Extended Play: FLESH TO ASHES Self-titled

Flesh to Ashes is an up-and-coming death metal band out of Escanaba, MI! Following their most recent video release track “Hell Catcher” is their very first self-titled EP release!

This release contains three tracks of face-melting brutality! Starting with ‘Ass Casket’ (that’s not a typo, haha!); it starts with the bass setting a solid foundation for the rest of the track, and honestly the album over all. ‘Hell Catcher’ has all those nasty, teeth-grinding riffs that you love, and the classic death metal vocals bring all the brutality! Finishing out this release is ‘Impending Doom’, which is more relatable now than ever it would seem. All jokes aside, this is a hard and heavy metal slow jam, and is my personal favorite of this release. Something about it hits just right, and you’ll know what I mean when you check it our for yourself!

This EP is hard, heavy, and just what the doctor ordered for times like these! This self-titled release is available now! Follow Flesh to Ashes online HERE!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: MURDER MADE GOD Premiere Lyric Video For ‘Alive’

Greek death metal group MURDER MADE GOD have released a lyric video for the first single, titled “Alive”, off of their forthcoming third album and Unique Leader debut Endless Return today. With an ominous, reverb drenched intro setting the tone, the song shows the band expanding on their frantic, relentlessly bleak, and relentlessly bludgeoning sound by delving further into the dark, doom drenched atmospherics and stunning ferocity that they have become known for.  

Endless Return will be unleashed onto the world on September 20th.

The merciless and jaw droppingly technical 10 track album was recorded at Stelthsound Studios in Thessaloniki, Greece and features artwork by Dixon Jong of Intuitive Designs.

MURDER MADE GOD commented, “Endless Return sees us achieving a new level of sophisticated, intense and atmospheric low tuned Modern Brutality. It is everything that the band is all about.”

Watch the video below!

Endless Return track listing – 
1. Alive
2. World Defect
3. Darkness Thy Gift
4. Gates of No Return
5. Trials and Enemies
6. Cognitive Dissonance
7. A Final Conflict
8. The Sword
9. Love of Fate (Amor Fati)
10. Victa Morte

Greek technical death metal group MURDER MADE GOD was formed in 2011 and saw the members hugely refining the sound that they had developed in their previous bands. They wasted no time getting into the studio and before the year’s end they had released a 3 song demo which was met with praise from both fans and critics alike. The band continued to build their momentum with the release of their debut full length Irreverence in 2013. Many shows and a tour with Hour of Penance and Abhorrent Decimation later the band released their second album Enslaved in 2016 on Comatose Music.

Find Murder Made God online HERE

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Maehem News: GOMORRAH Signs With Willowtip Records

Willowtip Record welcomes Canadian tech-death band GOMORRAH to its roster. The deal will see Willowtip re-issue the band’s highly-acclaimed self-titled album on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Released March 22, 2019, Gomorrah is the band’s second full-length album and was produced by Hannes Grossmann (Hate Eternal, Blotted Science). Check out the video for album track “Frailty”

GOMORRAH is a death metal project founded in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The project’s two official members are vocalist Jeff Bryan and guitarist Bowen Matheson. GOMORRAH have released two full-length releases and are in the writing process of their third album to be released by Willowtip Records.

The Willowtip re-issue of Gomorrah is slated for a fall 2019 release.

GOMORRAH recently took part in an in-depth interview with Invisible Orange scribe Andrew Rothman. Read the feature at www.invisibleoranges.com/gomorrah-premiere-interview

Praise for Gomorrah

“In a just world, Gomorrah should be leveling heads while impressing the fuck out of everyone with not only their technical prowess, but their heft and songwriting. It’s truly your loss if you pass this one by.”
– Angry Metal Guy

“This is an absolutely ferocious assault, combining deep, drilling riffs, full-throttle drum munitions, and bestial roaring tirades.”
– No Clean Singing

Check out the band!
Band Camp

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Maehem News: VIRCOLAC to Release Masque March 22

After five years of roaming city streets like a pack of rabid dogs, VIRCOLAC is set to release its debut full length album titled Masque on Sepulchral Voice Records in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the US.

Following on from 2016’s The Cursed Travails of the Demeter EP, Masquecelebrates a bolder edge mixing more visceral and vicious aural assaults with a foreboding and obtrusive atmosphere throughout the 36 minutes of the recording.

The album title reflects the myriad masks we as human beings hide behind and the cover represents what is ultimately left once the mask of flesh is finally removed. Whether pauper or opulently venal, the end is the same for us all.

Thematically, the album reflects two different strands of storytelling, with Side-A adopting a starkly defiant tone throughout. Side-B then takes a moodier assessment of the obsequious venality that governs the world we inhabit and inherit. The conclusion of this being the mass industrialized slaughter of much of Europe’s young in the great war.

Masque is a direct statement of purpose by VIRCOLAC and is the culmination of half a decade of steadfast belief in the continual relevance and importance of Death Metal.

Masque Track Listing
1. Titan
2. Tether & Wane
3. So I Hang From a Wretched Tree
4. Masque
5. Snake Among Man
6. The Long Trail

NH – drums
BMC – guitars
JK – bass
Laoghaire – vocals

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