Extended Play: FLESH TO ASHES Self-titled

Flesh to Ashes is an up-and-coming death metal band out of Escanaba, MI! Following their most recent video release track “Hell Catcher” is their very first self-titled EP release!

This release contains three tracks of face-melting brutality! Starting with ‘Ass Casket’ (that’s not a typo, haha!); it starts with the bass setting a solid foundation for the rest of the track, and honestly the album over all. ‘Hell Catcher’ has all those nasty, teeth-grinding riffs that you love, and the classic death metal vocals bring all the brutality! Finishing out this release is ‘Impending Doom’, which is more relatable now than ever it would seem. All jokes aside, this is a hard and heavy metal slow jam, and is my personal favorite of this release. Something about it hits just right, and you’ll know what I mean when you check it our for yourself!

This EP is hard, heavy, and just what the doctor ordered for times like these! This self-titled release is available now! Follow Flesh to Ashes online HERE!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

The Stage: PROJECT MAYHEM 2019

It was that time of year again; a very magical and special time of year. Time for PROJECT MAYHEM. Imagine, if you will, one of those classic summer movie scenes where it shows metalheads from all over Wisconsin packing the final items inside their vehicles and hitting those open (and incomplete construction zoned) roads to the Northwoods of Rhinelander to the BEST music festival of the year!

Just a brief re-cap for those of you who haven’t been to or heard of this event, Project Mayhem is a three day music festival. The music ranges from modern blue grass to death metal. This a grass roots festival started as a punk & metal show by two life-long friends and have cultivated it into what it is day. Featuring a variety of bands, musicians, and showcasing bands from not just Wisconsin, but others in the region as well. Really, it’s just a great time with all your music friends and family to kick it in Hodag Country and make life-lasting memories. Oh, and LOTS of fun and, most importantly, FIRE!!

Casket Robbery

This year it began with the MAN of Mayhem- Chris Craig’s birthday celebration! Check out our footage below!

Chris Craig Birthday bash

Thursday kicked off this Northwoods bash hard and heavy! The booze was flowing, everyone’s spirits were high and the music was in full swing! Featuring the acts Zippnutts Scott Kirby, Dead Pedals, Wood Chickens, All Out Mutiny, X-undead, and topping the night off with H1Z1.

The party was just beginning; two more days of Mayhem and there was already so much to take in!

It was finally Friday and after a long week of work we made our way to the northwoods to join in all of the excitement. We had a long day of bands and artists ahead of us including: Phyl Wickham, Cheap Seats, Elks Startled By Thunder, Court Caust, Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture, All Kings Fall, Forcefield, Red Flags, Elms, Circle Of Willis, Bourbon House and Ultrea!

The grounds had come to life with the sound of music and laughter that echoed throughout the woods. I was united with all of the friends I had made over the past couple of years working in the music scene and all was right with the world.

Saturday morning had arrived and the fun and games had continued. The infamous lobster had made its way overnight into another camp mysteriously; people were doing yoga, fires were being started and breakfast was being made. Everyone was going about their morning routines within the community and preparing for the final day of music that had awaited them.

Grave Remains

The day was progressing so quickly with one amazing performance after another; it was hard to keep track of the time! Saturday featured artists and bands Caleb Delaney, As Bullets Baptize, Purging Paradise, Time To Kill, Desolate, Ave Imperator, Grave Remains, Beetlegork, Semtex, The Central, Mutilated By Zombies, Twichard, Casket Robbery, Thrasher, and Impaler!

Sadly, another year of Project Mayhem had come to a close. There were so many memories, great conversations, love, and friendship once again. As soon as you pack up your belongings and take one last look at the camp, you are longing to return the next year.

Project Mayhem is easily one of the greatest events Wisconsin has to offer. This event is more than just another music festival, its a music family reunion. I always leave there happy and recharged. Thank you once again to the Project Mayhem Crew who worked tirelessly to bring everything together and to all the bands who perform for keeping it real out there.

Project Mayhem 2019: Thank you!
Love, The Maehem Underground Media Team

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker
Videos filmed: Cat Sullivan, Emily Mae, Don Niesen
Edited by Emily Mae, Cat Sullivan
Photos by Don Niesen, Emily Mae, Cat Sullivan
COMPLETE GALLERIES: Navillus Media, Maehem Underground Media, Emily Maehem Photography

*LIVE FOOTAGE VIDEOS ARE THE BAND NAMES THAT ARE RED* Not all bands have full performances, but all bands have photos, we apologize to those of you who did not get live footage captures, with the amount of time we had to work this year, we simply couldn’t get to all of you, we loved and appreciated all of your performances and hope to see you again next year!

Special Feature: A Year Of MAEHEM

What an INCREDIBLE first year as a publication of the music scene! We have worked with bands on all levels. We’ve met amazing people all along the way. Some of you have been here from the very beginning, and others are just arriving here today, but no matter what the case we can’t thank you all enough for the love and support and we hope to keep bringing plenty of Maehem your way!

Our Anniversary party was about much more than simply a year of our efforts; it was about what we share with everyone out in the scene from local businesses, venues, artists, musicians, and fans of music alike! We all made this happen, and we here at Maehem Underground Media are proud to be a part of it!

Thank you once again to our bands!

All Kings Fall

Squidhammer Metal


Thank you again to our sponsors!
Patrick Gunderson- Gunderslam
Chris Craig- Project Mayhem
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Emily Mae- Emily Maehem Photography
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Mitchell Guitars

Congratulations to Gary Golwitzer for winning the Mitchell Guitar!!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Front Row: ALL OUT MUTINY ft Mitchel Fulcer

We have a very special Front Row Friday feature for all of you this week! At Cold Shot in Appleton, WI we got to see the very talented Mitchel Fulcer (of All Kings Fall) perform with the mighty All Out Mutiny! This is something all of us here in Wisconsin only caught a glimpse of at last years 400 Block in Wausau, WI- but for all the lucky bastards on the west coast (when All Out Mutiny had their tour Death In The Desert with Endtime Illusion
) , they got to catch his performance long before we did and I KNOW all of you were as jealous as I was!

Finally! The time has come- below is our footage of All Out Mutiny Ft. Mitchel Fulcer on vocals and also a guest return to his roots- bass guitar!

Founded in 2015, All Out Mutiny (Wausau WI) has undoubtedly made their presence known and are steadily poised to continue to spread their brand of groove metal to all corners of the rock’n’ roll world. Self-proclaimed ‘party thrashers,’ AOM have traversed the globe with performances throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, and most recently a historical tour in Brasil.

Follow All Out Mutiny in the links below!
Official Site

-Emily Mae

Album Review: Shadow Witch-‘Disciples Of The Crow’

Shadow Witch is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Grunge/Metal band from Kingston, New York. They recently released their newest album, Disciples Of The Crow, which follows their first release, Sun Killer, from the year 2016. They released Disciples Of The Crow in 2017 under the label Salt Of The Earth Records! You can connect with them online in the links below!




Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals. Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.

I had the opportunity to see Shadow Witch Perform live at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL during the Doomed and Stoned Festival. Shadow Witch is a perfect name for this band because it represents their musical style. Hidden in the shadow of the upbeat riffs is a dark doom theme. Smoke and mirrors for the message, if you will. This LP starts out with an upbeat rocker-“Love Could Be Like This.” A tale of a conflicted soul who experiences a dream of a dark shadow illusion of love; the conflict of temptation and of a desire to be loved, but what love is this? Within the lyrics, it states Love is like a scream, which is a play on the phrase Love is like a ‘dream,’ suggesting that this type of love is more nightmarish than welcoming.

“Reap” is the second track; this tale is an expansion of the story of creation-like Genesis. Its groove takes us into the dark karma of humanity. We are then lead to the third track, “Cruel” which seems to represent the fact that just because people possess ‘sparkly’ things does not mean that they own anything. This is because there is no justice or freedom in actuality. For all the so-called ‘valuable’ things people own, they are born to be subjugated, and they do not desire to be genuinely free.

Track four is the title track of this LP- “Disciples Of The Crow” The song starts out with the haunting cackles of a crow deep in the woods, calling you in. The beat is dark and menacing. Grinding riffs of doom paint the backdrop for this tale of the Raven King, which spells an apocalyptic end and suffering for all of humanity; suggesting the fall of an empire.  The fifth track is “Stranger Skies” which is another groovy upbeat rocker. This tune describes the awakening of the Dragon King. This yellow beast offers no relief, only grief, and nothing can stop his impending rise.


“The Sea” is the next track which begins with the sound of rain and distant thunder. The song kicks off with a slow, soft intro, then builds to a rockin’ slow verse riff. The cymbals seem to play the role of flashing lighting as the lyrics describe a beckoning to take to the stormy sea. It tells of the spell cast by the sea that lured men to their demise. “Beneath The Veil” picks things up a bit, as this track is a fast-paced, groovy tune. Essentially, we have all been sold to be a feast for the beast.

The final track “Dead Heros” is the conclusion of Disciples Of The Crow. This one starts with a sweet, crunchy doom-groove. The message I get out of this one is a reflection of too many lost heroes of war, which creates a feeling of hopelessness. This album has lead us from a more of an upbeat track to a downslope track. This, to me, is the perfect doomy outro for an album adventure such as this.

Overall I was very impressed with this album. They have a unique quality of sound to their flavor of the doom metal genera. I loved how the music was groovy and upbeat, but the subject matter was dark and in depth. This created a fascinating moody tone to the whole thing.

Thank you once again to Shadow Witch for being one of the main contributors to our Doomed and Stoned giveaway. We thank you for your support!

The tracks of Disciples Of The Crow are:
  1. 1. Love Me Like This
  2. Reap
  3. Cruel
  4. Disciples Of The Crow
  5. Stranger Skies
  6. The Sea
  7. Beneath The Veil
  8. Dead Heros

Shadow Witch is:

Doug Beans-Drummer

‎David Pannullo-Bassist

Earl Lundy- Vocals


Jeremy Hall-Guitar

Catch Shadow Witch at their next show! August 3rd at The Anchor ins Kingston, NY
For more on Shadow Witch find them online in the links below!
-Don Niesen
Edited by: Samantha Crocker