LUNAR MOTH Single Release ‘Valley of Fire’ 4/20

It’s finally here! Madison’s legendary three piece doomy, garage-rock outfit Lunar Moth has announced the release of their newest single ‘Valley of Fire’! As a huge fan of Lunar Moth, I couldn’t wait to have this track in my hands! This is a tune that transports you to another realm of sludgy riffs, spacey vocals, fuzzy bass, and let’s not forget the heart-stopping drums!

‘Valley of Fire’ is available HERE starting 4/20 and drops at 4:20 PM! I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the holiday than with this absolute banger! Not every holiday has to be cancelled this year; so, while you are at home during these times, spark one up with Lunar Moth! Don’t forget to grab their self-titled release as well! You won’t regret it, we promise!

Find Lunar Moth online on Facebook and Instagram!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

AV AMPLIFIED!: OF WOLVES ‘Clear Cutting’,’Blood Shed’, ‘Heart To Hand’

The awakened three-piece beast that is Of Wolves is coming at you from the Chicago area to bring you something spectacular. Not only is this a video release- it’s a 3 part one! Featuring tracks “Clear Cutting”, “Bloodshed” and “Heart in Hand”- this is everything Of Wolves fans have been craving!

We begin with the devastating images of the beautiful forests being destroyed to make room for the plague of the human race. The images are shown with a psychedelic spin to bring forth the overwhelming traumas of the earth. We see images of war, industry, and violence that has been brought forth. Fading into a storm for the break down of the video, and then breaking into a stunning blend of different forest landscapes, colors, and patterns. Things are melting and merging into one; awakening the mind and the soul through visual and musical imagery.

We spoke with Steven, Of Wolves guitar and vocals, about what is to come for their career and what it was like to create this video; you may read that below!

After many ups and downs the album total Balance is finally all ready to go. We are very proud of the finished product and beyond stoked to unleash it to the world! We recorded at Bricktop Recording in Chicago. It was engineered and mixed by Pete Grossman.  It is Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige. They all did a completely amazing job and are great guys to work with. 

This is the first track from the new upcoming full length album. There will be more details about the release soon. We had not planned on releasing this song as the first track off of the album but Decibel chose it as they were going to release it as the first track from the album for us. When Decibel chose this track, the longest track on the record! We were all a bit surprised. I do all the videos so I was like “oh shit”, this track is three songs (an average video like these can take me 3 or more months as I am super anal and want everything perfect) anyway three songs and they have all different subjects and I have to make them flow together somehow? Then they asked if I could have it in a couple weeks. Haha not possible! So they gave me a couple months, I agreed. Well once it was done they shocked me by saying it was too long!?!?!

Haha figures, that’s how the entire process has been; which is good because it keeps us in our toes and makes the therapy that this band and our music is that much more needed!

So I took it as a message and split it back up into three videos and they chose the first one “Clear Cutting” followed by  “Bloodshed” which was released to the public by NCS and finally Sludgelord released “Heart to Hand.” Then we waited a bit and released it as a single online on all streaming & download sites and as the full video as it was intended.

We are also currently working on a couple new songs for a split with the badassery that is Neckbeard Deathcamp. And getting on the road for some summer touring and hopefully some festivals as well. This is the year of wolves. -Steve Sherwood

Over all, this video was a great representation of what is to come for Of Wolves and what has already been. They are making a name for themselves in the doom community with their own unique sound and thought provoking content!

Check out Of Wolves in the links below!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: CARDINALS FOLLY & LUCIFER’S FALL Reveal Upcoming Split Release

The doom bell tolls twice as Finland’s Cardinals Folly and Australia’s Lucifer’s Fall team up for a trance-inducing and ultimately epic split.  The album will be released in digital, CD, and vinyl formats March 22 on Cruz Del Sur Music.

Two bands willing to break with doom metal convention, Finland’s Cardinals Folly and Australia’s Lucifer’s Fall team up for a split that brings the heaviness, might and magic!

After the release of their 2017 Deranged Pagan Sons album, Cardinals Folly started thinking about their next move. Having independently issued their 2016 Coalition of the Anathematized split with Church of Void and Acolytes of Moros, Cardinals Folly was hoping to find a willing label partner for their next split venture. They found one in Cruz Del Sur Music, who agreed to release the split on vinyl, one of Cardinals Folly’s criteria. One of the bands at the top of Cardinals Folly’s list was Australia’s Lucifer’s Fall, who were also fresh off of an independently-released split of their own with Reclvse. Realizing the possibilities, Cardinals Folly and Lucifer’s Fall teamed up for a split that finds both bands contributing three songs each.

Originally formed in 2004 as The Coven, Cardinals Folly came into being in 2007 in Helsinki, where they proceeded to release their debut Heretic’s Hangover EP in 2008. The Orthodox Faces EP followed a year later, culminating in the release of their first full-length, 2011’s Such Power is Dangerous! The ensuing Our Cult Continues! (2014) and Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) furthered the Finns’ doom cause, running up to Deranged Pagan Sons.

