Album Review: GETAWAY VAN Self Titled

Getaway Van is a foot-to-the-floor rock n roll band that shakes rooms like a straight piped V8! Bringing roots of stoner rock, blues, punk, and folk in a high-octane performance! They just released their self-titled album so get ready to ROCK!

The intro track is a melodic piano piece that morphs into a full instrumental and is joined by a full choir of vocals which concludes full circle back into the piano in which it began. To follow is “Brandes.” This one is an upbeat hard rocker with an 80’s sort of keyboard thrown into the mix. “Coming Back” has a heavy blues groove to it with a bit of that good ole psychedelic flavor.

Track 4, “Follow Me” starts with a fuzzy, groovy doom riff which is complemented by the jazzy, blues style vocals. “Ugh..” is a very relatable title. This tune has a slow groove to it and holds true to the blues roots.

“Black Top Mistress” is a rock n roll story of an addiction to fast cars. Packed with distortion and attitude, this one really gets you going. “You Make Everything” has that ‘big jazz’ band sound. The Bass is hoppin’ in this one and the drumming style has that steady increase of play with the hats. All in all, giving this a kind of swing that sets it apart from that other tracks.

“Lord I’ve Been Running” has a style that hits the mark for those who are in for a real jam. It sort of reminded me of the sort of song that would be featuring in a film. Below is the link to their video in which you can take a listen for yourself.

We finish off this album with the final track “So Long.” It’s got a warm and fuzzy tone to the riffs, and they bring back that blues style vocal delivery and take us right back to where we started with that piano outro.

Getaway Van is a very talented band with a variety of musical styles that captures the attention of many musical tastes. These guys are good for any sort of party setting. Think warm summer nights, cold drinks and good company. If you want your copy of their newest release, be sure to check out the link HERE.

Track List
1. Intro
2. Brandes
3.Coming Back
4.Follow Me
5. Ugh..
6. Black Top Mistress
7. You Make Everything
8. Lord I’ve Been Running
9. So Long

Line Up

-Don Niesen
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: WORMFOOT ‘Vol 1’

Wormfoot’s debut album is so filled with anger, with resentment and darkness that it is hard to put into words. That being said, the intensity and madness in their unique blend of songwriting never seemed to halt, listen after listen. ‘Vol. 1’ is an album that is honest and unapologetic, relatable yet admirable, refreshing yet familiar. It is a completely genuine work of art.

Formed in 2011 in Lansing, Michigan, Wormfoot released ‘Vol. 1’ on December 28, 2018, through Hell-Fi Records. Spanning 48 minutes and consisting of 8 tracks, it offers a distinctive mixture of sludge, crust, doom and blues rock. Throughout those 48 minutes, the band embraces a darker side of life that most tend to shy away from. Lyrically dealing with overcoming personal demons and the threat of poverty, violence, and addiction, ‘Vol. 1’ is an album that acts as a beacon for those that feel lost, enraged, or hopeless. The emotions that were felt in the making of this album are recurrently present, sending the listener into a state of vehemence and fury.

In short, Wormfoot has created something that is completely unlike anything that has come before them. Their approach to extreme music is something that will set them apart from many as a group that isn’t afraid to take risks to break the mold that has been set on the genre of metal.

Current Lineup:
Uriah Baker – Vocals
Jay Goldsmith – Guitar
James Hunnicutt – Bass
Derek Vaive – Drums

Listen/Download at:

Connect with Wormfoot online!

Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker


Mason Berglund’s black metal solo project, Abamath, and Levi Berglund’s Ambient Dungeon Synth solo project, Subterraneum have combined their powers of metal to release this fantastically dark full album release!

The first four tracks are written and performed by Abamath (recorded at The Gork Hut 2018-19). A killer grouping of epic black/doom metal riffage with relentlessness screams; giving you the bone-chilling illusion of pain and passion.

Each tune is different from the one before it while holding an identifiable tone and personality; definitely a dynamic that I can get behind. The rock solid stability in the rhythm section and tone of the bass fill in the low end perfectly. Not too little, and not too much. There is even a taste of Opeth style and swing throughout that I can really dig. My personal favorite track of these four is the third track: “Inferno Caressed The Alar Of Menticide” I’m all about groove, and that tune’s got it!

