Album Review: SMOULDER ‘Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring’

Inspired by bands such as Candlemass, Reverend Bizarre, Blind Guardian, Procession, Altar of Oblivion and, Black Oath, Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is the result of countless songwriting sessions and intercontinental file-sharing. With lyrics provoking the imagination while testing the mind, SMOULDER emboldens the listener with literary and fantasy-driven stories with six songs of climatic and challenging epic, doom crossed with elements of power metal!

“Llian of Garathorm” is the epic introduction to this six-track masterpiece. With thundering bass and commanding drum beats, we are drawn into the tale of Llian. Marching into battle with warriors against the rifts of time and destiny; this tale cracks Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring wide open. “The Sword Women” has an intro that flawlessly blends from “Llian Of Garathorm.” This track has hints of doom in it as it treads slowly through the rhythms; the guitar is lightly dancing on top while being lead by soaring vocals. The guitar solo carries us through to the ending of this very compelling tune.

“Bastard Steel” is easily my most favorite track on this album. I can’t get enough of that super catchy guitar hook! This tune reminds me so much of everything I always loved about Iron Maiden. This track was an instant add to my playlist. I love everything about it. It’s fast, powerful, dramatic and triumphant. I feel the climax of battle really come to life here.

“Voyage Of The Sunchaser” continues us through this journey with a slow intro that picks up as the track progresses. The bass in this track is really brought forward; it compliments the guitar solo very well also. Things slow down once again for the ending of this one until we are left with only the drums. This tune is really dynamic and thrashy. “Shadowy Sisterhood” kicks things in with an instant guitar-heavy lead. I can feel vibes of Maiden once again strongly in the bass style. That familiar ‘pop’ always brings me life! This is a really epic and interesting tale of the occult. Witches, shadows, demons, magic, sacrifice, and REVENGE!

We reach the final track of this masterpiece- “Black God’s Kiss.” This one is slow, heavy and full of the darkness you love and crave. It feels like it is spun from the musical clothe that gave life to Black Sabbath and Dio- I love it! Tales of vengeance, adventure, and Satan always unlock a special place in my heart. This tune certainly focuses on the ‘Obscene Evil’ portion of the title as well. Throughout this entire album, I could feel it all- the conflicts, the rises, and the falls. It was all put together beautifully. I know this won’t be the last we hear from Smoulder and I am looking forward to what they will be bringing to the world of power metal!

Track List for Times Of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
1. Llian of Garathorm
2. The Sword Women
3. Bastard Steel
4. Voyage of the Sunchaser
5. Shadowy Sisterhood
6. Black God’s Kiss

You can find more on Smoulder in the links below!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: HATH Releasing Full-Length Debut In April

New Jersey Blackened Death Metallers HATH will release their full-length debut album, Of Rot and Ruin, April 12 on Willowtip Records. Of Rot and Ruin doesn’t just live up to the promise of superb 2015 debut EP Hive; it more than surpasses it with impressive songwriting growth and a sonic intensity that penetrates deep into the bones.

The first taste of the new album comes by way of No Clean Singing’s premiere of opening track “Usurpation.” Check it out at this location.

HATH released the following statement concerning the giant steps the band took to reach Of Rot and Ruin:

“For the new record, we wanted to take everything we learned with the first EP and build off of it. ‘Hive’ was really a learning experience for us. AJ was in the process of building a proper studio and we were all figuring out the best ways to record and engineer an album. Once AJ’s studio was up and running and with a few album releases under his belt, we felt confident in what we’d written and in his ability to produce a great album. The writing process for Of Rot And Ruin was much more deliberate than Hive. We really wanted to focus on songwriting and give special attention to how the songs and dynamics worked together. We strove for diverse yet cohesive songs. The result is a collection of songs that each have their own identity, yet all have the distinct Hath sound.”

HATH is currently on tour with COGNITIVE and MICAWBER. Click here for more info. Remaining tour dates follow:
1/18 Port Charlotte, FL @ The Hive
1/20 Pensacola, FL @ Chizuko
1/21 Pascagula, MS @ World Famous Celtic
1/22 Nashville, TN @ Media Rerun

Of Rot and Ruin Track Listing
1. Usurpation
2. Currents
3. Rituals
4. To Atone
5. Withered
6. Worlds Within

HATH is:
Frank Albanese – Guitar/Vocals
Greg Nottis – Bass/Vocals
Peter Brown – Guitar
AJ Viana – Drums

Find Hath online: