Album Review: HUNGER MOON ‘Fallen Pantheon’

Hunger Moon is a two-man Doom/Post Metal project from Janesville, WI. The band was formed by Avery Stage and Ryan Thomas in 2016. Recently they have released their album ‘Fallen Pantheon’. This album is based around themes from Greek Mythology and expands upon the bands unique doom sound.

Doom metal has been on the rise in the local and underground metal music scene lately and Hunger Moon is another excellent example of this! Their melodic tones capture the imagination and breathe new life into the old Greek Mythologies. Each track has its own style and groove, however, they all share a common ground; they balance brutality and tranquility. This album is 3 tracks which makes for a quick and easy listen. You can check out ‘Fallen Pantheon’ on Band Camp HERE or on YouTube. Experience track 2 “Eos” below!

Track list
1. Astrapios
3. The Fall Of Kronos

The band continues to write new music and expand the horizons of metal to create a unique sound to the group and is playing live shows. Be sure to Follow them online HERE!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker