Album Review: BRUME ‘Rabbits’

The winter outside is frightful this November- so it’s time to hunker down, get your favorite warm beverage, and get ready for Rabbits! This release follows the epic 2018 album-Rooster which received endless recognition and praise! San Francisco doom-power trio, BRUME has brought us to our knees once again with 5 powerful tracks that are sure to make your heart ache in all the right ways.

The first track, ‘Despondence’ takes your hand and guides you into this album. There is powerful mystique as this track builds; Susie’s vocals grab hold of your soul and the instruments lock up together perfectly. ‘Scurry’ is more of what I would consider to be an upbeat sort of track, as it reflects that there is darkness in times of sorrow, but there cannot be darkness without the light. We all have experienced hard times, but we know that we will find our way in our own time. This track seems to have a quicker pace. The distortion just rings beautifully throughout and creates a comforting and nostalgic sound.

‘Blue Jay’ sounds like a dark fairy tale as a woman is struggling between love and woe. A blue jay seems to be offering her advice as her ‘inner voice’. This track features piano and cello as well which creates an entirely unique atmosphere. This track is the perfect climax of the album! ‘Lament’ is soft and atmospheric- creating a sort of calm in the melancholic state of mind. It becomes heavier as it progresses and, at times, this song has a grunge-like sound and attitude to it.

‘Audocrats Fools’ finishes off this release strong and heavy. The guitar riffs carry you off into another realm as the drums steady the pace. I feel like I am wandering through a forest of the mind as one searches through their own memories to discover peace within themselves.

In a way, this album is much like following that white rabbit into Wonderland. It’s lyrical content is full of themes I personally find relatable, such as sadness & self-doubt, anxiety and depression, toxic relationships, and what feels like endless melancholy of the soul; but ultimately, although these songs sound sad, they are actually happy, because when you catch up to the rabbit, you discover that all you needed in the end was to lead yourself into the light. Not because the rabbit lead you there, as it would seem, but because you pursued it.

Rabbits is available now! Get your digital, CD or LP copy from  Magnetic Eye Records HERE! Be sure to follow Brume on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: HUNGER MOON ‘Fallen Pantheon’

Hunger Moon is a two-man Doom/Post Metal project from Janesville, WI. The band was formed by Avery Stage and Ryan Thomas in 2016. Recently they have released their album ‘Fallen Pantheon’. This album is based around themes from Greek Mythology and expands upon the bands unique doom sound.

Doom metal has been on the rise in the local and underground metal music scene lately and Hunger Moon is another excellent example of this! Their melodic tones capture the imagination and breathe new life into the old Greek Mythologies. Each track has its own style and groove, however, they all share a common ground; they balance brutality and tranquility. This album is 3 tracks which makes for a quick and easy listen. You can check out ‘Fallen Pantheon’ on Band Camp HERE or on YouTube. Experience track 2 “Eos” below!

Track list
1. Astrapios
3. The Fall Of Kronos

The band continues to write new music and expand the horizons of metal to create a unique sound to the group and is playing live shows. Be sure to Follow them online HERE!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Album Review: CANDLEMASS ‘The Door to Doom’

Doom metal pioneers Candlemass have taken the metal world by storm with their 12th album, The Door to Doom. Released on February 22nd, through Napalm Records, it is their first album in over three decades to feature the band’s original vocalist, Johan Längqvist. Throughout the years, Candlemass have proven to hold consistency in their music, and subsequently their fan base, without sounding formulaic or overdone. The Door to Doom stays true to that statement, and its gloomy, dark atmosphere proves that Candlemass is a force to be reckoned with.

Right from the first track ‘Splendor Demon Majesty,’ the songs are noticeably reminiscent of the classic, old-school Candlemass that everyone knows and loves. The music itself is flawless, with guest work by Tony Iommi on the third track, ‘Astorolus – The Great Octopus.’ Additionally, Länqvist’s vocal work is remarkable; his powerful, distinct voice soaring overtop the heavy riffage of Lars Johansson and Mats Bjorkman. If there were a definition of what doom metal should be, ‘The Door to Doom’ would be it.

Formed in 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden, Candlemass is often credited as the originators of the doom metal genre, with albums such as Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and Nightfall being ranked among the greatest doom metal records of all time. Their unique blend of darkness and melody is one that is easily recognizable and often imitated. As they are currently embarking on a tour of Europe, they show no signs of letting up on their reign of darkness and doom.

All in all, Candlemass’ 12th full length album is masterfully composed, dark, and promising. ‘The Door to Doom’ has successfully captured all of the things that make doom metal great, and therefore will be remembered for what it is – a truly amazing piece of work.

1. Splendor Demon Majesty
2. Under the Ocean
3. Astorolus-the Great Octopus
4. Bridge of Tte Blind
5. Death’s Wheel
6. Black Trinity
7. House of Doom
8. The Omega Circle

Line Up
Mats Levén, Mats “Mappe” Björkman
Lars Johansson, Leif Edling
Jan Lindh
Per Wiberg

Napalm Records

Follow Candlemass online HERE

– Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: MONASTERIUM Releasing ‘Church Of Bones’ May 6

Krakow’s resident Doom Lords MONASTERIUM are set to release their sophomore opus Church of Bones May 6 on Nine Records. Expect nothing less than superb traditional doom metal that rumbles and burns, whilst crushing all under the weight of the band’s mighty riffs!

Listen and decide for yourself with MONASTERIUM’s new lyric video for album-closer “The Last Templar,” which features guest vocals from Forsaken’s Leo Stivala.

Church of Bones:
1 Church of Bones
2 La Dans Macabre
3 Liber Loagaeth
4 Ferrier of the Underworld
5 Embrace the Void
6 The Order of the Dragon
7 Sleeping with the Dead
8 The Last Templar

Michał Strzelecki – Vocals
Tomasz Gurgul – Guitars
Filip Malinowski – Bass
Maciej Berniak – Drums

Check out the band!

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Maehem News: SMOULDER To Release Debut Album April 26

Toronto (ON) – Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the forthcoming full-length debut album from Canadian firebrands SMOULDER. On Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring, the quintet escapes into realms of fantasy, glory and heroism, all under the banner of epic doom and power metal! The album will be released April 26.

Decibel has premiered album track “Ilian of Garathorm.” Stream it below.

Digital pre-orderss

Buoyed by the success of their The Sword Woman demo comes SMOULDER, a Canadian epic doom/power metal quintet who combines obscure metal savvy with brilliant storytelling on their first full-length, Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring.

An impromptu jam session at a house party was all it took to light the fire under Canadian metal aficionados Sarah Ann and Shon Vincent. The two shared a fondness for doom bands such as Reverend Bizarre, Lamp of Thoth and Solitude Aeternus, utilizing this synchronicity to throw around ideas that while crude, were the foundation for what was to come. Originally, Sarah was on drums; Vincent on guitar and vocals, resulting in the name SMOULDER, as in “smouldering ruins.” After doing the perfunctory check on Metal Archives to ensure the name wasn’t taken, SMOULDER was forged in 2013.

SMOULDER’s first few years was slow-going, though, as the two struggled to find reliable bandmates in their hometown of Calgary. The pair relocated to Toronto in 2017 and came to the realization Sarah would be better off singing and Vincent should concentrate solely on guitar. Faced with the high costs of a rehearsal room and delaying the band for another year so they could afford space, Sarah and Vincent reached across the border to Illinois to secure the services of Collin Wolf (guitar) and Kevin Hester (drums). Shortly thereafter, SMOULDER trekked into the studio to record their debut 2018 demo, The Sword Woman.

The Sword Woman was released by Hoove Child Records on a limited run of 100 copies. The demo quickly sold-out, prompting the band and label to push the run to 150 — which sold out just as quickly. Soon, the label had no choice but to press a 300 run of the demo to vinyl. Smoulder (who are completed by bassist Adam Blake) eventually caught the eye of Cruz Del Sur Music owner Enrico Leccese, who extended an offer to the band at last year’s Hammer of Doom festival in Germany. Pen now put to paper, the band got to work on its first full-length, Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring.

