Album Review: BRUME ‘Rabbits’

The winter outside is frightful this November- so it’s time to hunker down, get your favorite warm beverage, and get ready for Rabbits! This release follows the epic 2018 album-Rooster which received endless recognition and praise! San Francisco doom-power trio, BRUME has brought us to our knees once again with 5 powerful tracks that are sure to make your heart ache in all the right ways.

The first track, ‘Despondence’ takes your hand and guides you into this album. There is powerful mystique as this track builds; Susie’s vocals grab hold of your soul and the instruments lock up together perfectly. ‘Scurry’ is more of what I would consider to be an upbeat sort of track, as it reflects that there is darkness in times of sorrow, but there cannot be darkness without the light. We all have experienced hard times, but we know that we will find our way in our own time. This track seems to have a quicker pace. The distortion just rings beautifully throughout and creates a comforting and nostalgic sound.

‘Blue Jay’ sounds like a dark fairy tale as a woman is struggling between love and woe. A blue jay seems to be offering her advice as her ‘inner voice’. This track features piano and cello as well which creates an entirely unique atmosphere. This track is the perfect climax of the album! ‘Lament’ is soft and atmospheric- creating a sort of calm in the melancholic state of mind. It becomes heavier as it progresses and, at times, this song has a grunge-like sound and attitude to it.

‘Audocrats Fools’ finishes off this release strong and heavy. The guitar riffs carry you off into another realm as the drums steady the pace. I feel like I am wandering through a forest of the mind as one searches through their own memories to discover peace within themselves.

In a way, this album is much like following that white rabbit into Wonderland. It’s lyrical content is full of themes I personally find relatable, such as sadness & self-doubt, anxiety and depression, toxic relationships, and what feels like endless melancholy of the soul; but ultimately, although these songs sound sad, they are actually happy, because when you catch up to the rabbit, you discover that all you needed in the end was to lead yourself into the light. Not because the rabbit lead you there, as it would seem, but because you pursued it.

Rabbits is available now! Get your digital, CD or LP copy from  Magnetic Eye Records HERE! Be sure to follow Brume on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Weekend Warriors: IRON KINGDOM At The Wisco, Madison, WI

Dripping in power riffs and just as many studs on their denim vests, Iron Kingdom took the stage last Saturday, November 23, 2019, and left the whole dive bar quaking in awe.

The indoor stage for the Wisco seems like it is all of five-by-five inches wide, but the sound and energy this band had came in hard and made it seem like we were all watching an arena performance!

They seem too good to be true. As I was taking shots of their performance, one audience member leaned in to me and asked “Are they original?!” (meaning playing original music, not covers). I told him yes. He definitely seemed shocked as he said, “This fuckin’ shreds!”

Agreed. I, too, was blown away that we were in the presence of such greatness in the neighborhood favorite dive bar.

Iron Kingdom is a power metal band hailing from the Great White North in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Influenced by other such power-driven metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (among others), it’s obvious this band has done their homework on what creating and performing power metal is supposed to be!

I was lucky enough to receive a press pass to shoot as well as have an in-person interview with this incredible four-piece, listed and linked below.

Weekend Warriors Interview with Iron Kingdom at Wisco, Madison WI

It was an honor to simply be in attendance at all, and on behalf of us here at Maehem Underground Media, I would like to thank Iron Kingdom for their time and incredible performance, as well as Asher Media for sending them our way!

Iron Kingdom are on the road now for their North American Road Warriors tour, with only a handful of dates remaining. Go to for tickets, as well as their music, and don’t forget to get your hands on some of their sweet merch!

FRONT ROW: Iron Kingdom Live at Wisco, Madison, WI

Other links:




Twitter: @iron_kingdom


Written by Cat Sullivan

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: CREEPING DEATH Announce North American Tour Supporting High On Fire And Power Trip

Texas death metal titans CREEPING DEATH will kick off a month-long US tour supporting High On Fire and Power Trip next week. The journey begins November 7th at Levitation Fest in Austin, Texas and will storm over two dozen cities upon its conclusion December 8th in Santa Ana, California. Additional support will be provided by Devil Master. See all confirmed dates below.   CREEPING DEATH will be touring in support of their smoldering Wretched Illusions debut, unleashed worldwide last month via Entertainment One (“eOne”). Reaping accolades from critics globally, Revolver notes, “Wretched Illusions doubles-down on the intensity, delivering ten tracks that coalesce high-velocity attacks with Lone Star State-styled smackdowns akin to Power Trip.” Lauds Decibel Magazine of the release, “Death metal’s new breed of old ghouls mutates vintage fringe into the modern mainstream. Leveraging the rhythmic latitude of thrash and hardcore,

CREEPING DEATH torque the genre’s thick guttural trademarks with a ramrod propulsion and knockout delivery that’s seemingly innate.” Adds Loudwire, “Everything about this is ugly. Like the aborted lovechild of Dismember and ’89 Bolt Thrower, CREEPING DEATH immediately raise the stakes for the wave of hardcore-infested death metal sweeping the United States.”  

Produced by Daniel Schmuck (Power Trip, Messengers, End Times) and mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Ghostmane, Cavalera Conspiracy, Outer Heaven), Wretched Illusions is available CD, digital, and vinyl formats. Order you copy today at THIS LOCATION.    

CREEPING DEATH w/ High On Fire, Power Trip, Devil Master:
11/07/2019 Levitation Festival @ Mohawk – Austin, TX
11/08/2019 Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX
11/09/2019 The Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
11/10/2019 White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
11/11/2019 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL *
11/12/2019 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
11/13/2019 Nighthawks – Jacksonville, FL *
11/14/2019 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/15/2019 Amos’ Southend – Charlotte, NC
11/16/2019 The Broadberry – Richmond, VA
11/17/2019 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
11/19/2019 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
11/20/2019 Asbury Lanes – Asbury Park, NJ
11/21/2019 Elsewhere – New York, NY
11/22/2019 Elsewhere – New York, NY
11/23/2019 Webster – Hartford, CT
11/24/2019 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
11/25/2019 Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON
11/26/2019 The Majestic – Detroit, MI
11/27/2019 The Metro – Chicago, IL
11/29/2019 Oriental Theater – Denver, CO
11/30/2019 Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT
12/02/2019 Neumos – Seattle, WA
12/03/2019 The Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
12/04/2019 Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
12/06/2019 The UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
12/07/2019 The Regent – Los Angeles, CA 12/08/2019 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA *No High On Fire

“Death metal’s new breed of old ghouls mutates vintage fringe into the modern mainstream. Leveraging the rhythmic latitude of thrash and hardcore, CREEPING DEATH torque the genre’s thick guttural trademarks with a ramrod propulsion and knockout delivery that’s seemingly innate.” – Decibel
 “Wretched Illusions doubles-down on the intensity, delivering ten tracks that coalesce high-velocity attacks with Lone Star State-styled smackdowns akin to Power Trip.” – Revolver”One thing can be said about CREEPING DEATH: they’re committed to their name… on the material from their upcoming new album Wretched Illusions, the band are exploring a moldier, more clammy-to-the-touch sound that oozes and lumbers as much as it rips…” – Kerrang
 “Everything about this is ugly. Like the aborted lovechild of Dismember and ’89 Bolt Thrower, CREEPING DEATH immediately raise the stakes for the wave of hardcore-infested death metal sweeping the United States. Let those knuckles drag on ‘Ripping Through Flesh.'” – Loudwire; 2019 Best Metal Songs…So Far
“The record fuses hardcore and death metal so seamlessly that it rarely feels like you’re listening to one already-defined type of music or another. CREEPING DEATH clearly dig the classics, but they spit their influences back out in a way that feels genuinely fresh. And every song on this album is such a ripper, that you’ll be banging your head too much to think about any of this boring technical stuff anyway.” – BrooklynVegan”…a formidable debut that ensures CREEPING DEATH‘s place near the forefront of the OSDM resurgence.” — Exclaim!
CREEPING DEATH are able to weave a meaty and enjoyable album that never feels stale or like they’re retreading ideas as the album continues. Paced excellently and with enough power to turn even the most timid of fans into a raging monster, Wretched Illusions is another tab for 2019’s victorious release list.” — Distorted Sound

Follow Creeping Death online HERE or on their official site HERE

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Single Review: IMMORTALIS- ‘Leviathan’

Hold up- is that new Immortalis?! You betcha! Wisconsin Progressive/deathcore legends Immortalis are finally releasing their latest single ‘Leviathan’ and MAN this one is a BANGER! This is the first release since their debut EP Symmetry in 2017- so naturally there has been much anticipation surrounding this release; which is set for October 26th, along with a video (like-WHAT?!) which the band teased earlier this month. Check it out below!

The beginning of this track reminds me of watching Midsommar, which may or may not be because I just watched it, but what I mean is it has a haunting allure to it that captivates you the moment the track begins. The vocals take hold of your soul with a vicious death-growl. As the track progresses I definitely get a Between The Buried and me vibe. As it bounces between death style and more progressive styles you get a bit of the clean vocals that play really well with the more aggressive vocals. As well as brilliant lyrical content- and for me, I am always there for those lyrics.

Photo: Stephen Hallam

This track is beautifully balanced in the instrumental aspects as well. The guitars have killer hooks and leads throughout the entire track and the rhythms are relentless! Some of the guitar riffs give me some real gamer-feels too; the guitar leads are simply EPIC! Not to mention a SUPER special and SUPER secret guest is featured on this release as well- we can’t give away everything before you get the chance to indulge in this for yourself but lets just say *insert mind-blown and shooketh emojis here*.

It’s difficult for me to find the right words to describe what I feel when I experience ‘Leviathan’– but what I can tell you is that it is no surprise to me that Immortalis fans old and new are at the very edge of their seats waiting for this release! I know that I am!

Catch them LIVE at the SV2 in Green Bay, WI on October 25th- event link HERE!

To keep up with what is new for Immortalis follow them on Facebook HERE or on other social media platforms!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

The Stage: The Rave GWAR + Supports

Usually, going to any concert on a Tuesday night is cause for concern. “Normal” people have far too many responsibilities these days. Going to see a great concert in these busy times is rare. Going to a GWAR concert, however, is well worth your time. The show began like a great concert should, the sounds and styles of hundreds of fellow metalheads jamming and clawing their way into The Rave’s Eagles Club. The show was about to begin.

The first thing you see when turning the corner into the hall was the merch booth of opening act, AGAINST THE GRAIN. Quite the selection of good merch to be had. Their set was a mixture of some long-forgotten dirty blues roots with just a smattering of some classic old-school metal. Indeed, the perfect setup to the events that would unfold. Next up was Seattle’s own Toxic thrashers of other masters TOXIC HOLOCAUST; they were brutal! I fondly remember memories of them playing for GWAR on, or around, Halloween 2002! They were great then, and they continue to be the down to Earth, thrash-slinging and heart pounding heavy metal we love. 

Batting third this glorious night of music were long-time heavy hitters SACRED REICH. They were in top form. The sometimes scary, yet melodic, haunting howl of singer/bassist Phil Rind, can be heard from the parking lot. In this band, age is but a number. 23 years after their last album, they have come out with a new bone crushing record, Awakening, available on Metal Blade Records HERE.

Finally, it came time to see GWAR. Starting the set off with an usual twist, Sick of You was blaring in the speakers from the phrase: “Chop that guy’s head off!” The rest of the set left no disappointments as they massacred their way through Bring Back The Bomb and classic thrash sounds from Bonesnapper. The blood was in full flow as beefcake laid it down with Beat You To Death. The biledriver was on everyone’s mind, and bodies, with that intro bass line leading the charge, spraying any poor bastard within a foot of this awesome song! When hundreds of people are sweating and stinking on top of each other covered in blood listening to their favorite band, it truly is a sight to behold (and smell)!

Another fantastic evening of metal to be had here in Wisconsin! For those of you who don’t live around here, GWAR and these other killer bands are still on tour! Click HERE to find a date near you!

Ian Gray
Photos by Ian Gray; Edited by Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

The Stage: The Q & Z CORROSION OF CONFORMITY + Supports

After only getting slightly lost and a little bit of a struggle at the door, I made my way once again into the Q & Z Expo Center to photograph the this killer line up during their only Wisconsin stop on this tour! Corrosion Of Conformity was on tour with some of the most amazing doom metallers and rockers to hit the stage! This included Witch Mountain, Mothership, and The Skull.

Witch Mountain was the first to hit the stage as we all eagerly gathered inside to escape the evening Autumn chill. I was captivated by the theater-like performance of the vocalist Kayla as she captured the audience with her hypnotic voice and movements about the stage. One fan was telling me how he loved the tone of Witch Mountain, “I could feel it in my blood!” he exclaimed with a smile. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Next up was a band I had been very excited to see live for a long time now- Mothership! These dudes came all the way from Texas to rock out for us in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. They were so full of energy and that old fashioned rock n’ roll soul that I couldn’t help but smile the whole time I was watching them.

Something about their psychodellic sound just took you to that far away place. Honestly, they made it to being one of my favorite bands I have seen perform this year! Check Out our live footage below!

It was time for The Skull to take the stage. I have been hearing everyone in the doom music community talk about these guys, so I was excited to see for myself what everyone was talking about.

They definitly did not diasappoint. The venue was packed with fans who were filled with energy. They were the perfect level of hype to get everyone geared up for the big finale of Corrosion Of Conformity! It was totally cool to see the vocalist Eric shaking hands and exchanging fist bumps with the people in the front row as well, they all had the starry-eye look in their eyes as he walked away and they cleared the stage for COC.

I had just enough time to take a step outside and enjoy some of the food the Q & Z had forsale before the stage director gave the signal and everyone packed upfront. The stage went dark, and then the members of COC began to arrive on the stage. In one pulse the enterire crowd moved forward securing me in my spot at the rail. The guy next to me was to jacked he was belting out lyrics and jumping up and down. It was difficult to time snaps inbetween his enthusiastic movements.The room was so packed I felt like I was swimming against an ocean current trying to get my shots in, until eventually the crowd was so alive that I had no choice but to go with the flow.

Another amazing evening of music in the books for Wisconsin! Thank you so much to everyone involved with putting together this show tand to everyone who worked hard while it was going on. The bands all put on a spectacular performance! I was truly honored to be there.

The A Quest To Believe, A Call To The Void North American Tour is still going on! Catch them at a date near you!

10/01/2019 Canton Hall – Dallas, TX
10/02/2019 House Of Rock – Corpus Christi, TX
10/04/2019 Jakes Sports Café – Lubbock, TX
10/05/2019  Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
10/07/2019 The Green Room – Flagstaff, AZ
10/09/2019 Strummers – Fresno, CA
10/10/2019 Holy Diver – Sacramento, CA10/11/2019 Glass House – Pomona, CAEnd Tour:
10/13/2019 MegaCruise 2019 – Los Angeles, CA *

Find COC online HERE

Emily Mae
Photos: Emily Maehem Photography
Article edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play: LUNAR MOTH Self Titled

Lunar Moth is a three-piece doomy, garage-rock band from Madison, WI. Their latest self-titled EP release was recorded at Fuzztapes Studios and mixed and mastered to keep true to their raw but defined sound. Originally intended for cassette release only, as it’s the perfect fit for their retro sound, it was also released digitally for those of us who are missing a cassette player in our lives (which is unfortunate for those who don’t own one if we are being honest). You can purchase this release digitally HERE!

This four-track EP is packed full of sludgy riffs, spacey vocals, fuzzy bass, and hard-hitting drums. It’s been 50 years since 1969, and there seems to be a retro-revolution on the rise! Doom bands have been brining back the groove all over the globe and creating a movement far and wide! Lunar Moth is a great example of what is coming out of this movement. Combining everything we love about the 1960-1970 songs of groovy-witchcraft and bringing it to life with modern twists and turns.

Track Listing
1. Abecedarian
2. Fever Brain
3. Inner Demons
4. Red Room Mistress

I recently saw Lunar Moth perform for the first time at the Waupaca, WI. battle of the bands (held at Schueller’s Great Exspechtations, which we proudly also sponsored) competition and was captivated by the energy they brought to the stage. I knew right away that I had to include them in a line up of our own- which happened to fall perfectly in place! Be sure to catch Lunar Moth live at our upcoming Halloween show October 19th at the SV2- Moon Doom Ritual; which also includes performances by the bands Twichard, Beetlegork, and is headlined by Chicago doom band legend Black Road!

Follow Lunar Moth Online below!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: PALE GREY LORE ‘Eschatology’ Full-Length Streaming Via Small Stone

Eschatology, the latest full-length from Columbus, Ohio-based psychedelic doom conjurors PALE GREY LORE is out now and streaming via Small Stone Recordings.  

PALE GREY LORE blends elements of garage psych, space rock, post-punk, and stoner doom to create focused, hook-driven, heavy, rock ‘n’ roll. Eschatology was produced by the band’s own Xander Roseberry and Michael Miller, engineered and mixed by Andy Sartain, and mastered by Harold LaRue, with artwork and layout by Adam Eckley.

