Single Review: COLOR KILLER ‘Not Your Valentine’

Marlborough (MA) punk prodigy band Color Killer is back in action with their latest single release Not Your Valentine!

This is a two minute straight up jam that speaks out against everyone’s favorite made up Hallmark Holiday. It creatively expresses how frustrating it is that we all feel like we ‘have to validate’ our love for one another with a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal with some kind of lame love related pun about you being PUURR-FECT. Color Killer always makes me laugh at the creativity of their tunes. They’re always relatable and quite obviously about things that would frustrate a young punker in their age group especially; however, they are also about things that us “older” folks are equally frustrated with as well; like how much winter sucks or how creepy spiders can be.

Color Killer has come a long way, in what feels like such a sort time, since the very first time I saw their video performance of “Down With Winter” about two years ago. They’re always so cool and so fun! Whenever I happen to see that they have a new release I know it’s always going to be worth my time to check it out! Not Your Valentine is available NOW on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play! Be sure to give them a like and a follow if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on what’s coming up next!

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Emily Mae
Edited By Samantha Crocker

One Night Stand: Zuffalo- ‘Any Given Speed’

Fans of The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Phish and Allman Brothers- gather ’round! Get ready for the lasted single release from Zuffalo, ‘Any Given Speed’!

Zuffalo’s debut self-titled album is a unique listening experience; best listened to while on the road according to the band. “We feel that it is a good driving album, perfect for road trips. It has a party vibe, so put it on while you’re hanging with friends. We want people to feel good when they listen to our music.” With compelling lyrics filled with stories, powerful emotions, themes of love, empowerment, and science-fiction, there’s something on there for everyone to relate to. 

This single is a groovy and a fun look into the idea of time travel; however it is a cautionary tale. It warns that one must not get too far ahead of themselves or you will lose sight of yourself. It’s okay to dream of the future, but one must never lose awareness of the present. This will cause you to lose control of things quickly, and then the once sunny future might not be as bright as you had originally conceived. Zuffalo didn’t take any shortcuts when writing this song with an energetic drum beat and quirky guitar solos. If you take anything away from this track – it’s to not take the present for granted. 

Be sure to order your copy of their DEBUT release HERE!

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Emily Mae
Edited by: Samantha Crocker

One Night Stand: INTOXICATED RAGE-‘Political Warfare’

INTOXICATED RAGE is one of the leading lights of the New England heavy metal scene. Influenced by Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath; Intoxicated Rage has released their newest single ‘Political Warfare’ which is packed with attitude from start to finish!

Their mission statement “LET IT OUT” is heard loud and proud in this track! We are all aware of what a messed up place the world has become, but this tune makes you want to get out there and take a stand! Shredding guitar licks, thundering bass, and blasting drum beats all lead by the RAGING vocals-Intoxicated Rage ensures that you leave with an experience of head-banging, moshing, laughter, and a true understanding of full-on FUCKING RAGE!

Check out ‘Political Warfare’ below and get ready for your taste of their album, Apocalypse!

Intoxicated Rage wants you to know it’s their time to take over the scene with new, fast, head pounding and heart racing sounds. Apocalypse is about the band taking over, and Intoxicated Rage is the ‘Apocalypse’.

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Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

One Night Stand: INTOXICATED RAGE- ‘Political Warfare’

Get ready for your Saturday night One Night Stand with New England heavy metal band Intoxicated Rage! Their name alone speaks directly to the experiences they provide in their music and live performances—anger, power, and entertainment.

With their first single “Political Warfare” from the upcoming Apocalypse album, Intoxicated Rage wants you to know it’s their time to take over the scene with new, fast, head pounding and heart racing sounds. Apocalypse is about the band taking over, and Intoxicated Rage is the Apocalypse. The project showcases the impressive spectrum of sound the band masters; from aggressive riffs and angry vocals to light melodies with soft harmonies. 

This track is metal straight out of the gate! “Polictical Warfare” is hard, heavy and packed with rage! It’s a powerful account of modern society’s plagues through a fast and unforgiving sound. So, get all of your frustrations together and get ready to f*ckin’ mosh!

We’ll See you in the pit!

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Emily Mae
Edited By Samantha Crocker

One Night Stand: A DOZEN PACES- ‘Devil’s Daughter’

It’s time for our One Night Stand  with rockers A Dozen Paces coming at you from the Chicago-lands! A Dozen Paces is a rock and roll band from Joliet, IL formed by singer-songwriter David Manchen and guitarist Gerard Rapp. After the dissolution of a previous project, they began working on original material that more closely reflected their root musical influences. Ranging from punk rock to the delta blues, reggae, and American folk; they began forming their own unique blend of rock and roll. After playing shows for a while and cycling through different eras of drummers and members the band parted ways in 2015. But now they are back in action with the release of their latest single- “Devil’s Daughter”!

One two three four… And spread those tasty riffs! This track is what rock n’ roll SOUL is all about! From the very first lick, you are in, hook, line, and sinker! This is the passionate and emotional tale of a meeting with the Devil’s Daughter! As we are lead through temptation, we experience every emotion love has to offer with each heartthrob. This tune is an instant classic, and I fully expect to hear it in every juke box across the land one of these days!

So, get ready for a dance with the Devil’s Daughter! This is just the beginning of what A Dozen Paces has to offer! Keep an eye out for their upcoming FULL EP release! Until then, get a taste for yourself in the link below!

“Devil’s Daughter”-HERE!

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