Inspired by the idea of creating a smaller release, Cardinals Folly decided to maintain a running thread of Nordic mysticism through their three offerings on the split. While the Finns had dabbled in this subject matter on previous albums, here, they made it a priority, starting with the doom waltz of “Walvater Unveiled” and into the trance-like “Spiritual North.” Rounding things off is the ten-minute “Sworn Through Odin’s & Satan’s Blood,” which is Cardinals Folly’s distinctive ode to Hammerheart-era Bathory.

Formed in 2013 and with two full-lengths in addition to numerous demos, singles and splits to their credit, Lucifer’s Fall are using the split with Cardinals Folly as a go-between studio albums as they continue to work on the follow-up to 2016’s II: Cursed & Damned. One of the few doom bands to make an impact in Australia, Lucifer’s Fall could be viewed as their home country’s answer to greats such as Electric Wizard, Pentagram and Saint Vitus.

Employing a more traditional metal sound than before, Lucifer’s Fall had one simple operative for the split: Write simple, aggressive and catchy headbanging tunes. This is achieved across “Die Witch Die,” “Call of the Wild” and “The Gates of Hell,” all three numbers reveling in distinctive imagery and the band’s dynamic and lively approach, ultimately showing the versatility within Lucifer Fall’s sound.

Track Listing
Cardinals Folly:
1. Walvater Proclaimed
2. Spiritual North
3. Sworn Through Odin’s And Satan’s Blood
Lucifer’s Fall:
4. Die Witch Die
5. Call Of The Wild
6. The Gates Of Hell

Mikko Kääriäinen – Bass, Vocals
Juho Kilpelä – Guitar
Joni Takkunen – Drums

Deceiver – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Unknown and Unnamed – Drums
Cursed Priestess – Bass
The Invocator – Guitars
Heretic – Guitars

Published by Abby Niesen

Album Review: Brume-‘Rooster’

Hello and welcome Maehem readers to another killer album review. Recently we took a trip to Doomed and Stoned Fest down in Chicago, IL where we found a band that stood out to us: Brume. Brume rhymes with “doom,” and that’s precisely what you get!

There was a buzz going on among all the bands at Doomed and Stoned about the fantastic quality of their newest LP- Rooster. Right away I knew this band had the goods. I was able to speak with the drummer of the band, Jordan, while I was there which you can see more of in our Article On The Road//Doomed and Stoned Fest- Chicago. They also donated a copy of Rooster to us to give away in our drawing which we featured earlier in the week.

Right from the first bass drop in track one, “Grit and Pearls” you know this band means business. I have to say that the bass tone has somewhat of a Motorhead flavor to it, but the riffs are pure doom; the tone has that punch though. As I listened, I was brought to a smooth, peaceful trance with the groove of this tune. Susie, lead vocal and bass guitarist, has a uniquely haunting quality to her voice that accents the harmony of the strings and cuts cleanly through the thunderous grooves of the drums. By the end of this track, I just wanted more. The message of this tune, to me, seems that there was a time before we humans let ego overcome empathy and there was harmony. Suggesting that we need to find our way back to harmony and balance to stop participating in tyrannical behaviors. We need to unite and stop dividing humanity.


The second song is titled “Harold.” This song continues the grinding doom riffs. I am sensing a quality of the Jefferson Airplane influence to the vocals; harkening back to the psychedelic age. I’m not saying exactly, but the clear cutting vocal quality through the riffs seems to bring this thought into the light. With a short pause and a clean strum of the guitar, we are brought to our next track “Reckon” I enjoy the journey this track takes you on. It describes the ominous character of reckon. It starts with a western style riff which leads to the dark tones of the “meat” of this one. Definitely, more of the Jefferson Airplane influence in the vocals here as well while a spiritual ritual is taking place.

The more we progress through the album, you will start to notice a Keith Moon influence in the drumming style as well. The guitar tones have a Black Sabbath feel and marry well to the bass tone I was speaking about earlier. I can say that it was already at this point in the album that I started falling in love with Brume. “Reckon” was honestly one of my favorite tracks on the album as well. Track four is “Call The Serpent’s Bluff” which comes at you heavy with a slow drum roll. The track is a tune about what seems like the haunting of an evil entity waiting to prey on your soul.

Track five is “Welter,” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about the irony of the fact that in the following lyrics:

Oh welter, Meet the clouds halfway, oh welter, Summon another raining day

At this point, while I was listening to the album for review, the rain was coming down hard. The thunder and lightning dancing outside my window were bringing this track to life. I was getting the true psychedelic experience as my imagination ran wild with the story I was being told.

The final song on the album is “Trade Wind.” We included a video link to the live performance below!

This tune was the perfect strong finishing hat to the album’s vibe overall. The poetic meter of the lyrics lends themselves naturally to the rhythm of this tune. This is a quatrain style poem, which adds a unique structure to the whole song overall.

Rooster was a very impressive LP.  When I listened to the LP and then reflected on my experience of seeing them perform live, the quality was just as amazing as it was in person.  In fact, I was so impressed with the album overall that I was sure to head over to their online shop and get myself a tee!! You can get one in the link below!

To experience Rooster for yourself check out the link below! Also follow them on Facebook as well!



You can catch them at their next show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA July 12th!


-Don Niesen

Edited by Samantha Crocker