Album Review: DART BUMMIN LIZARD: The Red Flags

Coming back strong with their second release in the past year, The Red Flags are here to show that ain’t no quarantine gonna keep this flag burning any less bright!

On March 20, 2020, The Red Flags released their official second album, Dart Bummin Lizard. This album is everything I’ve come to expect from The Red Flags…and by that, I mean I’m always wrong with what I expect, but always pleasantly wrong. I should know by now that trying to guess what direction this band is going to go in is a futile point. The Red Flags are always creating new, exciting, unexpected, and unprecedented sounds, and Dart Bummin Lizard is a good figurehead to explain to the new listener what these rock n roll reptiles from Janesville are all about.

Mixing old school funk with classic rock and roll, The Red Flags come through yet again with this new record by putting their chaotic, and sometimes maniacal, experimental twist in the fires from the walls of their home studio.

Within the first second of the first track, “Danuh”, you get a less-than-fair warning for what a banger you’re about to be in for. I for one was not prepared for the amount of ear-fucking that this record made me endure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining!

My favorite song by The Red Flags, titled “There’s No”, has now FINALLY been recorded on this new record and I’m so excited about it! Anyone who has ever seen The Red Flags live knows this song as a solid staple of their set and with good reason. Personally I’ve seen them play more times than is probably considered healthy, and I have been waiting at least four years to be able to play this in my car!

Dart Bummin Lizard sounds like one long bop that refuses to stop; smells like one too many cheap beers and cigarettes; tastes like summer dirt under your toenails; and makes you feel like …

Well. It makes you feel like you’re not in quarantine from a pandemic that halted the entire economy and took away live concerts and put our whole scene on pause for an undetermined, but certainly unbearable amount of time.

I’m just saying.

Long story short, Dart Bummin Lizard is the exact pick-me-up that I think so many of us need right now. Gabe, Jonah and Abby have delivered above and beyond yet again. Not a bad effort at all, considering the world is ending and we are all losing our collective shit.

In short, I recommend blasting this record from a boombox stereo delicately placed over your shoulders on our way to overthrow the government.

20/20 darts in the pack, highly recommend.

Dart Bummin Lizard, as well as their first record, Summer Dirties, are both available to listen to, download, and buy physical CD’s at

Also make sure to check out their fanTASTIC homemade music videos for

“Dart Bummin Lizard” HERE

Cat Sullivan


What’s up local music lovers- long time no read! This time I have a really unique and kick-ass instrumental album for you- HAPPY 420!!!

Coyote Man of Chicago, IL is a legendary two piece who has just released their killer progressive instrumental masterpiece ‘Precognition’! This has to be one of the coolest local albums I’ve heard in years..and actually one of the coolest albums in general-So lets just jam it!

“Blatherskite” has a big synth intro which I can dig! The drumbeat in the background before and during the guitarist’s entrance was great I’m loving the warm tone of the bass fills as well. Everything blends together effortlessly. The dynamic nature of this song really keeps your brain active and intrigued. “Remnants” hits you right in the jaw just to slow down and tell you an enticing story. I really get into the band’s ability to paint you a picture-especially without vocals. Many bands/artists do that, but many of the very same artists are rather sporadic and fickle in the composition. This second track, although slower, was huge and heavy.

“Perilous” has more of a groove style tempo that pushes more emotion into the track. This wouldn’t be the same had it been overly technical or fast. The rests are perfectly timed with great composition; the percussion really shines during this track as well. Every feeling is perfectly set out for you with a perfect sense of space and understanding. “The Unseen Hand” has that creepy ’80’s’ horror delay and build up- very great timing in the bass as well! That specific to the second rhythm gave the second half of this track a huge push.

“Death Before Dishonor” has some serious Queensryche vibes, and I mean that entirely as a compliment; they were prog GODS to my early self and there was something in the way that they wrote that I still hold dear to me. A mystery aesthetic if you will. “Apocalyptic” has an intro that I would say is an accurate assessment of the track title. It definitely validates my thoughts of an apocalyptic perception. However, I also get some cosmic images as well; epic to say the least. Amazing layering throughout as well as a superb build up to the climax. The guitar solos sing with a heartfelt melody what I personally feel hold much more passion than any vocals.

All in all I was very impressed! The style was something I have not heard in an instrumental release before, and it somehow made me feel nostalgic after my first time hearing it. I can’t get over the warm tones and the spot on production. If Steven Wilson got his hands in this band- the world wouldn’t know what to do!

Don’t forget to follow Coyote Man on all their socials including Youtube! Remember your support matters-especially during times like these! Stay safe and thrash fast!

Mitch Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: SDI Releases New Album ’80s Metal Band’

1 years after their last full-length “Mistreated”, German Speed Metal veterans SDI return with a new album! After reactivating their activity back in 2013, SDI went to perform on several shows and festivals such as “True Thrash Fest” in Japan, as well as the Czech “Obscene Extreme” and several other shows and tours across Europe since 2017. 

In the year 2019 ,the trio finally made it back to the studio, where they recorded 12 new tracks, reflecting the band’s range from speed metal grenades to metal anthems in ways of the old school. To get rid of the expectation to have reinvented the wheel somehow, the title of the album makes it clear on what’s going on – and so this album is all about the 80s, the period of time where the band left their mark! 

“80s Metal Band” is therefore not only a description in which SDI feel represented in 2020, but also the motto and title of the new full-length which takes the listener 30 years back in time. The mix of Føni Goedereis and the mastering of Peter “Pluto” Neuber (Primordial, Blood Red Throne, Manos) makes sure that the sound of SDI fits into the new millennium!

80s Metal Band Available HERE

Reinhard Kruse: Bass, Gesang
Christoph Olbrich: Drums
Daniel Haverkamp: Guitar

Follow SDI online HERE

Album Review: SUPERNAUT ‘The Green’

Hello again music readers and enthusiasts! Another jam-tastic album review here for you-SUPERNAUT has released their album The Green with fat tone and fuzz galore! Let’s dive into this one together shall we?

Track one-‘Spacewreck’ starts off with an opening hum and undertone of the intro really builds up in a subtle yet tasteful manor. It then takes a hard right turn into a straight forward punk-esque swing. The drummer really knows how to accent the little things on this album; the combination of dramatic intent and reverb really brings you right up front- even through your headphones. Topped off with a super tasty solo-you get a very organic vibe. The second track ‘Dream Eater’ is definitely much more progressive in ways, like the groove and dynamic in their composition. The quick wittily licks and ‘riffy’ rhythms shows you what the band is capable of standing them right long side of groovy-doom style bands such as The Sword and Redfang.

‘Third Circle’ is next and the first thing I can say I love about this track is how much voice the bass has. I can’t get over the way the band members of Supernaut stay in perfect harmony throughout. From the guitars’ fuzz in complimented by the bass fuzz; to the layering of the vocals-they really pull it together “Sound as a Pound” The slick blues licks and bass runs are solid as a rock, sliding right into a classic doom-styled breakdown adding yet another layer to Supernaut’s dynamic. “Honey Mountain” is a bit more on the jazzy side. I dig the idea of having a short ambient instrumental. Sometimes these tracks can seem a bit pointless to impatient listeners, but I love to embrace these short james and use them to build context to their albums as a whole.

“Fade Out” maintains a calm vibe while having a busy nature. It makes me really want to see their drummer in action especially. These is so much going on underneath the rest of the instruments that I feel I’d have to actually see the rhythm section live to catch it all. Side note: Nice use of cowbell!! The build and dives of this song are just gross in all the best ways naturally leaving us with a fade out- nice.

“Crimson Sea” has a lot of grind. It does indeed put you in the right mindset according to the first impression given by the title of the tune. Second by second the vocal desperation grows and draws you deeper and deeper. “Buglung”..well first of all HELL YEAH MAN! The crazy almost acid-rock jam style of this track is pure gold. As a fan of Primus, Opeth, Neck and a lot of other crazy artists; I am in love with everything this track has to offer.

We have arrived at the title track of the album “The Green” which has a Twilight Zone vibe in the chorus which really gives the lyrics power. I also feel a Druid vibe in there as well. It almost sounds as though the guitarist shapes their tone a little differently on each tune. I’ve always admired that and wished I had that kind of patience myself! “Owl” is a super smooth southern-blues adventure. I’ve always been inspired by tunes like this, especially lyrically. The attention to detail and an ability to personify is an art form.

We finish out the album with the track “Iron Goddess Of Mercy” There is so much attitude packed into this jam and the devil is definitely in the details on this one! The way the tune is brought up and down throughout the track with technicality and grace is very quality-“Go big or go home!” as they say, and Supernaut has proven to be nothing short of “Big” on this jam. They end this album with great intensity!

All in all- I honestly enjoyed this album in its entirety. I have yet to come across a band with this kind of nostalgic dynamic before. The Green as a whole made me think of many types of old-school down right dirty rock n roll artists. “Rock n’ roll is coming back baby!” as my friend Jeff Sandbom called it- and I stand by that fact!

Thank all of you who are reading this and I hope you are all jamming this album with me! You can find it for yourself- HERE!

Follow Supernaut in the links below!

Thrash fast friends!
-Mitch Fulcer

Maehem News: TERMINUS Unleash New Song ‘Harvest’

Northern Ireland’s Epic Metallers Terminus have released a new song from forthcoming sophomore album A Single Point of Light.

A Single Point of Light is the second full-length album from Terminus, one that continues their exploration into science fiction realms. The album will be released November 9 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Stream album track “To Ash, To Dust” at this location.

Pre-order A Single Point of Light:

It took three years for Terminus multi-instrumentalist and songwriter David Gillespie to compile the tracks for the band’s sophomore A Single Point of Light studio album. During that time, Gillespie was willingly subjected, in his own words, to “endless navel-gazing and hand-wringing” over the album’s particulars. Since he was responsible for every note and arrangement, not to mention handling the recording process at his home studio, the album became all-encompassing, a quest to improve upon the band’s well-received 2015 The Reaper’s Spiral debut. Based on the strength and depth of A Single Point of Light’s seven tracks, Gillespie and vocalist James Beattie succeeded in every respect.

Mixed and mastered by Richard Whittaker (Solstice) and with artwork created by Anaïs Mulgrew, A Single Point of Light represents the logical next step in the music development of the Northern Ireland epic metallers. Their brand of twisting, sometimes complex, but always effective metal does not lend itself to one particular era or sonic reference point. Instead, Terminus songs are often mini-journeys onto themselves, a regular confluence of spiraling riff changes, guitar harmony duels and Beattie’s emotive vocals.

The A Single Point of Light album title stems from the song “Mhira, Tell Me the Nature of Your Existence,” where the main character had her consciousness digitally preserved upon death. Gillespie compares it to how a blind person who was once sighted still sees in their dreams; the mind will process stimuli and thoughts as images to represent them. The “Single Point of Light” in the title and the song itself is the outside world communicating with her which she perceives as a singularity amongst darkness.

A Single Point of Light is split between the album’s first three standalone tracks, and the concept that ties together the final four songs and relates to the album title. The album’s lyrics and concept benefit from the longstanding partnership between Gillespie and Beattie — the two men have known each other for 20 years and have spent the last eight in Terminus, using each other as a sounding board for the science fiction themes that are so critical to the band’s overall vision. Their work ethic and commitment to the final product is unquestioned: “We’ve spent many, many hours with him standing in front of a microphone and me in front of a computer screen,” says Gillespie.

Now strictly a studio act, Terminus has continued to carve their own indelible path on A Single Point of Light, an album of infinite possibilities and conceptual intrigue.

“The sheer quality of Terminus’ songwriting makes them stand out as one of the genre’s finest newcomers.”– Ride Into Glory

Track Listing
1 To Ash, To Dust
2 Harvest
3 As Through A Child’s Eyes
4 Flesh Falls From Steel
5 Mhira, Tell Me The Nature Of Your Existence
6 Cry Havoc
7 Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams

David Gillespie – All Instruments
James Beattie – Vocals

More from Terminus:
Band camp

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JINJER Release New Single & Official Music Video, ‘On The Top’ New Album, Macro, out October 25

Pre Order Macro HERE

“A cocktail of modern prog metal, ‘Macro’ is the album where Jinjer show us what the future of heaviness sounds like.” Loudwire

Ukrainian modern metal frontrunners JINJER have returned with a vengeance! Today, JINJER turns heads with a new music video for the gut-punching anthem “On The Top”. Never failing to deliver an unforgettable hook, “On The Top” slinks along a punishing groove before soaring into melodic passages – just another example of what listeners can expect to be met with on the band’s upcoming full-length album, Macro, out October 25, 2019 via Napalm Records.

“While one is climbing, the rest is falling down in the name of profit – Is it lonely on the top?”

JINJER says about “On The Top”:

“Have you ever felt like a rat in a rat race? It seems like the world is spinning faster and faster every single day and everyone is going crazy searching for this thing called success. However, we tend to forget that real happiness has nothing to do with it- not a career, achievements, money etc. Is it really worth climbing up the ladder just to be ON to the TOP if there is nothing or no one there for you in the end? It’s OK to want to be the best you can possibly be but just remember that success has its price but it’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for it. It’s your choice to make but your burden to bare …”

Devastating riffs, aggressive vocals, powerful melodies and astonishingly deep lyrics make Macro JINJER’s most advanced and undeniable album yet – taking the listener on a journey of trauma, power struggle and greed with a progressive groove metal backdrop. 

While January 2019’s Micro EP proved to be a short exercise in madness and technical brilliance, fans still aren’t prepared for what JINJER has in store with the absolutely unbridled Macro. Defying all boundaries, the aptly titled opening track, “On The Top”, features the band`s eclectic trademarks and obeys one law only – their own. Frontwoman Tatiana Shmaylyuk defines the unique character of the Ukrainian act with menacing whispers, enthralling clean vocals and brutal growls whilst lethally groovy riff cascades melt into twisted songwriting. There is space for a microscopic bit of reggae “Judgement (& Punishment)” in all the heaviness, the double bass is beautifully out of control on “Pausing Death”, and technically superior tracks like “Home Back” defy gravity. 

JINJER says about Macro:

“Going from small things to bigger ones is the natural order of things, and we’ve paved a path from Micro to Macro, carrying the weight of feelings, emotions and experience. This is a monumental point in the story of JINJER, the quintessence of what makes us what we are now as the people and as a band. We are proud of every single note sung and played on Macro and can’t wait for you to give it a listen!”

1.On the Top
2.Pit of Consciousness
3 Judgement (& Punishment)
4. Retrospection
5. Pausing Death
6. Noah
7. Home Back
8. The Prophecy
9. lainnereP

Macro is available in the following formats:
·1 CD Jewel Case (20 Page Booklet)
· LP Gatefold BLACK
·LP Gatefold SPLATTER (strictly limited to 500)
·LP Gatefold GREEN TRANSPARENT (strictly limited to 500)
·Deluxe Box – including Music Cassette, lyric book, tote bag, signed autograph cards (strictly limited)
· Digital Album
Order Macro HERE

[Artwork by Reuben Bhattacharya | Visual Amnesia]

Catch JINJER on tour in the following cities:  

  • 11.10.19 US – Cleveland, OH / The Winchester *SOLD OUT*
  • 12.10.19 US – Cincinnati, OH / Riverfront Theater
  • 13.10.19 US – Pittsburgh, PA / Crafthouse *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.10.19 US – Indianapolis, IN / The Vogue
  • 16.10.19 US – Angola, IN / The Eclectic Room
  • 18.10.19 US – Columbus, OH / Al Rosa Villa *SOLD OUT*
  • 19.10.19 US – Flint, MI / Machine Shop *SOLD OUT*
  • 20.10.19 US – Grand Rapids, MI / Elevation @ Intersection
  • 22.10.19 US – Chicago, IL / Bottom Lounge 
  • 23.10.19 US – Belvidere, IL / Apollo Theater
  • 24.10.19 US – Waterloo, IA / Spicoli´s Reverb – Live Music and Bar Arcade
  • 25.10.19 US – Iowa City, IA / Wildwood Smokehouse
  • 26.10.19 US – Racine, WI / Route 20
  • 27.10.19 US – Minneapolis, MN / Turf Club *SOLD OUT*
  • 29.10.19 US – Calgary, AB / Dickens *SOLD OUT*
  • 30.10.19 CA – Edmonton, AB / Starlite
  • 31.10.19 CA – Vancouver, BC / The Rickshaw Theater
  • 01.11.19 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon *SOLD OUT*
  • 02.11.19 US – Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre *SOLD OUT*

special guest: THE AGONIST

  • 08.11.19 UA – Kiev / Bingo #
  • 09.11.19 PL – Warsaw / Hybrydy *SOLD OUT*
  • 10.11.19 PL – Wroclaw / Zaklete Rewiry *UPGRADE*
  • 12.11.19 DE – Dresden / Beatpol
  • 13.11.19 CZ – Prague / MeetFactory *UPGRADE*
  • 14.11.19 DE – Berlin / Lido *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.11.19 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset *SOLD OUT*
  • 16.11.19 DE – Hanover / Musikzentrum *SOLD OUT*
  • 17.11.19 DE – Hamburg / Knust *SOLD OUT*
  • 19.11.19 LU – Esch-Alzette/ Kulturfabrik
  • 20.11.19 DE – Frankfurt / Das Bett *SOLD OUT*
  • 21.11.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
  • 22.11.19 DE – Annaberg-Buchholz / Alte Brauerei
  • 23.11.19 DE – Cologne / Gebäude 9 *SOLD OUT*
  • 24.11.19 DE – Bochum / Zeche *SOLD OUT*
  • 26.11.19 NL – Amsterdam / Q-Factory *SOLD OUT*
  • 27.11.19 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo *SOLD OUT*
  • 28.11.19 NL – Antwerp / Zappa *SOLD OUT*
  • 29.11.19 UK – London / Heaven *SOLD OUT*
  • 30.11.19 UK – Birmingham / Asylum *SOLD OUT*
  • 01.12.19 UK – Newcastle / University *UPGRADE* 
  • 03.12.19 UK – Manchester / Academy 2 *SOLD OUT*
  • 04.12.19 UK – Bristol / Thekla *SOLD OUT*
  • 06.12.19 FR – Paris / La Machine *SOLD OUT*
  • 07.12.19 FR – Annemasse / Chateau Rouge
  • 08.12.19 FR – Toulouse / Le Rex *SOLD OUT*
  • 10.12.19 ES – Murcia / Garaje 
  • 11.12.19 ES – Madrid / Mon
  • 12.12.19 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra *UPGRADE*
  • 13.12.19 FR – Toulon / Omega Live
  • 14.12.19 IT – Milan / Legend Club *SOLD OUT*
  • 15.12.19 CH – Zürich / Dynamo
  • 16.12.19 DE – Munich / Backstage Werk
  • 16.12.19 AT – Graz / Dom Im Berg
  • 18.12.19 AT – Vienna / Simm City *UPGRADE*
  • 19.12.19 HR – Zagreb / Tvornica Kulture *UPGRADE*
  • 21.12.19 SK – Bratislava / Majestic
  • 22.12.19 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra

# w/ The Agonist only

In less than 10 years, the four-piece progressive groove metal wrecking machine known as JINJER have carved their very own place in the heavy metal landscape and are poised to go even further in 2019 and beyond. Hailing from Donetsk, this Ukrainian musical oddity formed in 2009 but consider the official start of the band with the addition of the incredible vocalist and femme fatale, Tatiana Shmailyuk, in 2010. Since then, JINJER have been nominated and won the Best Ukranian Metal Act award for Best Ukrainian Metal Band multiple times. 

This year’s Micro EP was received with open arms by fans and critics alike, climbed to the top of many industry charts and radio station lists worldwide and once again showcased the musical depth and songwriting talent of the band, as well as Tatiana’s amazing vocal range. The band will build upon these successes with Macro.

Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov – bass
Vladislav Ulasevish – drums

JINJER online: 

published by: Abby Niesen

Maehem News: JULIET RUIN Release New Video ‘Spite’

Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” Out September 6, 2019
Western Canadian Tour Dates

Since starting on their musical journey in 2015 from the ashes of a previous endeavour, JULIET RUIN has been working tirelessly to make a name for themselves in the Canadian music scene. Making their way across local stages and appearing at several Western Canadian festivals, JULIET RUIN will be unleashing their first full-length album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” on September 6, 2019 to follow their 2017 debut self titled EP.

