Album Review: BRUME ‘Rabbits’

The winter outside is frightful this November- so it’s time to hunker down, get your favorite warm beverage, and get ready for Rabbits! This release follows the epic 2018 album-Rooster which received endless recognition and praise! San Francisco doom-power trio, BRUME has brought us to our knees once again with 5 powerful tracks that are sure to make your heart ache in all the right ways.

The first track, ‘Despondence’ takes your hand and guides you into this album. There is powerful mystique as this track builds; Susie’s vocals grab hold of your soul and the instruments lock up together perfectly. ‘Scurry’ is more of what I would consider to be an upbeat sort of track, as it reflects that there is darkness in times of sorrow, but there cannot be darkness without the light. We all have experienced hard times, but we know that we will find our way in our own time. This track seems to have a quicker pace. The distortion just rings beautifully throughout and creates a comforting and nostalgic sound.

‘Blue Jay’ sounds like a dark fairy tale as a woman is struggling between love and woe. A blue jay seems to be offering her advice as her ‘inner voice’. This track features piano and cello as well which creates an entirely unique atmosphere. This track is the perfect climax of the album! ‘Lament’ is soft and atmospheric- creating a sort of calm in the melancholic state of mind. It becomes heavier as it progresses and, at times, this song has a grunge-like sound and attitude to it.

‘Audocrats Fools’ finishes off this release strong and heavy. The guitar riffs carry you off into another realm as the drums steady the pace. I feel like I am wandering through a forest of the mind as one searches through their own memories to discover peace within themselves.

In a way, this album is much like following that white rabbit into Wonderland. It’s lyrical content is full of themes I personally find relatable, such as sadness & self-doubt, anxiety and depression, toxic relationships, and what feels like endless melancholy of the soul; but ultimately, although these songs sound sad, they are actually happy, because when you catch up to the rabbit, you discover that all you needed in the end was to lead yourself into the light. Not because the rabbit lead you there, as it would seem, but because you pursued it.

Rabbits is available now! Get your digital, CD or LP copy from  Magnetic Eye Records HERE! Be sure to follow Brume on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker