Album Review: NEUROTIX-‘Save Me’

Meet NEUROTIX the band that is picking up the grunge scene right from where it ended! Without losing any momentum, this band has been pouring themselves into the scene with the hopes of revitalizing the grunge movement! From where I stand, their newest album release ‘Save Me’ is certainly another great step in the right direction.

Crank the stereo up to 11 and get ready to dive in to track one, “Service Me”! This tune is packed with all the distorted force we have been missing since our beloved decade has come and gone. The 90’s attitude is alive and well from this very first track as the rhythm and vocals come together and force us into full-blown nostalgia!

Track two, “Dizzy” has all the right ‘ugly’ notes and cords to pull out those angsty emotions and bring them from deep within your 90’s soul right to the surface! This track is a short, sweet, and to the point jam session! “Pumpkin Seeds” is a slower tune dripping with melancholic guitar riffs and bass licks. Alice In Chains-like vibes takes me back into the core of the grunge genre.

Next in line, we pick things up into a more upbeat swing with “Bad Night.” This is a track that we have recently worked with in our own creative endeavors for our YouTube feature POWERSLIDE  which you will be able to view in our next episode! This tune is full of catchy guitar hooks and emotional vocals that we just can’t resist!

“Vulnerable” has a great balance between clean guitar backed up by slow, steady beats, and fast-paced heavy distortion. This reflects both the sorrow and frustrations we feel when we, ourselves, are experiencing vulnerability. “Drives Me Crazy” has the same grunge-like feel as the other tracks, but adds a bit of that old-school punk spin on it. The vocal style changes up a bit as well to further complement this vibe.

“Unusual Trend” begins with heavy distortion and has a groove to it that draws you in. This is a track for those of you that love the stoner scene, for it shares a similar sound with that genre. “Save Me” is the namesake of the album. We begin with a clean and beautiful guitar lead. This blends us into the rest of tune for a slow and steady groove. This track definitely reminds me of the lovely legend and grunge icon-Kurt Cobain. I could see this being a tune from the MTV unplugged session. Whatever happened to that anyways!?…but, moving on. This track is a beauty for sure and represents the album very well.

As we approach the end of the album, we pick things up again for some final, thrashy jams. “Girl on the Street” actually kind of reminds me of a tune I would hear from the Scott Pilgrim VS The World soundtrack (which, if you haven’t picked up, you should). The bass is heavy and complements the distorted guitar very well. The album concludes with their previously released single “Loser.” Check out the video here:

This ends the album in all the right ways! ‘Save Me’ leaves you with the perfect combination of everything grunge has to offer! We get a little of everything from the 90’s-from Mudhoney and Nirvana all the way to Soundgarden and hell, even a little bit of Blind Melon in there! Neurotix is bringing grunge back from the dead!


Get your copy of ‘Save Me’ free HERE!


Track List for ‘Save Me’
1. Service Me
2. Dizzy
3. Pumpkins Seeds
4. Bad Night
5. Vulnerable
6. Drives Me Crazy
7. Unusual Trend
8. Save Me
9. Girl on the Street
10. Loser

Produced and Recorded by: Dr. Caw Recording

Neurotix is:
Dominic Tonozzi–vocals and guitar
Dave Reisig–drums
Paul Rhyne–guitar
Carlo Tamayo–bass

Connect with Neurotix online below!
Official Site

Weekend Warriors: ATTALLA

Welcome to another segment of Weekend Warriors, where we feature some of the best musicians on the scene! This week we revisit the Wisconsin doom band- Attalla! After the release of their second album ‘Glacial Rule’ and a summer packed full of festivals and other great shows; we caught up with them at their Halloween Bash in their home town of Oshkosh, WI at the Reptile Palace with lead vocalist Cody James.

To see our full live Footage of Attalla’s evening at the Reptile Palace click HERE

To see more from Attalla, be sure to keep up with them in the links below!


-Don Niesen
Edited by Emily Mae



Extended Play: SEVEN CITIES DEAD-‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’

Hello again loyal readers and music enthusiasts! Mitchel Fulcer here with another tasty album review for you. This edition features the E.P. “Siren Songs of the Apocalypse” by the very talented, and ever-growing five-piece, Seven Cities Dead. I have had the pleasure of seeing these fellas live a couple of times, and certainly enjoyed their performance. So, I thought it would be super sweet to review their collection of tunes.

In the first track “Taste of Innocence,” the audio clip track has an intense thematic way of giving the listener an immediate feeling of an underlying dystopian theme. I also took note of the wide range of synergy between the epic riffs and aggressive vocals. It gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling being a fan of bands like Shadows Fall, and early In Flames. It has a great way of staying catchy without churning into cheese sauce, which I find in a lot of bands in this genre.

Finally, I found the breakdown to be a f*ckin’ headbanger and didn’t want it to end.

I found “In My Own Hands” was a bit more guitar driven, revealing the perfection achieved in complementing tones with one another. There is a clear difference between the two, but they fit together seamlessly. Get them solos, boys!! The passionate backing vocals give a relatable sense of humbleness to their tracks that tells me these guys will go far.

Immediately I was digging the groove within the third track “Rising Tide.” This track definitely gives me a sense of how tight this group can be. I love the way the vocals, and guitars come in pairs. They have a wonderful way of allowing every member to have their own identity. I feel these qualities make a more authentic and professional record. Check out “Rising Tide” here:

Every fan loves a good chant, and this tune has got it! Do I smell a single?

“The Path Unknown” has a golden consistency in the lyrical content. When keeping to a theme as a band, keeping that going without saturating your songs with the same words tossed in a blender, is a difficult task. These guys, however, pull it off nicely. The solo section is on level 10! It’s my favorite part yet.

The fifth track, “Dissolution,” takes a hard-left turn with dynamic, grunge-esque angst. I thoroughly enjoy the “gross” riffs that hold perfect context with the relentless vocal pattern. I never saw this coming. That said, it was a pleasant look into the possible diversity, and future paths these guys can take.
The “riffy” technicality of the verse on their sixth track “All War Starts from Within” really hooked me. I also noticed how their drummer has a vast knowledge of his bandmates and always gives them ways to fill wide open space with individual creativity, and their afore-mentioned identity.

When all was said and done, I legitimately enjoyed this E.P. and cannot wait to see what they’re going to release in the future. They started in February of this year, and have blasted their way into a great position in the music scene. If this is what they have for a first release, Satan only knows what delicious metal they can brew for the next release.

Looking forward to next time, but until then, stay safe, and thrash fast!!!!!


Track List: 
1.Taste of Innocence
2. In My Own Hands
3. Rising Tide
4. The Path Unknown
 5. Disillusion
 6. All War Starts from Within

Seven Cities Dead Lineup
Josh Kurtz – Vocals
Guy Smith – Guitar and Vocals
Thomas Hogue – Guitar
Josh Swart – Bass Guitar
Lucas Peters – Drums

Connect with Seven Cities Dead online

-Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker


Breastfest 2018…Holy SH*T where do I even begin? This show was easily my favorite show of the year right after Project Mayhem earlier this summer. 2018 has truly been a great year for shows in the Wisconsin scene without a doubt, and Breastfest certainly hasn’t broken the momentum. How could you go wrong with a killer line up of our local favorites AND a legendary headliner? You couldn’t, that’s the deal!

One of my favorite things upon arriving at shows in our scene is that good ole family reunion feeling. Everyone is greeting one another and making their rounds to catch up with those whom we maybe haven’t seen in a while. I had many pleasant exchanges before I even officially made it into the building, which in itself is always a great feeling. After settling in, sound check started, and the anticipation for the show ahead began to rise. The first to take the stage was local comedian Krains Butter who was a bit racy but incredibly relatable. He shared with us stories about his trip and other daily inconveniences that put a smile on all of our faces.


Immediately following his performance was the first band of the evening Seven Cities Dead. They kicked off the night hard and heavy, setting the pace of a killer night of metal! Seven Cities Dead has just released their latest EP ‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’ and their set list, of course, featured many songs from this release! Check out our live footage of their performance HERE.

Switch over between stages was extremely smooth and without a hitch, Of The Earth stepped up to stage two and commanded our attention with their tune “Cellar Door” off of their album ‘Patience Zero.’ As always, Of The Earth knows how to draw in the crowd with their unique sound and eye-catching performance. View their live video performance HERE.

With full force All Kings Fall exploded into their performance! All Kings Fall always brings the metal energy up and have built quite the reputation for it! After recently releasing their much-anticipated album ‘Grip Control,’ there was nothing but excitement throughout the entire venue! The pit broke out into a full rage as Breastfest built further into its climax. Check out their live video performance HERE .

It was time for Shane’s (host of Breastfest) favorite band to take the stage- Dopeheads On Mopeds! This dose of stoner rock was just what we needed to help us all keep our momentum, but slow us down a little bit (But not too much!). After all that crazy thrashing, it was time for some of that good, old fashion rock n’ roll to help us catch our breath! Their performance was groovy and fun! Video of their performance HERE

It was time for the death-dealers themselves- Morbid Saint! These brutal beasts of metal took command of the stage and thrashed hard and fast for 25 minutes straight before they broke away and gave a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone in attendance of the event. There’s just nothing like experiencing an old-school metal pioneer in all its raw power- and Morbid Saint is one of them! They’re still going strong after all this time and only getting stronger! Check out their powerful performance HERE.

Co-headliner Headstone stepped up the stage. This band is fronted by Shane Keddell, the host of Breastfest himself! Promoting sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll as well as the full spirit of metal and the freedom-loving spirit that comes with it; they brought forth the grooves! Headstone is always a fun time and a great reminder of where we all come from as metalheads! Check out their performance HERE.

Headstone concluded their set with a heartfelt acoustic song that included two guest performers-one in which was Cole Daul, drummer of the band Beetlegork on guitar! This was a cool thing to experience, and you can experience it as well below!

Finally, it was the moment we all had been waiting for.

The punk- rock puppet master, Manspeaker took to the stage while the bands were setting up and the lights were still dim. I wasn’t sure what to expect just yet, but I was sure to make my way closer to the stage to find out! After he spoke with the crowd for a bit, building up our intrigue, he dropped his pants and commanded his band to take the stage-then the fun began!


I was completely captivated by the unique personality and tone of Manspeaker, it’s no wonder he’s a legend in show business! Green Jello took to the stage, not knowing what kind of band they would have in the Wisconsin chapter, but by the time it all came together they had Three bassists, three drummers and three guitarists along with 23 volunteer puppeteers to bring the show to life! The venue was PACKED from the stage to the floor, and the energy of the room was something I had yet to experience! They burst into full performance with one of their most famous tunes, the punk-rock rendition of the “Three Little Pigs.”

I was a very hard time keeping my composure enough to continue to snapping photos- the thrash zone was calling me! But, once they broke out with their cover of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ it was all over for me! I threw my stuff down and became one with the experience! My punk-soul was awakened, and I was completely enamored with the entire experience! We thrashed, we laughed, and we all came together in this incredibly chaotic character show!! Check out our crazy footage below!

As the night came to a close, we all said our goodbyes as we began to leave this amazing experience and part ways into the night. People gathered around Manspeaker to meet him and get their photos and things of that nature. Before leaving, however, I shared a particular moment with Green Jello guitarist Mike Snyder, that will live on in my heart as my most rock n’ roll moment ever! If you’re reading this article, Mike, thank you once again for the wonderful and thoughtful gift! I will cherish it always, and I hope to meet again! If you other readers are curious- ask me about it sometime!

Thank you once again to Shane Keddell for hosting another spectacular show here in Wisconsin! Thank you as well to Tanner’s Bar and Grill as well for allowing us to party down and make metal memories! Everyone, sound/lights, bands, fans, and other staff- Thank you so very much for everything!


Don’t forget it!

-Emily Mae

Photos: Emily Maehem Photography 

Videos Shot by: Emily Mae and Ian Gray
Interview conducted by: Ian Gray
 Video Edited by Emily Mae
Green Jello live footage Edited by Cat Sullivan 

Article edited by Samantha Crocker 

Special Feature: Maehem Underground Media HALLOWEEN SPECIAL-OUT NOW!!

Its the BEST time of the year- HALLOWEEN!! Join the Maehem Team and special musical guests- Of The Earth and All Kings Fall as we tap into the mysteries of our local theater in Small Town, Wisconsin!  Hosted by our very own Ian Gray from Powerslide- it’s gonna be creepy: LETS DO THIS!

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*This video is a parody video, and was meant for entertainment purposes only.* 

Weekend Warriors: ALL KINGS FALL

It’s Weekend Warriors with All Kings Fall! This band has been hitting our scene hard and heavy over the past few years and nothing has kept them back! These guys have become a huge influence on our scene, not only on stage, but when they are in the crowd as well! For those of you other there who are maybe hearing of All Kings Fall for the first time- they are a thrash metal band from Central Wisconsin that have been rocking the scene since 2015 (hey, that rhymes). AKF has been hard at work and now finally has released their second full length album- ‘Grip Control’Check out our interview with Emily Mae below!

Available for purchase HERE and across all digital platforms!


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POWERSLIDE is back and better than ever! Along with other improvements to our site, we have recently taken a step deeper into music news to bring you a shiny new Powerslide! Album releases, Tour announcements, upcoming shows and MUCH MORE! #LETSDOTHIS

As you remember, we used to do some “commercials”  but NOW in an effort to reach out more to the music community we have begun making mini features from bands dropping new releases!  So, if you are a band and would like us to put something together OR if you would like to create your own and send it to us to be featured please contact us via Facebook or email!


This week’s Powerslide is brought to us Metal Head Brewing CO. 

Featuring Deciphering the Zodiac’s newest self-titled EP release!

Album of the week- WRATH-‘Rage’


Album Review: GOD AM-‘Phylactery Of The Decayed’

God Am’s new album “Phylactery of the Decayed” is awesome! From Noblesville, Indiana, This progressive metal quartet pulls their influence from Tool, Dio, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Opeth, Control Denied, King Diamond, Korn, and Type O-Negative just to name a few. Their sound takes me to a place where technical nu-metal riffs meet progressive doom and power metal rhythms. Their unique sound explores varying tempos and time signatures with fluidity. The vocals remind me of early Iced Earth and System of a Down. The technical proficiency of the drums truly shines on this album. Bass and Guitar compliment each other expertly demonstrating insane rhythmic command and displaying crazy dynamics. Many moods are visited throughout the album and are best highlighted by the band’s sense of composition. Organized and attention getting, the contrast they create through variation and timing keeps riffs interesting yet tasteful.

Track 1, “Phylactery,” is an intro track with samples of ghosts and epic battle music. I immediately felt like I was thrown into a boss fight! This brings us to track 2 “Mordhaus” where great technical instrumentals meet dynamic vocal stylings. This songs hooks will appeal to fans from Korn to Opeth. The industrial rhythms bring us to a crazy technical breakdown with a killer tom outro leading us to track 3. “Putridity” is my favorite track on the album. The double kick is insane with modulation on par with Gojira and crazy ride cymbal syncopation. The verse rhythm is equally intriguing and leads up to atmospheric guitar solo. This track highlights God Am’s incredible ability for contrast. Fast parts are expertly transitioned into slower parts creating a unique tension and release that grips the listener throughout. Track 4 drops us into the “Void in the Abyss” where apocalyptic tone breaks into sick groove metal riffs. At all times this band maintains your focus. Each musician contributes variations and musicality that always offers something new to latch on to each time you hear it.

Track 5 “Heretical Son” switches gears to a technical thrash rhythm with awesome swing time. The vocalist really shines on this track with his percussive meter. The bassist gets an epic solo at the  breakdown that shows off crazy influences of Death and Control Denied . The tones of both the guitar and bass really shine on this track as well with ominous dissonance and apocalyptic atmosphere.

Check out “Heretical Son” for yourself in the video below!

Track 6 “Zealot” opens with attention grabbing stops that kicks into a fast five-count meter. The odd timing and up beat syncopation feels like a progressive punch in the face. The vocals reminded me instantly of original Iced Earth. The groovy modified rock tempos helps you to break away, disconnect, and give you back your life!

The production quality shines in Track 7, “So Shall I Reap.” The atmosphere of Castlevannia meets Fallout with epic lead tones and precision sampling. At all times their power groove makes you feel like you’re surfing in Hell! The bridge is another great nod to prog with an atmosphere reminiscent of Scale the Summit.

Track 8 “Contagion” expands upon this atmospheric desert feel. The Inspiring use of timing coalesces on this track with the strongest hooks on the album. At the chorus, the vocals, and music work together in the strongest way. A Great jazzy high-hat bridge, like Mastodon’s fill-meister, takes us to a powerful tom driven outro and we’re into Track 9.

Track 9, “Derelict,” is a deceptive song. The Intro slows things down a bit but breaks quickly into a thrash punk tempo. This one is the Anthrax meets Faith No More track. The roller coaster of contrast keeps your attention the whole time. The third riff is crazy technical complete with great cymbal work and displaced hats. The breakdown is so insane with a distant howl of a snare drum and dissonant pluck of tone.  

Track 10, “Dissonance,” is the final track on the album and opens with a busy tom intro that drops the listener in a wasteland of intersecting time. The kick drum syncopates with concussion as God Am gives one last glimpse of their incredible use of timing and composition.

God Am is an inspiring progressive metal band that touches on influences ranging from grunge to metal, and from doom to progressive. Their production quality highlights atmospheric tones powerful rhythms. Their awesome use of timing and unique approach to the genre is definitely worth checking out so pick up a copy of their new album “Phylactery of the Decayed” today!


Track List for ‘Phylactery Of The Decayed’
4.Void in the Abyss
5.Heretic Son
7.So I Reap

God Am Line-up
Cody Randall (Vocalist/Drummer)
Joe Linville (Guitarist)
Jake Linville (Bassist)
Will Grimes (Drummer)

Connect with God Am online


-Jake Steinmeyer
Edited by Samantha Crocker