Earlier this summer, the Edmonton based band released their first single Seasons, a song about the goddess of spring and hell in Greek mythology along with being a nod to badass women everywhere.

Now they are ready to drop their second banger ‘Spite’ with an exciting video that gives a dose of harsh truth via an exclusive premiere on here.

The band adds:

“‘Spite’ is one of the heaviest on the album, being the very first song where Jess screams entire verses. This song is an honest look at what it is like to regain perspective after dealing with a narcissistic force in one’s life. Spite’s courses are surprisingly upbeat in theme and sound, especially in contrast to the angry verses. It starts intense and continues to intensify throughout.”

Fans of forward-thinking modern metal such as Evanescence, System of a Down, and Killswitch Engage should take special note of this powerful and emotive Canadian band.

The ten-track album “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” showcases a brand that is all their own. They describe their new album as staying true to their roots while continuing to tinker with their sound: 

“’Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos’ stays true to a lot of our root qualities in terms of catchy hooks and overall groove, but fans can expect a lot of new and even somewhat experimental things on the album as well. Lyrically speaking this album delves into a little bit deeper subject matter than the EP, focusing a lot of personal introspection and mental health, as well as general societal concerns from differing degrees of headspace; from optimism to apathy.”

Digital stream and download of their first single ‘Seasons’ available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon.

Show Dates:

  • Sept 6 – Edmonton, AB  – The Starlite Room 
  • Sept 7 – Saskatoon, SK –  Black Cat Tavern
  • Sept 13 – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s
  • Sept 14 – Vancouver, BC –  Pat’s Pub
  • Oct 4  – Red Deer, AB – The Krossing
  • Oct 5 – Medicine Hat – Liquid Niteclub

Track Listing:

1. Simple Wars (4:54)
2. Spite (3:49)
3. Violent Hands (4:11)
4. Details Kill (4:43)
5. FTW (5:18)
6. Seasons (3:49)  
7. With Only Rage (4:44)  
8. Charlatan (4:12)
9. Stay Gold (3:28)
10. Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos (4:50)

Album Length: 44:03 

For more info:

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Maehem News: THE SHRIEKS Release Music Video for ‘Synaptic Free Zone’

August 5, 2019 – Alternative Rock Band THE SHRIEKS has released the visually intense music video for their politically charged single, “Synaptic Free Zone,” off of their April released LP, Toxygen.

“‘Synaptic Free Zone’ is a fun song about something that is not so fun.

The reality that we are all sheep following a blind destiny ordained by giant corporations that manipulate and orient us in ways that suit their business model, which is..’Don’t question, just follow, consume, and continue to be just a small number in their algorithm of pawns and deception’.

The Synapse is a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter. If we’re not thinking for ourselves we are in essence ‘Synaptic Free’.” – Luis Accorsi

Track List:
1. Chainsaw
2. Frustration in the Nation
3. Recess
4. Hot Strife
5. Synaptic Free Zone
6. Free Radical
7. Story of Bad Luck
8. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
9. Outta the Way
10. Dam
11. Purple Fold
12. Spangalore

Download Toxygen HERE

The Shrieks is Luis Accorsi (aka Tito Lembi) based out of Brooklyn. Luis and his fantastically talented friends are the synthesis of pure, unadulterated, meaningful protest rock. Toxygen is relevant to our times and original, incredible music. It takes us further into being a protest band, but not all our music has to do with the state of the world. It has to do with the state of us as humans: in love, distraught, downtrodden, happy. Our tracks are about never being apathetic. We make our feelings known, and what comes from the heart, gets to the heart.

Connect with The Shrieks HERE

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Maehem News: DEATHGRAVE ‘So Real, It’s Now’ On Tankcrimes & Tour Dates

California deathgrind/punk miscreants DEATHGRAVE have confirmed a special East Coast run of live dates with fellow grind freaks Skullshitter. From August 15th through August 18th, the band will rampage their way through Brooklyn, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. See all confirmed dates below.

  DEATHGRAVE‘s So Real, It’s Now debut was released last year via Tankcrimes. Hailed by Decibel for being a, “kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness,” the fourteen-track long player was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (Necrot, Autopsy) by guitarist/renowned sound engineer Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea).

  So Real, It’s Now is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Digital orders are available at THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in its entirety. Place physical orders HERE.

DEATHGRAVE w/ Skullshitter:
8/15/2019 Brooklyn Bazaar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Oldest
8/16/2019 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD w/ Afterbirth, Vomit Forth, Plague Bearer 8/17/2019 Rock Room – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Final Command, Plague Dogs 8/18/2019 The Buffalo – Philadelphia, PA w/ Coffin Dust, Covered In Sores

Spawned in 2013, DEATHGRAVE initially united as four friends with a simple need to play bleeding, belligerent, and pissed off grindcore, death metal, powerviolence, and punk grabbing elements from Siege, Rudimentary Peni, and Napalm Death, with an Impetigo twist. Comprised of longtime scene veterans, DEATHGRAVE is Wilkinson (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea) alongside bassist Fern Alberts (Amber Asylum, ex-Bird, ex-Ringwurm), vocalist Andre Cornejo (Cyanic, ex-Bird, ex-Casket Blaster), and the newly-acquired Clint Baechle (Owl, Isotope, Hazzards Cure).

  “…a kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness, razor-sharp punk-infused deathgrind riffs and dissonant noise rock detours, high velocity jabs from an orthodox stance and crafty sucker punches you never see coming…” – Decibel

“Incorporating crust and never shying away from a slower doom break or a straight-up hardcore stomp, DEATHGRAVE’s latest effort So Real, It’s Now is definitely more unique than the legions of post-Assück or Napalm worship. The Autopsy influence looms large, as do names like Grief, Doom, Siege, Spazz, and much more across the under thirty minutes and fourteen-tracks.” – Revolver

 “…a wonderfully relentless slab of punky death grind that is as fun as it is furious” – Last Rites”You can smell the bile, taste the puke, and love every second of it.” – Metal Wanderlust

Find Deathgrave online in the links below

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Maehem News: ALL ELSE FAILS’ Release New Music Video ‘Thrice Broken’

Edmonton’s ALL ELSE FAILS have just announced a new video for the single ‘Thrice Broken’ of their 2018 release “The False Sanctuary”.

The video was recorded in 2018, internationally with vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko in Joshua Tree, USA and guitarist Mike Sands in Örebro, Sweden. Klesko has the following to say about the single, which is slower than what is typically expected from AEF:

“It’s analogous to where the band was in regards to our lineup over the past couple of years, all of us growing further apart due to new interests, but still having passion for the project. This is the last piece of music that Mike and I collaborated on, and I’m super proud of it. It’s totally a different approach for us (a ballad style remake of a previous song), and an awesome way to close off this chapter of AEF as we dive into the new one.”

ALL ELSE FAILS is suitable for all modern metal fans, especially those with an interest in Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Alexisonfire, and Architects.

Watch ‘Thrice Broken’ via here.

Keeping with their tradition of crushingly heavy and progressive metal, ALL ELSE FAILS‘ latest album “The False Sanctuary” features 2 new songs along with 5 B-sides that were never released digitally from their critically-acclaimed 2016 full length ‘The Forever Lie’.

Vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko adds about their latest release “A False Sanctuary”:

“In a lot of ways this album is at a state of the union address. It’s been 2 years since the release of The Forever Lie, and already the themes of financial corruption, abuse of religious power, and political scandal seem tame. I wrote this one half with a sarcastic smirk, half with a crippling sense that we are well past the point of return.”

‘The False Sanctuary’ is available on Bandcamp (pay what you want for a limited time), along with stream and download on SpotifyiTunes, and all major online retailers.

Show Dates: 
July 27 – Fort McMurray, AB – The Tavern On Main 
Aug 3 – Drumheller, AB – Loud as Hell Festival
Aug 17 – Tofield, AB – Spanzen Fest

Track Listing: 
1. A Dream of Names (4:24)
2. Wolves (3:57)
3. Thrice Broken (4:28)
4. The Pause (3:19)
5. Love In The Gloom (4:00)
6. Bones (2015 Demo Version) (4:13)
7. The Forever Lie (2015 Demo Version) (3:21)
Album Length: 27:44 

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-Published by Emily Mae