Recorded throughout 2018 at Chicago’s Swift Road Studios and Toronto’s Lincoln County Social Club, Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Eternal Champion, Sumerlands). Artwork is courtesy of iconic fantasy painter Michael Whelan (Cirith Ungol). Featuring six songs of climatic and challenging epic doom crossed with elements of power metal, Times of Obscene Evil… is the result of countless songwriting sessions and intercontinental file-sharing. With lyrics provoking the imagination while testing the mind, SMOULDER emboldens the listener with literary and fantasy-driven stories on cuts like the nine-minute epic “The Black God’s Kiss,” power metal-ripper “Bastard Steel” and “Shadowy Sisterhood,” Smoulder’s ode to Iron Maiden’s immortal “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is for the bold, brave and daring; those with a hardened metal spirit and thirst of the epic. Point your swords to the sky — SMOULDER has arrived!

Track Listing:

  1. Ilian of Garathorm
  2. The Swordwoman
  3. Bastard Steel
  4. Voyage of the Sunchaser
  5. Shadowy Sisterhood
  6. Black God’s Kiss

Sarah Ann – Vocals
Shon Vincent – Guitar
Collin Wolf – Guitar
Adam Blake – Bass
Kevin Hester – Drums

Check out the band!!
Band Camp

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Album Review: INTER ARMA- ‘Paradise Gallows’

Founded in Richmond, VA., INTER ARMA‘s music resists generalization and categorization, but if there’s one thing that’s consistently true, it’s that the VA quintet possesses an unparalleled sense of scope. Few artists today accurately convey the complexity that INTER ARMA (Latin for “in times of war”) does. The band creates terrible and often hauntingly beautiful portraits of humanity through music that is deeply organic yet still mystical and modern. INTER ARMA are just as committed to the live circuit as they are to their records. The band has performed extensively throughout Europe and the US, sharing the stage with the likes of Kylesa, Baroness, Cough, Royal Thunder, Black Tusk, Ulcerate, Russian Circles, Windhand, and dozens of others. INTER ARMA‘s raw, uninhibited approach merges doom metal, psychedelic sludge, black metal, prog, and more, and over the course of the last ten years, has established the band as a uniquely innovative force in contemporary extreme metal. Their most recent release is ‘Paradise Gallows,’ which we will be taking a look at look at in this review!

This album is perfectly portrayed in the art that adorns it. The lyrics and the music are dark, poetic, and beautiful.

‘Paradise Gallows’ starts us off with an instrumental prelude to the savage doom metal that we are about to experience-“Nomini.” This track sets the mood and tone going into the second track “Archer in the Emptiness.” This song begins with thunderous drums, similar to the approach of a raging storm. The story of rage in the heart of a man born in the wild and raised with occult studies of the might of the cosmos. He has become jaded by the ways of man-kind and longs for his death; so that he may join the archer in the heavens. The vocal delivery is dark, demonic, and enraged! The angst and turmoil of this man’s tortured soul comes through in the doom-style riffs.

“Transfiguration” is a song I remember clearly from their performance at the Doomed and Stoned Festival in Chicago. The heavy, tribal doom-driven rhythm set the stage for this one. The lyrics begin with a commentary on the dismal stage of human existence and disharmony with the natural order. It warns that we need to shuck off the darkness we have allowed to permeate our souls and transform our spirits into the light of wisdom. It speaks of our Earth’s demand for humanity to transform.

“Primordial Wound” is a song that speaks of how humanity is a ‘gaping and festering wound’ to our Earth and how we embrace our ignorance to this fact. The next track “The Summer Drones” seems to tell the tale of a sojourn to a near hellish plain. “Potomac” is another beautiful instrumental which includes a piano composition within it.

The title track “The Paradise Gallows” is a song that speaks of a man’s reflection on his life. How a youth has mocked his faith and buries the guilt of this sin by losing himself in diversions. The older he became, the more he realized the error of his ways. Now an old man, he awaits atonement for his past. Riddled with guilt, he waits for his death at the Paradise Gallows.
The track “Violent Constellations” is a tale of violent men who live their lives as Gods and force their will upon others only to ultimately meet the same fate they have delivered to others. “Where the Earth Meets the Sky” is the final track in this album. This tune speaks of a woman’s death and a spiritual journey through to the afterlife.

