Album Review: EUGENIC DEATH ‘Under The Knife’

In 2014 the recording process for Eugenic Death’s second album Under the Knife began. Geoff Lapenta was recruited to perform drums on the album. Jonathan McCanless on guitars and bass, and Keith Davis once again on vocals.

The second album took four years to complete and was recorded in many different locations around the country, including The Lodge out of Indianapolis and Bunker Sound out of Chapel Hill, NC. Engineered by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mixed by Steven Raets and John E Wooten IV. Mastered by Steven Raets. Cover art created by Marija Vilotijevic, model: Courtney Simonds. 

This seven-track thrasher from Heaven And Hell Records blasts in full speed with “Indoctrinate.” It begins with the classic guitar shredding and fast-paced beats that we all love! Get ready to jump into the pit with this one! “The Citizen Patrol” has that Exodus feel for sure, which makes sense as they listed them as one of their influences along with Testament, Slayer, Megadeth, and Nuclear Assult as well as a band from our corner of the map- Morbid Saint!

I can really feel the Megadeth in the intro to this next track- “The Devil’s Tower.” I’m really digging the groove of the guitar in this one- there is a lot of great hooks as well as a super sweet leads! About a third of the way through, the vocals come in, and the thrash-pace picks up to full speed! “The Witching Ground” is a dark and brutal tune about witch craft. I’m not sure if its the witch in me, or the thrasher in me, but either way this one is one is on top of the list for sure!

“Hara Shiva” draws you in with a melodic chant and a groovy acoustic lick. This tune is certainly different than the rest but a jam none the less. It’s an interesting way to break things up for a bit. “Aghori Sadhus” kicks up the dust in the pit once again. This one is a head banger for sure!

We finish out this release with the self-titled track “Under the Knife.” This track is like if Slayer wrote a song for Anthrax; it has the thrash influence of Slayer’s style but with the theme of something I feel like Anthrax would cover. The album cover in itself sort of reminded me of Madhouse as well. This tune stands strong and is a great finish for this album! As we reach the end, it breaks cleanly into a groovy and majestic ending-warping the last note. A great metaphor for the world as a whole I feel. Under the Knife is definitely one for your thrash collection that’s for sure! I would love to get a copy of this on vinyl!

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Track List
1. Indoctrinate
2. The Citizen Patrol
3. The Devil’s Tower
4. The Witching Ground
5. Hara Shiva
6. Aghori Sadhus
7. Under the Knife

Jonathan McCanless – guitar/bass
Keith Davis – vocals
Geoff Lapenta – drums

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Emily Mae
Edited By Samantha Crocker