This badass collaboration takes a fast turn for what I could never expect. Subterraneum is all instrumental with the high intensity and epic nature of scoring you’d hear in all your favorite video games from youth. The attention to climatic intensity is absolutely 100%. The addition of a multitude of tones, synthesized melody, and percussion throughout these tracks really pull your mind into some crazy directions. I would really like to hear more!

First off, let me just say that this was really cool. The two bands complement each other very well in this 9 track collab. A band like Subterranium is something unique I feel only a few other musicians have tried to do as a side project. To see other friends and band-mates making this kind of music and releasing it interdependently is nothing short of heartwarming to me.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy your journey through this insane album, I know I did. Check out the album for yourself HERE!

Keep an eye out for other upcoming shenanigans from Team Maehem and as always be safe and THRASH FAST!

Track List
1. Abamath – Humanity’s Virus in Crimson
2. Abamath – Imbibing the Mana of the Ancient Wood
3. Abamath – Inferno Caressed the Altar of Menticide
4. Abamath – Hailing the Mystic Portal Through the Path of Darkness
5.Arcane Rites
6. Aurelian
8. The Great Hall
9. Siduri

Connect with the bands online!

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: Traveler- Self Titled

Hello there local readers and music lovers! Mitchel here to give you another killer look through the power metal eye glass at the new Canadian fan favorite and Self-titled release – Traveler. Following the release of their debut 2018 demo; the 3 track compilation caused quite a buzz, landing them a record deal and soon their first full album 2019 release. In light of this 8 track self-titled gem, I’ve put together this review for you!

The opening track “Star Breaker” kicks a hole in the wall with a blast of energy! Delivering an undeniable 80’s vibe and that kick ass low-end drive we all love about power metal from the very moment it was born. The adventurous nature and impressive vocal range pull you into the great depths of imagination. The shredding guitars have every element needed, but add a warmer tone- certainly an excellent opening track.

The first two tracks (“Star Breaker” and “Street Machine”) are a nostalgic blast to the past. Painting dramatic battles and stories of deities of war and chaos- just like the bands I grew up loving, such as Iron Maiden or Iced Earth did. Their bassist has a very interesting combination of 80s power metal and dirty thrash style/tone which really works in their favor.

The composition and technicality change things up when you reach the third track- “Behind the Iron.” The drummer has an amazing sense of what to make the riffs pop out, and when to pop out and fill the foreground. It’s a very fun and powerful style. I enjoy the vocal structure and patterns in this tune. Passionate and catchy.

Right on time! “Konamized” is a two minute instrumental that brings all of the electricity back to the listener to prime them with nonstop screaming epic expression; giving you a hard push back in the right direction! Right into the face of the next track-“Up To You.” Pulsing Triplets and lyrical empowerment keep the fists pounding and the heart pumping. The intro is catchy as hell and allows the song to build and drop with a more dramatic change. Of course, their drummer understands their genre and manipulates the story as he sees fit.

The next track “Fallen Heroes” takes a bit of a more mainstream approach. Do not mistake that as an insult; as this jam grabs the passion as and integrity, the greats were so good at bringing to life. We all have unsung heroes, and we all love a great jam in their honor.

A clean Neo-classical intro leads us through our last two tracks. “Mindless Maze” begins slow and strong but quickly builds up to live to its name. I love that through this entire album I haven’t felt a loss of spark or fuel to the fire of each track. Every genre has their ‘Go To’s’ and a certain feeling they like to keep everyone attentive to. Traveler has an amazing way of doing just that. Which brings us to our last track “Speed Queen.” The classic tremolo picking and lighting fast fills from all of the instruments is nothing short of what you’d expect with a title like this. The guitarists really have an amazing style that is shifted into high gear on this last track to leave us with 5 minutes of “Oh, Hell yeah!” – With an epic finish to an epic album.

