanding partnership between Gillespie and Beattie — the two men have known each other for 20 years and have spent the last eight in Terminus, using each other as a sounding board for the science fiction themes that are so critical to the band’s overall vision. Their work ethic and commitment to the final product is unquestioned: “We’ve spent many, many hours with him standing in front of a microphone and me in front of a computer screen,” says Gillespie.

Now strictly a studio act, Terminus has continued to carve their own indelible path on A Single Point of Light, an album of infinite possibilities and conceptual intrigue.

“The sheer quality of Terminus’ songwriting makes them stand out as one of the genre’s finest newcomers.”– Ride Into Glory

Track Listing
1 To Ash, To Dust
2 Harvest
3 As Through A Child’s Eyes
4 Flesh Falls From Steel
5 Mhira, Tell Me The Nature Of Your Existence
6 Cry Havoc
7 Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams

David Gillespie – All Instruments
James Beattie – Vocals

More from Terminus:
Band camp

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JINJER Release New Single & Official Music Video, ‘On The Top’ New Album, Macro, out October 25

Pre Order Macro HERE

“A cocktail of modern prog metal, ‘Macro’ is the album where Jinjer show us what the future of heaviness sounds like.” Loudwire

Ukrainian modern metal frontrunners JINJER have returned with a vengeance! Today, JINJER turns heads with a new music video for the gut-punching anthem “On The Top”. Never failing to deliver an unforgettable hook, “On The Top” slinks along a punishing groove before soaring into melodic passages – just another example of what listeners can expect to be met with on the band’s upcoming full-length album, Macro, out October 25, 2019 via Napalm Records.

“While one is climbing, the rest is falling down in the name of profit – Is it lonely on the top?”

JINJER says about “On The Top”:

“Have you ever felt like a rat in a rat race? It seems like the world is spinning faster and faster every single day and everyone is going crazy searching for this thing called success. However, we tend to forget that real happiness has nothing to do with it- not a career, achievements, money etc. Is it really worth climbing up the ladder just to be ON to the TOP if there is nothing or no one there for you in the end? It’s OK to want to be the best you can possibly be but just remember that success has its price but it’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for it. It’s your choice to make but your burden to bare …”

Devastating riffs, aggressive vocals, powerful melodies and astonishingly deep lyrics make Macro JINJER’s most advanced and undeniable album yet – taking the listener on a journey of trauma, power struggle and greed with a progressive groove metal backdrop. 

While January 2019’s Micro EP proved to be a short exercise in madness and technical brilliance, fans still aren’t prepared for what JINJER has in store with the absolutely unbridled Macro. Defying all boundaries, the aptly titled opening track, “On The Top”, features the band`s eclectic trademarks and obeys one law only – their own. Frontwoman Tatiana Shmaylyuk defines the unique character of the Ukrainian act with menacing whispers, enthralling clean vocals and brutal growls whilst lethally groovy riff cascades melt into twisted songwriting. There is space for a microscopic bit of reggae “Judgement (& Punishment)” in all the heaviness, the double bass is beautifully out of control on “Pausing Death”, and technically superior tracks like “Home Back” defy gravity. 

JINJER says about Macro:

“Going from small things to bigger ones is the natural order of things, and we’ve paved a path from Micro to Macro, carrying the weight of feelings, emotions and experience. This is a monumental point in the story of JINJER, the quintessence of what makes us what we are now as the people and as a band. We are proud of every single note sung and played on Macro and can’t wait for you to give it a listen!”

1.On the Top
2.Pit of Consciousness
3 Judgement (& Punishment)
4. Retrospection
5. Pausing Death
6. Noah
7. Home Back
8. The Prophecy
9. lainnereP

Macro is available in the following formats:
·1 CD Jewel Case (20 Page Booklet)
· LP Gatefold BLACK
·LP Gatefold SPLATTER (strictly limited to 500)
·LP Gatefold GREEN TRANSPARENT (strictly limited to 500)
·Deluxe Box – including Music Cassette, lyric book, tote bag, signed autograph cards (strictly limited)
· Digital Album
Order Macro HERE

[Artwork by Reuben Bhattacharya | Visual Amnesia]

