Maehem News: VULTURES VENGEANCE Streaming Title Track ‘The Knightlore’

Italian Epic Metallers Vultures Vengeance are streaming the title track from forthcoming album The Knightlore. Stream the song below.

“The Knightlore”

From the Italian underground comes Vultures Vengeance, a heavy epic metal quartet that defends the realm of the obscure on their first full-length album, The Knightlore. The album will be released May 10 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Gates of Hell Pre-order:


Recorded at Nation’s Eye Studio by bassist Matt Savage, The Knightlore consists of eight tracks of diverse and challenging epic metal. Vultures Vengeance (who are rounded out by co-lead guitarist Tony L.A. and new drummer Matt Serafini) have not only captured the spirit found on their first two EPs, they have expanded upon it. The album’s eight songs provide the band the perfect platform to showcase their penchant for storytelling and sterling songcraft, with their seasoned gallop, Steele’s impassioned delivery and flurry of melodic, diving leads encompassing a sound that is right in the wheelhouse for fans of Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road and Mercyful Fate.

Now well past having to convince listeners they can properly re-create the hallowed sounds of the ’80s without sounding contrived, Vultures Vengeance has made good on the promise shown on their first two EPs. The Knightlore is a testament to the bold, brave and daring.

The wait is over…10 years into their career, Italian heavy epic metallers Vultures Vengeance deliver on the promise shown on their Where the Time Dwelt In and Lyrids: Warning From the Reign of the Untold EPs with their first full-length The Knightlore.

Records. The first single from The Knightlore, “Pathfinder’s Call,” is also available for streaming at this location

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Maehem News: PULVER Streaming Title Track From Forthcoming Album ‘Kings Under The Sand’

The “Phantom Hawk” arrives to enslave ancient Egypt! Here to tell the tale is Pulver, a German metal five-piece who batters like classic Tank and dazzles like early Iron Maiden.

Recorded in October of 2018 at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin, Germany, with producer Richard Behrens at the helm, Kings Under the Sand is stocked with eight compact, gritty metallic forays, successfully bridging the gap between NWOBHM and late 1970s hard rock. Pulver (who consist of vocalist Dave Fröhlich, the guitar tandem of Alex Oster and Lukas Kunkel, bassist Gabor Eichstätter and drummer Danny Oster) found the benefit of songwriting as a unit where no idea went unheard, but, a regimented and critical process was implemented to ensure the best results.

Accordingly, Kings Under the Sand is without filler, relishing in classic metal gallops and the rough, imitable vocals of Fröhlich, who, across album highlights such as “Blacksmith’s Lament” and “Warrior Caste,” sounds like he’s channeling the ghosts of Manilla Road’s Mark SheltonPagan Altar’s Terry Jones and, for good measure, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister.
Pulver has also made a concerted effort to introduce their unofficial mascot, the “Phantom Hawk” to the metal world. Described as an alien warrior tribe that made its first appearance on the band’s self-titled EP, this time, the Phantom Hawk (who is featured on the album’s cover art created by Max Löffler) has ancient Egypt under enslavement. In true storytelling fashion, Fröhlich and band takes the listener through a science fiction-themed journey that concludes with the epic “Curse of the Pharaoh.”
The depth and scope of Kings Under the Sand cannot be disputed — Pulver has created an album that will easily satisfy the classic metal horde while offering a glimpse into the universe they’ve created with the Phantom Hawk. Well-executed classic metal with a concept to boot? It’s icing on the intergalactic cake.

Track Listing:
1. Rising
2. Phantom Hawk
3. Blacksmith’s Lament
4. Kings Under the Sand
5. Qarînah
6. Warrior Caste
7. Alpha Omega
8. Curse of the Pharaoh

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Album Review: Traveler- Self Titled

Hello there local readers and music lovers! Mitchel here to give you another killer look through the power metal eye glass at the new Canadian fan favorite and Self-titled release – Traveler. Following the release of their debut 2018 demo; the 3 track compilation caused quite a buzz, landing them a record deal and soon their first full album 2019 release. In light of this 8 track self-titled gem, I’ve put together this review for you!

The opening track “Star Breaker” kicks a hole in the wall with a blast of energy! Delivering an undeniable 80’s vibe and that kick ass low-end drive we all love about power metal from the very moment it was born. The adventurous nature and impressive vocal range pull you into the great depths of imagination. The shredding guitars have every element needed, but add a warmer tone- certainly an excellent opening track.

The first two tracks (“Star Breaker” and “Street Machine”) are a nostalgic blast to the past. Painting dramatic battles and stories of deities of war and chaos- just like the bands I grew up loving, such as Iron Maiden or Iced Earth did. Their bassist has a very interesting combination of 80s power metal and dirty thrash style/tone which really works in their favor.

The composition and technicality change things up when you reach the third track- “Behind the Iron.” The drummer has an amazing sense of what to make the riffs pop out, and when to pop out and fill the foreground. It’s a very fun and powerful style. I enjoy the vocal structure and patterns in this tune. Passionate and catchy.

Right on time! “Konamized” is a two minute instrumental that brings all of the electricity back to the listener to prime them with nonstop screaming epic expression; giving you a hard push back in the right direction! Right into the face of the next track-“Up To You.” Pulsing Triplets and lyrical empowerment keep the fists pounding and the heart pumping. The intro is catchy as hell and allows the song to build and drop with a more dramatic change. Of course, their drummer understands their genre and manipulates the story as he sees fit.

The next track “Fallen Heroes” takes a bit of a more mainstream approach. Do not mistake that as an insult; as this jam grabs the passion as and integrity, the greats were so good at bringing to life. We all have unsung heroes, and we all love a great jam in their honor.

A clean Neo-classical intro leads us through our last two tracks. “Mindless Maze” begins slow and strong but quickly builds up to live to its name. I love that through this entire album I haven’t felt a loss of spark or fuel to the fire of each track. Every genre has their ‘Go To’s’ and a certain feeling they like to keep everyone attentive to. Traveler has an amazing way of doing just that. Which brings us to our last track “Speed Queen.” The classic tremolo picking and lighting fast fills from all of the instruments is nothing short of what you’d expect with a title like this. The guitarists really have an amazing style that is shifted into high gear on this last track to leave us with 5 minutes of “Oh, Hell yeah!” – With an epic finish to an epic album.

Well Damn! That was a righteous ride through another righteous album. I will be adding this to my power metal montage! Keep your eye out for my next review! Until then- THRASH FAST!

Track Listing
1. Starbreaker
2. Street Machine
3. Behind the Iron
4. Konamized
5. Up To You
6. Fallen Heroes
7. Mindless Maze
8. Speed Queen

Label- Gates Of Hell Records

Line up
Matt Ries – Guitars
Jean-Pierre Abboud – Vocals
Chad Vallier – Drums
Dave Arnold – Bass
Toryin Schadlich – Guitar

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Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: BOOZE CONTROL Releasing ‘Forgotten Lands’ February 22 On Gates of Hell Records

German Old School Metal Bashers  BOOZE CONTROL will release Forgotten Lands, their fourth full-length album (fifth release overall) February 22 on Gates of Hell Records.

On their Gates of Hell Records debut Forgotten Lands, Booze Control continue to evolve into classic metal songsmiths with tracks that adopt a more serious tone than previous efforts. Recorded in October 2017 at Overlodge Recording Studio in Harz Mountains, Germany, with Martin Schnella handling engineering duties, Forgotten Lands finds Booze Control successfully bridging the gap between NWOBHM and old-school American and European metal. The band also parlays more serious lyrical content into songs that are filled with spiraling melodies, driving rhythms and catchy vocal lines from Kuri. The band’s songwriting diversity is on display with “Of the Deep” as well as “Attack of the Axeman,” songs that peddle an epic flair with a classic metal foundation.

Formed in 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany, Booze Control came together at the spur of the moment when guitarist/vocalist David Kuri, bassist Steffen Kurth and drummer Lauritz “Lord” Jilge, were asked to assemble a band for a local event. The trio quickly gathered in a local rehearsal room to write songs in preparation for the show, thinking all along the band would be short-lived. But, to their surprise, more gigs followed, as did second guitarist Jendrik Seiler. Booze Control started to enjoy their new compositions, which, in comparison to the more technical nature of their previous outfits, was welcome. Soon, their debut EP, Wanted, was released in 2009, followed up by 2011’s Don’t Touch While Running.

However, leading up to the creation of their 2013 album Heavy Metal, Kuri and Jilge had a revelation while watching Iron Maiden’s Beast Over Hammersmith live video. The conviction in which Bruce Dickinson sings, the energy of the band and the charisma they displayed while on stage needed to be followed in Booze Control. Prior, Booze Control was riding the somewhat clichéd boozed-out rock band angle a bit too hard with their first releases. While the songs were there, the delivery wasn’t, so the band made a concerted effort to improve their songwriting and stage presentation for Heavy Metal. They succeeded in doing so, setting them on a path for the ensuing 2016 The Lizard Rider album and their latest and first LP for Gates of Hell Records, Forgotten Lands.

Now ten years into their career, Booze Control has already gone well beyond their humble origins and party-time ethos. Booze Control invites you to take part in their continued evolution on Forgotten Lands.  

Forgotten Lands Track Listing
1. Forgotten Lands
2. Attack Of The Axemen
3. The Nameless
4. Of The Deep
5. Spellbound
6. Slaying Mantis
7. Playing With Fire
8. Thanatos
9. Doom Of Sargoth
10. Cydonian Sands

Booze Control is:
David Kuri- Guitar / Vocals
Steffen Kurth – Bass
Jendrik Seiler – Guitar
Lauritz Jikge – Drums

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review for this killer album!

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