Well Damn! That was a righteous ride through another righteous album. I will be adding this to my power metal montage! Keep your eye out for my next review! Until then- THRASH FAST!

Track Listing
1. Starbreaker
2. Street Machine
3. Behind the Iron
4. Konamized
5. Up To You
6. Fallen Heroes
7. Mindless Maze
8. Speed Queen

Label- Gates Of Hell Records

Line up
Matt Ries – Guitars
Jean-Pierre Abboud – Vocals
Chad Vallier – Drums
Dave Arnold – Bass
Toryin Schadlich – Guitar

Connect with Traveler online

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: PUPPY ‘The Goat’

We kick off The Goat with their first track “Black Hole” which debuted with a view release that sort of goes through the time leading up to the actual release of their album. Honestly, after listening to the album, this very first track has a special place in my heart. It really reminded me of Green Day; something about the lyrical content and the way in which it is conveyed vocally touched my soul.

“Vengeance” is a bit heavier than “Black Hole.” You definitely feel more of the metal influence in this one. I love songs about the triumph of revenge, I just do (could it be a Libra thing? I’m not sure, most people don’t believe in astrology anyways).

“Poor Me” is a brilliant ‘hello’ to the 2000’s alternative rock genre. The groove has that tasty “optimistic melancholy” if you will. It’s angsty, passionate, and you just can’t get enough of those hooks! The chorus is just so catchy! I’ll be looping this one in my brain for sure. The way the guitar leads flow underneath adds a unique spin on this tune as well. “Just Like You” has melodic backup vocals, heart pounding beats; and a bass solo that seriously gives me life! The guitar solo is also to die for- this one is a real rocker for sure.

I can really feel that 80’s metal influence in “And So I Burn”-especially in the intro. Simply put, this track is just a jam! The track to follow is “Entombed.” This track has that nue-metal bounce with the signature chuggy riffs. However, they have really cool pinch harmonics that add a different twist to this style. If I had to compare it to something I would say something like a combination of Deftones, Tool, and maybe just a hint of Sevendust; with of course the good ole’ Puppy spin on it.

“World Stands Still” carries on a bit of that Nue-wave feel into it as well. The drum beats sort of reminded me of Godsmack, especially in the drum solo!  The guitarist continues to blow me away with these shredding solos! I have to also add how awesome I think it is that so far, every member has had a special time to shine with their own solo moments.

“Bathe In Blood” begins thrashy and then cuts into a more epic and melodic feel. I was expecting this one to be a fast thrasher but then it took a different turn, which hey, that’s not at all a complaint. Just a surprise! “Nightwalker” is another slower tune. It’s a groovy, savory jam. When the female vocals chime in, I immediately think of Avenged Sevenfold and it makes my cold heart warm. (20-nine-scene WHAT!?)

“I feel An Evil” is a perfect blend of punk and alternative rock- with a nice splash of metal! I must say I am digging the different take on the vocals in this one too. It adds a different attitude to the whole track, and I honestly loved it. “Handlebars” has more of that angsty crunch mixed in with that nue-metal rhythm and sweet guitar riffs that carry us into the final track “Demons.” I’m wondering if this track might have been the inspiration behind the cover, but that’s just my own random thought. This track is a heavy one, coming together for one last ‘hurrah!’ I’m now seeing where people get the idea of Iron Maiden in this album-The way the rhythms come together with the guitar solo definitely has me reflect on that.  As the track progresses we come to a chuggy, heavy breakdown, which is unique to this track. It makes for a very strong finish to this amazing and dynamic album!

This band is like, well it’s like a puppy, (as the band name would imply) and who hates puppies?? No one! But the album The Goat itself, for me is like goats and I LOVE GOATS!! In all seriousness, this was like if everything I loved about the 90s alt rock/punk scene married everything I loved about metal in general and then gave birth to this album! Puppy has displayed a very dynamic flow. They’re catchy, unique and stand all on their own. Honestly, I heard a lot of songs that could easily be hits on charts all over the world! If I turned on my radio and heard them on it, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised. I think Puppy has a very bright future ahead of them, and The Goat is simply just the beginning.

Track List The Goat
1. Black Hole
2. Vengeance
3. Poor Me
4. Just Like You
5. And So I Burn
6. Entombed
7. World Stands Still
8. Bathe In Bloood
9. Nightwalker
10. Handlebars
11. Demons

Label- Spinefarm Records

Billy Howard
Jock Norton
Will Michael

Connect with Puppy Online
Official Site

Album Review: SIMPLY MEGGO ‘Behind Green Eyes’

Simply Meggo is, quite simply, a three-piece punk band from Waupaca, Wisconsin. Describing themselves as passionate, edgy and thrashy, I can definitely get behind this band. They are reminiscent of Bikini Kill, Distillers, and Slant 6–the raw, simple, to the point, get-you-dancing kind of boppy punk. Personally, it’s giving me life.

And I’m here to review their newest album, “Behind Green Eyes”, which debuted the first of this year.

Track 1: All About Me

I knew I was going to dig this band as soon as this song started playing. It’s a very “Let’s head down to the pier and kick rocks and wonder what we’re gonna do with the rest of our lives and drink beer” kind of song. Preferably good ol’ PBR if you have the choice.

Track 2: Red

Aside from the production quality being different from a technical standpoint, I would have likened this to being a song by Blondie before they got too poppy. This song isn’t even two minutes long, but a song doesn’t have to surpass three minutes to get stuck in your head and make you feel like dancing.

Track 3: Attachment

This song brings up feelings similar to those that Fugazi gives me; it’s funky and you can tell that the heart is open for the world to see, whether that’s a good or bad thing. Does it matter? No it doesn’t. This song is like that Facebook post you spend 20 minutes typing and deleting, and typing and deleting, and finally share. Maybe you get three pity likes from your best friend, your mom and that one dude you never talk to but exchange likes back and forth. Nobody cares, but you feel better for getting it off your chest anyway. Maybe you’ll delete it later, but you put it out in the ether for the time being and that’s all you wanted.

Track 4: Sharp Shooter

Another song that reminds me of Fugazi. Do these guys even listen to Fugazi? I bet they listen to Fugazi. If not, they should so they know what I’m trying to get at here. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing…if you like Fugazi. Which, you should.

Track 5: Better Than You

“I don’t have the time to sit and think about what makes me sad/ And if you don’t wanna be in my life, I’ll leave you back” 

This track is the epitome of the mentality that more and more people nowadays are adopting, which is making the conscious decision to cut out toxic people like you never knew them. Act like you don’t care, because you mostly don’t and you know you made the right decision to chuck this shitty person to the curb and sooner or later your life is gonna be better without them there. You’re better off without them, you’re better than them. You got better things to do, and better friends. Fuck em.

And you can also dance as you pick up your scissors with which you cut that douchebag out.

Track 6: Discovery

Halfway through this album and they have yet to disappoint me with that fat, warm tube amp sound in the guitar and vocals. So new-wave, so hypnotizing. As I’m listening to this song for the first time, I imagine Megan (lead vocalist) as a snake playing guitar and winding around the mic, charming the audience into a trance, pumping everyone up to get ready to go, go, go!

(How does a snake play guitar you ask? Don’t worry about it. It’s imagination and this is my article.)

Track 7: Pile

“Here I am a pile on the floor/ Only if I could be a little more”

Another great “Fuck you, you’re not worth my time” track. I gave you my time, which nobody has much of in the grand scheme of things, and you. Fucking. Wasted it.

And now I’m gonna kick your ass…metaphorically…with this tasty guitar lick. Don’t ever talk to me again kthxbyeeeeee.

Track 8: F00l

Man, what a FAT sound! The kind that wraps you up like a warm hug from your best friend with whom you just spent the last hour and a half drinking coffee and bitching about all the shitty people that seem to find their way into your life. Whatever, doesn’t matter. You’re just a dick and I’m no f00l.

Track 9: Frienemy

This track is very White Stripes: driving riff, simple chant-worthy chorus, a loogie in the face of that friend who’s really bad at being a friend. Simply Meggo wants you to sympathize and realize what they have: if you’re sick of wasting your time, know that you don’t deserve that and deserve better, and shut the door in their face.