  Stream Eschatology in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

Eschatology is out now on CD, limited LP, and digital formats. For orders, visit the Small Stone Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Eschatology tells the story of a depleted planet beset by vast inequality, ravaged by climate catastrophe, and poisoned by nuclear disaster,” relays the band of the record’s themes. “The masses are left to suffer and die while the wealthy techno-industrialists responsible for the destruction flee in luxury spacecraft that will become their tombs. The sheer magnitude of this planetary devastation summons cosmic beings whose presence warps reality itself, and the world is utterly transformed as the present collides with an ancient timeline. When the survivors finally emerge from their underground shelters, they discover that half the planet remains a post-apocalyptic wasteland while the other half has become lush and verdant. One hemisphere is strewn with melted reactors, crashed spacecraft, and bombed-out ruins; the other is an untamed wilderness, teeming with strange creatures, and dotted with ominous towering edifices that pulsate with eldritch power.”  

Catch PALE GREY LORE live in the coming weeks including a performance at this year’s edition of Descendants Of Crom.

9/06/2019 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
9/21/2019 Descendants Of Crom III @ Cattivo – Pittsburgh, PA
9/24/2019 Skully’s Music-Diner – Columbus, OH
9/28/2019 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH     
10/19/2019 The Union – Athens, OH      
11/08/2019 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH  

PALE GREY LORE began as a collaboration between brothers Michael (guitar, vocals) and Adam Miller (drums), with Donovan Johnson (bass) joining up in the summer of 2014. Xander Roseberry (guitar, backing vocals) was added to the lineup in the winter of 2016, just prior to their signing with Oak Island Records, an imprint of German label Kozmik Artifactz.   The band’s eponymous debut full-length was originally self-released on limited-run CD and digitally in June of 2016 and consequently landed at the #13 spot on’s Top 20 Debut Albums of that year. Conceived as a series of surreal vignettes, it brought forth allegorical scenes from a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world in which the lines between science and the occult, technology and superstition, were hopelessly blurred. The album was released on vinyl in December 2017 via Oak Island Records.  

Building on the momentum of the vinyl release, PALE GREY LORE began playing more live shows throughout the Midwest, landing spots on heavy music festivals such as the Chicago Doomed & Stoned Fest, Descendants Of Crom, and the Maryland Doom Fest. They’ve shared the stages with the likes of Pelican, Monolord, Lo-Pan, and Le Butcherettes, and are primed to release second album Eschatology. Fans of Failure, Lo-Pan, Black Sabbath, Irata, and Sundrifter, pay heed.

  “…positively ballooning with fresh ideas, ever-weaving melodicism, and the right sort of cathartic narrative that’ll grip the listener by their chest and shake them free of the catatonia-inducing chaotic reality of today.” — Grizzly Butts

“Eschatology is a record full of purpose, and the realization of not just a plotline, but a creative vision fleshed out across the work…of multiple songwriters coming together toward a common end. It is simultaneously gorgeous and troubling, thoughtful in composition and impact-making in result.” – The Obelisk

“Eschatology draws equally on network news tickers and D&D, and also finds singer/guitarist Michael Miller and Co. blasting Elon Musk and his ilk into space to die” — Columbus Alive”

While PALE GREY LORE‘s debut album set up a solid foundation in 2016, Eschatology is where things really get interesting. A noticeable boost in heaviness gives the group some extra weight but they never lose sight of their psychedelic roots. The conceptual angle, in turn, sets a strong precedent for what will hopefully be even more trippy freak-outs to follow. If albums like this and the newest efforts by Merlin, Book of Wyrms, and Ecstatic Vision are anything to go by, the space rock scene is in good hands.” – Indy Metal

Vault”The songs are epic bites of timeless rock, with fabulous little touches to make the listener engage (including some mystical bells to the title track)… The sounds engage slowly, like friends who become stronger over time. The guitar work is bottom heavy, but melodic. The top end frequency only exists in a parallel universe.” — Metal Nexus

“These guys play a heavy-handed version of drug laced Camaro rock. The vocals offer more hopefully floating sense of melody. The tight syncopated feel of what they do has as much as in common with Helmet as they do Kyuss.” — Abysmal Hymns

“Heavy but at the same time groovy…. With this excellent debut album, PALE GREY LORE have added their own chapter to the great rock and roll story.” — More Fuzz”…a thundering good time from smoldering start to the winding end of the closing title track. Equal parts color and clout, the vibrancy of the guitar flourishes, with the vast musical textures being matched in the album’s cover (an element of artistic work I find to be often brushed over these days). A colorful but bleak snapshot of the aftermath of a civilization’s downfall, the mystery of the artwork captured my interest. The music all but held it hostage. What lies beyond the doorway of that cryptic tower?” — Everything Is Noise

Follow Pale Grey Lore online HERE

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Maehem News: THE BLEEDING Unleash Video For ‘Demonic Oath’

UK Extreme Metallers THE BLEEDING are set to return with Morbid Prophecy, their hotly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Rites of Absolution.

The band has unleashed the official lyric video for album track “Demonic Oath.” Vocalist Germ says about the track:
“Demonic Oath is a pulling back of the curtain on society’s unseen manipulators. Wherever power is wielded on such a scale, occult forces lurk. How far are you prepared to go to manifest your own sinister desires?”

Check out the video here!

Morbid Prophecy is set for release October 18 on World War Now Records.

Track listing:
01 – Demonic Oath
02 – Maelstrom
03 – Entering The Pandemonium
04 – Morbid Prophecy
05 – Storm of The Hellspawn
06 – Sadistic Saviour
07 – Repentance
08 – Hammer of Penance

Formed in 2010 by Themis on vocals and Tasos on guitar, THE BLEEDING was soon joined by Jeff on guitar and Dimitris on drums. Sean on bass completed the line up. The band’s first public performance took place on September 30, 2012 at The Monarch in Camden Town, London and introduced Jamie on vocals. Death Eternal, the band’s debut album was unleashed in 2013. Followed by the 2018 release of the highly acclaimed Rites of Absolution album via World War Now Records.

Follow The Bleeding online HERE

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The Stage: Thalia Hall ORANGE GOBLIN + Supports

I was excited to head to Chicago once again on August 30th; this time to Thalia Hall on the Southside of downtown to see the performance of Orange Goblin with guests Weedeater and The Skull.

The first people I ran into when entering the venue was the band Weedeater; they were a bunch of great guys from North Carolina. “Dixie” Dave Collins (lead vocalist and bassist) chatted with me for a while as he took the time to show me the backstage area at Thalia Hall. They had greenrooms for every band as well as easy access to the rear of the stage from these private band areas, which was a really impressive setup. Their Rodie Deago is a great guy too, and he was sharing stories of all the doom bands he has had the chance to work with, including Weedeater.

The Skull was first to hit the stage as the local support of this show. Being from Chicago gave them an excellent turnout of local fans who came to show support for the band. They have a large local following for sure! I know I was glad to see them performing once again since the last time I saw them was the Chicago Doomed and Stoned Festival, 2018.

Weedeater, who is currently on a midwest tour, was next for the stage. I was excited to see them perform after taking the time to get to know them a bit before the show. Chicago definitely digs Weedeater because as they hit the stage the crowd easily tripled in size! The whole place started really rockin’-I mean literally you could feel the floor shaking! Their performance was just as awesome as they were.

Up next was the headliners, Orange Goblin, who had made their way from the UK for this North American tour. I couldn’t wait to see them as my friend Nick Gurley, a Chicago freelance artist, had been talking them up to me for over 2 years.

Despite all the challenges thrown their way, including government complications not allowing their drummer of 24 years to have a work  visa, Orange goblin risked their bands very existence to come to the USA for this tour. Their dedication to their fan base is most admirable and one that most bands would not risk. I have nothing but respect for this band. Their major influence is Motorhead and thank the powers that be, because they know damned well Lemmy would do exactly the same thing; so divine inspiration brought them here! They dedicated a cover to what they defined as ‘The greatest Rock and Roll band the world has ever known! Motorhead!” Orange Goblin really turn up the juice and got the crowd going by insisting that there be a mosh pit- and there was! At a doom Show! That was great!

Their performance was one that Lemmy himself would be proud of! I would like to thank everyone involved including the staff at Thalia Hall, all the bands, and for those who allowed me to be at this show! I wish them nothing but the best as they continue on their US tour!

-Don Niesen

Photos by Don Niesen
Article Edited by Samantha Crocker