Catch JINJER on tour in the following cities:  

  • 11.10.19 US – Cleveland, OH / The Winchester *SOLD OUT*
  • 12.10.19 US – Cincinnati, OH / Riverfront Theater
  • 13.10.19 US – Pittsburgh, PA / Crafthouse *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.10.19 US – Indianapolis, IN / The Vogue
  • 16.10.19 US – Angola, IN / The Eclectic Room
  • 18.10.19 US – Columbus, OH / Al Rosa Villa *SOLD OUT*
  • 19.10.19 US – Flint, MI / Machine Shop *SOLD OUT*
  • 20.10.19 US – Grand Rapids, MI / Elevation @ Intersection
  • 22.10.19 US – Chicago, IL / Bottom Lounge 
  • 23.10.19 US – Belvidere, IL / Apollo Theater
  • 24.10.19 US – Waterloo, IA / Spicoli´s Reverb – Live Music and Bar Arcade
  • 25.10.19 US – Iowa City, IA / Wildwood Smokehouse
  • 26.10.19 US – Racine, WI / Route 20
  • 27.10.19 US – Minneapolis, MN / Turf Club *SOLD OUT*
  • 29.10.19 US – Calgary, AB / Dickens *SOLD OUT*
  • 30.10.19 CA – Edmonton, AB / Starlite
  • 31.10.19 CA – Vancouver, BC / The Rickshaw Theater
  • 01.11.19 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon *SOLD OUT*
  • 02.11.19 US – Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre *SOLD OUT*

special guest: THE AGONIST

  • 08.11.19 UA – Kiev / Bingo #
  • 09.11.19 PL – Warsaw / Hybrydy *SOLD OUT*
  • 10.11.19 PL – Wroclaw / Zaklete Rewiry *UPGRADE*
  • 12.11.19 DE – Dresden / Beatpol
  • 13.11.19 CZ – Prague / MeetFactory *UPGRADE*
  • 14.11.19 DE – Berlin / Lido *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.11.19 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset *SOLD OUT*
  • 16.11.19 DE – Hanover / Musikzentrum *SOLD OUT*
  • 17.11.19 DE – Hamburg / Knust *SOLD OUT*
  • 19.11.19 LU – Esch-Alzette/ Kulturfabrik
  • 20.11.19 DE – Frankfurt / Das Bett *SOLD OUT*
  • 21.11.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
  • 22.11.19 DE – Annaberg-Buchholz / Alte Brauerei
  • 23.11.19 DE – Cologne / Gebäude 9 *SOLD OUT*
  • 24.11.19 DE – Bochum / Zeche *SOLD OUT*
  • 26.11.19 NL – Amsterdam / Q-Factory *SOLD OUT*
  • 27.11.19 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo *SOLD OUT*
  • 28.11.19 NL – Antwerp / Zappa *SOLD OUT*
  • 29.11.19 UK – London / Heaven *SOLD OUT*
  • 30.11.19 UK – Birmingham / Asylum *SOLD OUT*
  • 01.12.19 UK – Newcastle / University *UPGRADE* 
  • 03.12.19 UK – Manchester / Academy 2 *SOLD OUT*
  • 04.12.19 UK – Bristol / Thekla *SOLD OUT*
  • 06.12.19 FR – Paris / La Machine *SOLD OUT*
  • 07.12.19 FR – Annemasse / Chateau Rouge
  • 08.12.19 FR – Toulouse / Le Rex *SOLD OUT*
  • 10.12.19 ES – Murcia / Garaje 
  • 11.12.19 ES – Madrid / Mon
  • 12.12.19 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra *UPGRADE*
  • 13.12.19 FR – Toulon / Omega Live
  • 14.12.19 IT – Milan / Legend Club *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.12.19 CH – Zürich / Dynamo
  • 16.12.19 DE – Munich / Backstage Werk
  • 16.12.19 AT – Graz / Dom Im Berg
  • 18.12.19 AT – Vienna / Simm City *UPGRADE*
  • 19.12.19 HR – Zagreb / Tvornica Kulture *UPGRADE*
  • 21.12.19 SK – Bratislava / Majestic
  • 22.12.19 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra

# w/ The Agonist only

In less than 10 years, the four-piece progressive groove metal wrecking machine known as JINJER have carved their very own place in the heavy metal landscape and are poised to go even further in 2019 and beyond. Hailing from Donetsk, this Ukrainian musical oddity formed in 2009 but consider the official start of the band with the addition of the incredible vocalist and femme fatale, Tatiana Shmailyuk, in 2010. Since then, JINJER have been nominated and won the Best Ukranian Metal Act award for Best Ukrainian Metal Band multiple times. 

This year’s Micro EP was received with open arms by fans and critics alike, climbed to the top of many industry charts and radio station lists worldwide and once again showcased the musical depth and songwriting talent of the band, as well as Tatiana’s amazing vocal range. The band will build upon these successes with Macro.

Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov – bass
Vladislav Ulasevish – drums

JINJER online: 

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The Stage: The Rave GWAR + Supports

Usually, going to any concert on a Tuesday night is cause for concern. “Normal” people have far too many responsibilities these days. Going to see a great concert in these busy times is rare. Going to a GWAR concert, however, is well worth your time. The show began like a great concert should, the sounds and styles of hundreds of fellow metalheads jamming and clawing their way into The Rave’s Eagles Club. The show was about to begin.

The first thing you see when turning the corner into the hall was the merch booth of opening act, AGAINST THE GRAIN. Quite the selection of good merch to be had. Their set was a mixture of some long-forgotten dirty blues roots with just a smattering of some classic old-school metal. Indeed, the perfect setup to the events that would unfold. Next up was Seattle’s own Toxic thrashers of other masters TOXIC HOLOCAUST; they were brutal! I fondly remember memories of them playing for GWAR on, or around, Halloween 2002! They were great then, and they continue to be the down to Earth, thrash-slinging and heart pounding heavy metal we love. 

Batting third this glorious night of music were long-time heavy hitters SACRED REICH. They were in top form. The sometimes scary, yet melodic, haunting howl of singer/bassist Phil Rind, can be heard from the parking lot. In this band, age is but a number. 23 years after their last album, they have come out with a new bone crushing record, Awakening, available on Metal Blade Records HERE.

Finally, it came time to see GWAR. Starting the set off with an usual twist, Sick of You was blaring in the speakers from the phrase: “Chop that guy’s head off!” The rest of the set left no disappointments as they massacred their way through Bring Back The Bomb and classic thrash sounds from Bonesnapper. The blood was in full flow as beefcake laid it down with Beat You To Death. The biledriver was on everyone’s mind, and bodies, with that intro bass line leading the charge, spraying any poor bastard within a foot of this awesome song! When hundreds of people are sweating and stinking on top of each other covered in blood listening to their favorite band, it truly is a sight to behold (and smell)!

Another fantastic evening of metal to be had here in Wisconsin! For those of you who don’t live around here, GWAR and these other killer bands are still on tour! Click HERE to find a date near you!

Ian Gray
Photos by Ian Gray; Edited by Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: GWAR Announces ‘Use Your Collusion’ Holiday Tour Dates

Merry Xmas Human Scum!  So you’ve finally wiped your chin clean of Santa’s jolly old “elf gravy” and finished shovelling your faces full of baked goods. Well, your Lords and Masters GWAR are set to bring their very special brand of holiday cheer, to your shit hole town!  Starting December 27th in Washington DC and running through New Years Eve in Cincinnati, OH, GWAR will return to the road on the “Use Your Collusion” holiday tour.  Support on these dates will come from Unearth and Savage Master.

Lead singer of GWAR, the Berserker Blothar had this to say: 

“Suck my candy cane and swallow my nog! GWAR are ready to cook your Christmas goose! So, pull up your chair at our dysfunctional family table and get ready to go deaf and blind from the loudest, hardest rockin’, heavy metal horror show in history. HO HO HO!” 

Don’t forget, you can assure your corpse will have a spot on top of the pile by purchasing the “Lords and Masters” VIP experience. That’s right, you too can meat and greet GWAR and worship at their feet…for a price.  All tickets and VIP packages are on sale HERE.

Each Lords & Masters VIP Experience Includes:
•One (1) General Admission Ticket with Venue Early Entry (potentially guest list)
•Exclusive access to GWAR soundcheck where you will pledge allegiance to your Lords & Masters!
•Tour of the weapons of your Lords & Masters
•Crowd Free Merch Access
•One (1) Souvenir item signed by members of GWAR
•One (1) Souvenir GWAR laminate
•Photo opportunity with GWAR in costume before they take the stage
•You will be killed by GWAR on stage during the show.
•Designated Slave Pit Area to pledge your allegiance before you are killed on stage by GWAR

GWAR “Use Your Collusion” Holiday Tour Dates:

  • 12/27: Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
  • 12/28: Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
  • 12/29: Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues
  • 12/30: Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall
  • 12/31: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts

GWAR “Use Your Collusion” Tour W/ Sacred Reich, Toxic Holocaust and Against the Grain:

  • 10/1: Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
  • 10/2: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
  • 10/4: Philadelphia, PA @ Franklin Music Hall
  • 10/5: Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
  • 10/6: Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
  • 10/8: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
  • 10/9: Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s
  • 10/10: Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
  • 10/11: Minneapolis. MN @ Skyway Theatre
  • 10/12: Kansas City, MO @ CrossroadsKC
  • 10/13: Denver, CO @ Summit
  • 10/15: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
  • 10/16: Reno, NV @ Virginia Street Brewhouse
  • 10/17: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
  • 10/18: Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
  • 10/19: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
  • 10/20: Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory
  • 10/21: Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
  • 10/23: Fresno, CA @ Tioga-Sequoia Brewery
  • 10/24: Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco Theater
  • 10/25: Garden Grove, CA @ Garden Amp
  • 10/26: Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont Country Club
  • 10/27: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
  • 10/28: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
  • 10/30: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
  • 10/31: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live
  • 11/1: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage
  • 11/2: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
  • 11/3: New Orleans, LA @ Joy Theater 
  • 11/4: Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
  • 11/5: Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue

More GWAR here!
Official site
Gwar tv

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Mahem News: DRAGONFORCE Kick Off North American Headlining Tour

International extreme power metal unit DRAGONFORCE will kick off their anticipated North American headlining tour this week. The trek will commence on October 1st in Tucson, Arizona and conclude October 12th in Ventura, California. Support will be provided by Dance With The Dead and Starkill. The following day, the band will set sail as part of the first annual Megacruise. See all confirmed dates below.

DRAGONFORCE w/ Dance With The Dead, Starkill:

  • 10/01/2019 Encore – Tucson, AZ
  • 10/02/2019 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
  • 10/03/2019 Vinyl @ Hard Rock – Las Vegas, NV
  • 10/04/2019 Strummers – Fresno, CA
  • 10/05/2019 Cargo – Reno, NV
  • 10/06/2019 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
  • 10/07/2019 The Red Room – Vancouver, BC
  • 10/08/2019 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
  • 10/11/2019 August Hall – San Francisco, CA
  • 10/12/2019 Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA
  • 10/13/2019 Megacruise – Los Angeles, CA* DRAGONFORCE only 

DRAGONFORCE is touring in support of their eighth full-length, Extreme Power Metal, released worldwide on September 27th via Metal Blade Records. Produced in Los Angeles, California by Damien Rainaud at Mix Unlimited, Extreme Power Metal was also recorded, in part, on guitarist Herman Li’s livestream channel on Twitch ( with participation from fans. To preview the record, and to view the band’s recently-released video for “Razorblade Meltdown” visit

The Grammy-nominated extreme power metal group is based in London, England. Their platinum-selling record, Through The Fire And Flames, brought them international acclaim and was featured as the most-challenging song on Guitar Hero III. Their energetic and humorous live performances have won them fans on every continent.

The group is known for their long, complex, and fast guitar solos performed by Herman Li and Sam Totman, who founded the band after meeting through a classified ad in 1999. Since then, the band has released seven studio albums, including Valley Of The Damned (2003), Sonic Firestorm (2004), Inhuman Rampage (2006), Ultra Beatdown (2008), The Power Within (2012), Maximum Overload (2014), and Reaching Into Infinity (2017). 2019 brings the next chapter in DRAGONFORCE history: Extreme Power Metal!

Regarding Extreme Power Metal, Li says, “This album again combines the best of DRAGONFORCE in an even bigger, more epic way than we have ever done before. We are so excited for fans to hear it!” The keyboards of the new album were performed by Coen Janssen of symphonic metal titan Epica, adding a new dimension to the album. Notes Totman, “We worked really closely with Coen on this new album. We are so happy with what he has brought into this new album. Every fan will be so happy to hear his majestic playing!”

Drawing from a wide range of influences, the band’s sound combines the sing-a-long choruses of classic ’80s rock with triumphant, uplifting melodies and fantasy-themed power-metal-inspired lyrics. As a nod to their passion for all things video-game related, the band frequently incorporates retro game sounds and melodies into their recordings and live shows.Following the release of Extreme Power Metal, DRAGONFORCE will begin their world tour in support of it. Li promises, “In this age, where our music is easily accessible, I am not going to waste time trying to describe the sound of our new album. I’ll let the music do the talking! However, what I can tell you is, our upcoming tour will be our biggest in a decade. We have a massive epic production and a really special surprise for VIPs. We can’t wait to see everyone out on the road!


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Maehem News: BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS Now On Tour; Performing Upcoming Album Live

The 7th BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS recording is immanent! We are extremely excited to be working with Willowtip Records for what will be our most extreme, unique, and controversial album.
This will be the 2nd recording with our current drummer, Jason Bauers (previously of Psyopus), who has brought his experience with 20th century classical percussion to the musical table, allowing the drums to become another melodic voice, rather than just a rhythmic skeleton.

BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS is (new album lineup):
-Colin Marston: Warr Guitar
-Mike Lerner: Guitar Guitar
-Jason Bauers: Metal, Wood, Plastic Attack

Come see us perform the entire new 9-song album on tour before it is released in early 2020!

BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS is currently on tour with Dysrhythmia, and Captured! By Robots.

Dates are as follows:

  • 10/2 – TorontoON – Garrison 
  •  10/3 – Ottawa, ON – House of TARG  
  • 10/4 – Montreal, QC – Le Ritz (early show) 
  •  10/5 – Portland, ME – Geno’s 
  •  10/6 – Northampton, MA – 13th Floor* 
  •  10/7 – Boston, MA – Middle East  
  • 10/8 – New Haven, CT – The State House* 
  •  10/9 – Brooklyn – Saint Vitus 
    (*Dys/BtA only)

Follow Behold The Arctopus in the links below!

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The Stage: The Q & Z CORROSION OF CONFORMITY + Supports

After only getting slightly lost and a little bit of a struggle at the door, I made my way once again into the Q & Z Expo Center to photograph the this killer line up during their only Wisconsin stop on this tour! Corrosion Of Conformity was on tour with some of the most amazing doom metallers and rockers to hit the stage! This included Witch Mountain, Mothership, and The Skull.

Witch Mountain was the first to hit the stage as we all eagerly gathered inside to escape the evening Autumn chill. I was captivated by the theater-like performance of the vocalist Kayla as she captured the audience with her hypnotic voice and movements about the stage. One fan was telling me how he loved the tone of Witch Mountain, “I could feel it in my blood!” he exclaimed with a smile. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Next up was a band I had been very excited to see live for a long time now- Mothership! These dudes came all the way from Texas to rock out for us in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. They were so full of energy and that old fashioned rock n’ roll soul that I couldn’t help but smile the whole time I was watching them.

Something about their psychodellic sound just took you to that far away place. Honestly, they made it to being one of my favorite bands I have seen perform this year! Check Out our live footage below!

It was time for The Skull to take the stage. I have been hearing everyone in the doom music community talk about these guys, so I was excited to see for myself what everyone was talking about.

They definitly did not diasappoint. The venue was packed with fans who were filled with energy. They were the perfect level of hype to get everyone geared up for the big finale of Corrosion Of Conformity! It was totally cool to see the vocalist Eric shaking hands and exchanging fist bumps with the people in the front row as well, they all had the starry-eye look in their eyes as he walked away and they cleared the stage for COC.

I had just enough time to take a step outside and enjoy some of the food the Q & Z had forsale before the stage director gave the signal and everyone packed upfront. The stage went dark, and then the members of COC began to arrive on the stage. In one pulse the enterire crowd moved forward securing me in my spot at the rail. The guy next to me was to jacked he was belting out lyrics and jumping up and down. It was difficult to time snaps inbetween his enthusiastic movements.The room was so packed I felt like I was swimming against an ocean current trying to get my shots in, until eventually the crowd was so alive that I had no choice but to go with the flow.

Another amazing evening of music in the books for Wisconsin! Thank you so much to everyone involved with putting together this show tand to everyone who worked hard while it was going on. The bands all put on a spectacular performance! I was truly honored to be there.

The A Quest To Believe, A Call To The Void North American Tour is still going on! Catch them at a date near you!

10/01/2019 Canton Hall – Dallas, TX
10/02/2019 House Of Rock – Corpus Christi, TX
10/04/2019 Jakes Sports Café – Lubbock, TX
10/05/2019  Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
10/07/2019 The Green Room – Flagstaff, AZ
10/09/2019 Strummers – Fresno, CA
10/10/2019 Holy Diver – Sacramento, CA10/11/2019 Glass House – Pomona, CAEnd Tour:
10/13/2019 MegaCruise 2019 – Los Angeles, CA *

Find COC online HERE

Emily Mae
Photos: Emily Maehem Photography
Article edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: LUNAR MOTH Self Titled

Lunar Moth is a three-piece doomy, garage-rock band from Madison, WI. Their latest self-titled EP release was recorded at Fuzztapes Studios and mixed and mastered to keep true to their raw but defined sound. Originally intended for cassette release only, as it’s the perfect fit for their retro sound, it was also released digitally for those of us who are missing a cassette player in our lives (which is unfortunate for those who don’t own one if we are being honest). You can purchase this release digitally HERE!

This four-track EP is packed full of sludgy riffs, spacey vocals, fuzzy bass, and hard-hitting drums. It’s been 50 years since 1969, and there seems to be a retro-revolution on the rise! Doom bands have been brining back the groove all over the globe and creating a movement far and wide! Lunar Moth is a great example of what is coming out of this movement. Combining everything we love about the 1960-1970 songs of groovy-witchcraft and bringing it to life with modern twists and turns.

Track Listing
1. Abecedarian
2. Fever Brain
3. Inner Demons
4. Red Room Mistress

I recently saw Lunar Moth perform for the first time at the Waupaca, WI. battle of the bands (held at Schueller’s Great Exspechtations, which we proudly also sponsored) competition and was captivated by the energy they brought to the stage. I knew right away that I had to include them in a line up of our own- which happened to fall perfectly in place! Be sure to catch Lunar Moth live at our upcoming Halloween show October 19th at the SV2- Moon Doom Ritual; which also includes performances by the bands Twichard, Beetlegork, and is headlined by Chicago doom band legend Black Road!

Follow Lunar Moth Online below!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: PALE GREY LORE ‘Eschatology’ Full-Length Streaming Via Small Stone

Eschatology, the latest full-length from Columbus, Ohio-based psychedelic doom conjurors PALE GREY LORE is out now and streaming via Small Stone Recordings.  

PALE GREY LORE blends elements of garage psych, space rock, post-punk, and stoner doom to create focused, hook-driven, heavy, rock ‘n’ roll. Eschatology was produced by the band’s own Xander Roseberry and Michael Miller, engineered and mixed by Andy Sartain, and mastered by Harold LaRue, with artwork and layout by Adam Eckley.

  Stream Eschatology in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

Eschatology is out now on CD, limited LP, and digital formats. For orders, visit the Small Stone Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Eschatology tells the story of a depleted planet beset by vast inequality, ravaged by climate catastrophe, and poisoned by nuclear disaster,” relays the band of the record’s themes. “The masses are left to suffer and die while the wealthy techno-industrialists responsible for the destruction flee in luxury spacecraft that will become their tombs. The sheer magnitude of this planetary devastation summons cosmic beings whose presence warps reality itself, and the world is utterly transformed as the present collides with an ancient timeline. When the survivors finally emerge from their underground shelters, they discover that half the planet remains a post-apocalyptic wasteland while the other half has become lush and verdant. One hemisphere is strewn with melted reactors, crashed spacecraft, and bombed-out ruins; the other is an untamed wilderness, teeming with strange creatures, and dotted with ominous towering edifices that pulsate with eldritch power.”  

Catch PALE GREY LORE live in the coming weeks including a performance at this year’s edition of Descendants Of Crom.

9/06/2019 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
9/21/2019 Descendants Of Crom III @ Cattivo – Pittsburgh, PA
9/24/2019 Skully’s Music-Diner – Columbus, OH
9/28/2019 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH     
10/19/2019 The Union – Athens, OH      
11/08/2019 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH  

PALE GREY LORE began as a collaboration between brothers Michael (guitar, vocals) and Adam Miller (drums), with Donovan Johnson (bass) joining up in the summer of 2014. Xander Roseberry (guitar, backing vocals) was added to the lineup in the winter of 2016, just prior to their signing with Oak Island Records, an imprint of German label Kozmik Artifactz.   The band’s eponymous debut full-length was originally self-released on limited-run CD and digitally in June of 2016 and consequently landed at the #13 spot on’s Top 20 Debut Albums of that year. Conceived as a series of surreal vignettes, it brought forth allegorical scenes from a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world in which the lines between science and the occult, technology and superstition, were hopelessly blurred. The album was released on vinyl in December 2017 via Oak Island Records.  

Building on the momentum of the vinyl release, PALE GREY LORE began playing more live shows throughout the Midwest, landing spots on heavy music festivals such as the Chicago Doomed & Stoned Fest, Descendants Of Crom, and the Maryland Doom Fest. They’ve shared the stages with the likes of Pelican, Monolord, Lo-Pan, and Le Butcherettes, and are primed to release second album Eschatology. Fans of Failure, Lo-Pan, Black Sabbath, Irata, and Sundrifter, pay heed.

  “…positively ballooning with fresh ideas, ever-weaving melodicism, and the right sort of cathartic narrative that’ll grip the listener by their chest and shake them free of the catatonia-inducing chaotic reality of today.” — Grizzly Butts

“Eschatology is a record full of purpose, and the realization of not just a plotline, but a creative vision fleshed out across the work…of multiple songwriters coming together toward a common end. It is simultaneously gorgeous and troubling, thoughtful in composition and impact-making in result.” – The Obelisk

“Eschatology draws equally on network news tickers and D&D, and also finds singer/guitarist Michael Miller and Co. blasting Elon Musk and his ilk into space to die” — Columbus Alive”

While PALE GREY LORE‘s debut album set up a solid foundation in 2016, Eschatology is where things really get interesting. A noticeable boost in heaviness gives the group some extra weight but they never lose sight of their psychedelic roots. The conceptual angle, in turn, sets a strong precedent for what will hopefully be even more trippy freak-outs to follow. If albums like this and the newest efforts by Merlin, Book of Wyrms, and Ecstatic Vision are anything to go by, the space rock scene is in good hands.” – Indy Metal

Vault”The songs are epic bites of timeless rock, with fabulous little touches to make the listener engage (including some mystical bells to the title track)… The sounds engage slowly, like friends who become stronger over time. The guitar work is bottom heavy, but melodic. The top end frequency only exists in a parallel universe.” — Metal Nexus

“These guys play a heavy-handed version of drug laced Camaro rock. The vocals offer more hopefully floating sense of melody. The tight syncopated feel of what they do has as much as in common with Helmet as they do Kyuss.” — Abysmal Hymns

“Heavy but at the same time groovy…. With this excellent debut album, PALE GREY LORE have added their own chapter to the great rock and roll story.” — More Fuzz”…a thundering good time from smoldering start to the winding end of the closing title track. Equal parts color and clout, the vibrancy of the guitar flourishes, with the vast musical textures being matched in the album’s cover (an element of artistic work I find to be often brushed over these days). A colorful but bleak snapshot of the aftermath of a civilization’s downfall, the mystery of the artwork captured my interest. The music all but held it hostage. What lies beyond the doorway of that cryptic tower?” — Everything Is Noise

Follow Pale Grey Lore online HERE

Published by Emily Mae