Honestly, this album is a doom treasure for the ages. I promise you won’t regret this journey into the dark recesses of humanity. Inter Arma is a must-see band for fans of doom. Their performance is powerful and beyond compare!

Inter Arma Line-up
T.J. Childers – Drums
Steven Russell – Guitars
Trey Dalton – Guitars
Mike Paparo – Vocals
Joe Kerkes – Bass

Track list for ‘Paradise Gallows’
2.Archer in the Emptiness
4.Primordial Wound
5.The Summer Drones
7.The Paradise Gallows
8.Violent Constellations
9.Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Keep up with Inter Arma online:

Relapse Records

-Don Niesen
Edited by: Samantha Crocker

Album Review: THE AGE OF TRUTH- ‘Threshold’

The Age Of Truth is a band, a brotherhood, and a mission. Four brothers-in-arms from Philadelphia united in the singular pursuit of making the most honest heaviness this broken world can handle. As our modern lives bathe us in constant unraveling lies and deceptions, there is only truth in what they create. Their debut album, Threshold, available through Kozmik Artifactz, was released November 1, 2017, appeared multiple months on the DoomCharts and was ranked at #8 of the Top 20 Albums of 2017 by Mr. Fuzz at

The first song of this album is “Host” which starts out with a heavy doom-blues riff, a sign of the nature of this song. It’s occupied by soulful vocals in this detailed account of demonic possession. We are then led into “Come Back A God.” Dark, gritty doom riffs; The Age Of Truth has a groove of their own. This is the tale of an excavated Pharaoh now unleashing his wrath and returning as a risen God.

We now reach the title track, “Threshold.” The song begins with a short guitar intro which melds right into another bluesy, driven riff. Jazzy vocals packed with soul tells the story of a ritual rise of culture brought to the threshold of success to catch a glimpse of great potential, only to fail unknowingly. This is how you truly succeed- for lack of comprehension of the place that they have reached is what will get you there. There are two different styles of classic doom breakdowns to conclude this song.

“Holding Hands Like Thieves” is a tune that starts out with clean vocals and a clear melody. Then, it kicks into another gritty blues riff and more of those soulful vocals. It tells the journey of a soul as it goes through a transformation. This tune is followed by “Caroline” which is a very jazz-classic song that tells the story of a hard-luck gal that attracts all the wrong people in her life through a series of self-inflicted choices. It would seem that all of us know a ‘Caroline.’

Track six is “Oceanbones.” The melody of this song is lead with warm, fuzzy bass tones accompanied by a brassy blues guitar highlight. The vocals are scat-jazz style with a lot of reverb. This all marries very well in the overall style of this song. The chorus is an upbeat rockin’ groove. There is also a sweet blues breakdown that leads into a chanting vocal 70’s classic call out chorus while ending with a traditional rock lead on the guitar; The story seems to be of a wandering voyager who stumbles into an old ruin and tries to implore ancient souls to help guide his way home.

The seventh track is “Higado de Hierro” which, simply put, is a short yet tasty musical interlude. “Supernatural Salesmen” is next in line. This tune has a thick blues groove to it. The subject of this story is that of religion and false promise- and those who sell it.

Our final track “Honeypot” is a bonus track. It is ‘sweet as honey.’ Heavy blues and doom influences, as commonly found throughout the album, as well as warm fuzzy tones. It has a beautiful medium drive to the riffs as the sound rounds out the overall talent of this band from Philly, concluding an album full of wide variety of expression musically as well as lyrically.

I truly enjoyed the journey that The Age of Truth has taken me on. Please be sure to follow them in the links below!

Track List for ‘Threshold’
1. Host
2. Come Back A God
3. Threshold
4. Holding Hands Like Thieves
5. Caroline
6. Oceanbones
7. Higado de Hierro
8. Honeypot

Age Of Truth Line Up
Kevin McNamara: Vocals
Mike DiDonato: Guitar
Scott Frassetto: Drums
William Miller: Bass

Connect With Age of Truth online:


Don Niesen

Edited by: Samantha Crocker