Track 10: Untitled

Ah, I love untitled tracks; leaves a lot of room for interpretation into what the song is about. Sounds like someone desperately wants another someone that understands the person that they are. They don’t need flowers and grand romantic gestures, but they don’t need piles of lame-sauce either. Why is that so hard to find? All they want, all anyone wants, is someone to hold them tight and make it feel like everything is alright. Is that so much to ask for? Sometimes, it seems like it is. Don’t worry, you’ll find it one day, just like the person in the song does.

Track 11: You Deserve Better

There’s a person in this relationship that is way better at being in relationships than the other. One person is holding back, the other is being considerate. One is cold, one is warm and welcoming. This other person is so great, it’s unbelievable that they are with the other. It almost seems wrong…is this the way it should be? Maybe they deserve better. No, you know they deserve better. Well, that sucks. On to the next, I suppose.

Track 12: Going Gone

To wrap up this album, there is one message that is to be taken away from this collection of songs: “Bye. Take care. Write or call when you get there, but if you don’t, I’m not gonna let anyone know I’m sad about it. I don’t care. You suck. Please don’t go. God, you suck so much. Get out of my face. I hope you’re happy. Fuck you. Loser.”

All in all, if you’re a punk like me who just can’t get enough of those early 80’s basement bands, Simply Meggo is worth a shot. To be honest, I can’t believe a punk band this cool came out of Waupaca county of all places. If I could throw this band on a set for an ideal raw night of punk, they would be gracing the stage with Bikini Kill, Bruise Violet, and (you guessed it) Fugazi. They can take all my money for the cover charge, I don’t care. I want to hug each of them for bringing this nostalgic, honest sound back into the local scene. I know I’ll be picking up a CD when I go out to see them next time…maybe they’ll swing by Madison soon. *hint hint*

Connect with Simply Meggo online

Cat Sullivan
Edited by: Emily Mae

Album Review: BOOZE CONTROL-‘Forgotten Lands’

Oh Yeah– Mitchel here with another album review! This time around Booze Control is the name and rockin’ is the game! This German “old school” metal band really captures the attitude and vibe of what we really loved about the greats like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Let’s break this down and see what makes these dudes groove through their new full length album Forgotten Lands!

We begin with the title track of the album-“Forgotten Lands” A great tune choice for the first track! It kicks with an attitude and style that really brings me back. The vocals were a breath of fresh air as well; very consistent and effortlessly so. The sound as a whole feels warm and electrifying making this a rock solid and catchy jam. The second tune “Attack of the Axemen” starts out a bit slow, but it hooks you hard with the riffs and a Nicko Mcbrain-style groove (drums) and driving fills underneath the intro of the lead section and bringing the entire tune together with a smooth outro.

In the next track “The Nameless” we catch a bit of a punk vibe at first. As it develops, it flows into more epic licks creating diversity throughout without going too far out of reach. Of course, there is plenty of blood-curdling highs that we all crave as well! “Of the Deep” is a track as sweet as it is thrashing! This tune brings alive the style of Metal Church within the vocal patterns. Booze Control pulls you into their world with this one- something I am definitely loving as a fan of the heavy metal world. With a sprinkle of blues at the end, this track is catchy and relentless.

“Spellbound” is thick with rhythms that really keep my head banging- I love me a classy drum intro! The tempo cut was perfectly timed throughout, giving me even more curiosity to the band’s influences. “Slaying Mantis” is adventurous and straight up rock n’ roll! This groovy jam takes you to the wild jungles, tasty riffs, and beyond- to playing with fire with extra spicy bass fills! Unique metaphors and killer breaks that send you in a march to war! “Thanatos” is a classic thematic jam that comes alive with thunderous drum patterns and duel solos that never get old; Booze Control represents its place well!

“Doom of Sargoth” gives you a groove to love right out of the gate. I enjoyed the ancient Egypt-esque feel of this tune. The scattered and full bass chords give it a great kick in the lower end! This brings us to the finishing track of the album-”Cydonian Sands.” It has a full intro to pull you in for one last adventure. I dig the progression of this song. The rise and the fall of it creates a powerful ending to a powerful story.

As a whole, I really enjoyed Forgotten Lands! The thrash meet-up with power-metal is really something I have only heard from the “greats” if you will, but these dudes really get metal! You can get your copy of Booze Control’s Forgotten Lands February 22nd! Keep your eye out for these guys-you don’t want to miss out! 

 As always- THRASH FAST!
-Mitchel Fulcer

Forgotten Lands Track Listing
1. Forgotten Lands
2. Attack of the Axemen
3. The Nameless
4. Of the Deep
5. Spellbound
6. Slaying Mantis
7. Playing With Fire
8. Thanatos
9. Doom of Sargoth
10. Cydonian Sands

Label- Gates Of Hell Records

Booze Control is:
David Kuri- Guitar / Vocals
Steffen Kurth – Bass
Jendrik Seiler – Guitar
Lauritz Jikge – Drums

Check out Booze Control online!

Edited by Samatha Crocker 

Album Review: Serpents Of Dawn ‘Into The Garden’

SERPENTS OF DAWN delivers a sound that is equal parts doom and traditional heavy metal riding together atop a pulverizing 70s groove. Serpents’ memorable riffs and compelling leads are provided by guitarist and founding member Kyle House. House has demonstrated a colossal aptitude for riff writing in his other band – crusty death metal destruction unit, ACEPHALIX – and his “knack for catchiness,” as recognized by Pitchfork’s Andy O’Connor, is on full display in SERPENTS.

House’s righteous axe work is supported by the locked-in rhythm section of Patrick Crawford and Michael Scanland and is rounded out by the cavernous death-doom delivery of vocalist Stephen Wallace. The sum of these collective parts is the aural equivalent of a lumbering, denim, and leather-clad, chopper riding beast. Think “Onward to Golgotha” era INCANTATION doing vintage LEAF HOUND covers, or CORRUPTED if they were obsessed with MOUNTAIN’S “Climbing!”

‘Into The Garden’ begins with the track “Spirit.” Lyrically I can see that interpret that he knows he has a spirit inside and he has ‘seen the light.’ He proceeds to say that if you have not seen this light you will see it when you die. I like how the vocals are gritty with a low growl to them, yet I can understand what the vocalist is saying. It’s heavy without crossing the line to full death metal growling. Track 2 is the title track of the album- “Into The Garden.” This one starts with a quicker tempo, more like heavy metal but then smoothly grabs a doom groove as it progresses through to the chorus. The lyrics seem to talk of a garden similar to the Garden of Eden and the next song “Into the Garden Part II” is the continuing chapter of this track.

Lyrically and musically things begin to pick up the pace in this chapter of “Into the Garden”. This track is twice as long, but it has a way about it where it progresses nicely without losing you or losing sight of the story. It continues to hold your attention. The bass does have a thunderous tone that keeps an upbeat tone to this track. This one takes you on a journey through classic hard rock styles. Serpents Of Dawn does a great job of transiting through these styles in a way that makes you want to hear where they go next.

Track 4 is “Bloodstained.” This song taps into the veins of stoner metal and brings the style to life within the guitar riffs as well as the guitar solo. Serpents Of Dawn has a signature sound to them where if you heard their songs within others in this genre, they would definitely stand out. They have a lot of variety within them. “Wheel Of Suffering” has a slow and low groove to it as well. The guitar riffs in this track stand out with a unique grind to them that grabs your attention. Check out this track in the link below!

We conclude this album with “Communion.” This track picks up the momentum one last time to bring to life the ending of this album. The vocals are heavy, sort of sludgy and at times branch into death metal. They seem to be filled with anger and frustration but give a sort of calm to these emotions. I enjoy the blues undertones with the crunchy guitar riffs as well. As far as doom goes, Serpents Of Dawn certainly has a unique voice of its own. Pick up a copy of ‘Into The Garden’ TODAY HERE!

SERPENTS OF DAWN “Into The Garden” Track List
1. Spirit
2. Into the Garden
3. Into the Garden Part II
4. Bloodstained
5. Wheel of Suffering
6. Communion

Connect with Serpents Of Dawn online
Official Site

-Don Niesen
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: HATE ETERNAL- ‘Upon Desolate Sands’

Hate Eternal has set the bar extremely high with the latest installment in their discography: ‘Upon Desolate Sands.’ The sound that is present on this album (released on October 26, 2018, through Season of Mist) is incredibly melodic, dark, and energizing. Hate Eternal is a name to take note of for a reason. They are consistently staying true to what death metal should be: Boundary breaking, cutting-edge music that challenges the listener and the musician alike.

Though all of their previous records are respected and influential, ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ is undoubtedly some of their best work. Right from the beginning of the first track ‘The Violent Fury,’ it is evident that this album is refreshing and different from your standard, run of the mill American death metal. The song, along with the remainder of the album, follows no direct formula. The result is one that takes the listener on a journey without a set course, full of surprises, twists, and turns that all come together in the end to paint one detailed, precise picture. Like a fine wine, ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ gets increasingly more impressive with time. Not once is there a point of filler, and it certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. Spanning 39 minutes, ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ is simply a fantastic album through and through.

Led by former Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan, Hate Eternal formed in 1997 and released their debut album ‘Conquering the Throne’ on November 2nd, 1999. Since then, they have released 6 other full-length albums and have achieved worldwide recognition as leaders in the American death metal scene. Having just finished a U.S. tour supporting Cannibal Corpse in early December, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Though some have argued it is no longer at its peak, the genre of death metal is just as vibrant and alive as it once was. The dark and intense songwriting featured on Hate Eternal’s seventh studio album proves that there is still much ground to be discovered in the field of extreme music. In the process of proving this claim, they did more than create a well-polished and remarkable record. They created a piece of history that will eternally be remembered as one of the greatest death metal albums to come out of the 21st century.

Track Listing
1. The Violent Fury
2. What Lies Beyond
3. Vengeance Striketh
4. Nothingness of Being
5. All Hope Destroyed
6. Portal of Myriad
7. Dark Age of Ruin
8. Upon Desolate Sands
9. For Whom We Have Lost

Current Hate Eternal Lineup
Erik Rutan – Guitars/Vocals
J.J. Hrubovcak – Bass/ Vocals
Hannes Grossmann – Drums

Label- Season of Mist

Purchase in the links below

Find Hate Eternal Online Below

-Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker 

Album Review: BURIAL CULTURE-‘Ritual’

Though it may not be as well-known or publicized as other genres of extreme music, old school black metal is still going strong. Underground bands like Burial Culture are doing their part to keep the music exactly how it should be: Raw, cold, and gloomy. Their debut album ‘Ritual’ gives off an atmosphere similar to that of early Bathory, and their use of corpse paint, spikes, and weaponry is a feature that is rarely seen among up and coming black metal acts today.

Released independently on December 3, 2018, ‘Ritual’ is a grim, mysterious, and captivating record that will come as a refreshing surprise to fans of early Mayhem or Darkthrone, among others. With songs like ‘Deathriders’ or ‘Desecration,’ they explore a melancholic, slower side to black metal that hasn’t seen the light of day since Burzum hit the Norwegian scene in the 1990s. Formed in the summer of 2018, they hired their drummer days before the first recording session. Though there are plans to gig in the near future, they have yet to set anything in stone.

In conclusion, Burial Culture has a promising future ahead of them. Their ability to put a personalized spin on a form of music that has been done time and time again is refreshing and exciting. Burial Culture’s debut album will put them on the map as another talented, noteworthy band coming out of the Wisconsin area, and I am more than excited to see where their journey takes them next.

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Deathriders
3. 7 Skulls
4. Mountains of Waste
5. Hell Portal
6. Desecration
7. Storm the Castle

Available now HERE

Current lineup:
Desecrator – Guitars
Hagalaz – Vocals
Brokkr – Drums

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-Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker