LUNAR MOTH Single Release ‘Valley of Fire’ 4/20

It’s finally here! Madison’s legendary three piece doomy, garage-rock outfit Lunar Moth has announced the release of their newest single ‘Valley of Fire’! As a huge fan of Lunar Moth, I couldn’t wait to have this track in my hands! This is a tune that transports you to another realm of sludgy riffs, spacey vocals, fuzzy bass, and let’s not forget the heart-stopping drums!

‘Valley of Fire’ is available HERE starting 4/20 and drops at 4:20 PM! I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the holiday than with this absolute banger! Not every holiday has to be cancelled this year; so, while you are at home during these times, spark one up with Lunar Moth! Don’t forget to grab their self-titled release as well! You won’t regret it, we promise!

Find Lunar Moth online on Facebook and Instagram!

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

Maehem News: A Year Of Maehem

This has been an amazing year for our team here at Maehem Underground Media! We simply can not thank everyone enough for all of the support as we started this project from the ground up! We are eternally grateful to the bands, venues, bookers, promoters and all the other fine people we have worked with over this year- and ESPECIALLY the fans!

We have accomplished so much!  We built our own site; covered several festivals including: Project Mayhem, Mad With Powerfest, Breastfest, Orangefest, Panterafest and Metal 4 Muttz; we created a released our very first official music video; filmed, photographed,  interviewed and reviewed several amazing bands and performances; and just so much more.. Below is a video from our year in review. 

The year 2018 is concluding, but with that, we, of course, welcome 2019 with open arms in anticipation of what it could hold for all of us! To begin with, one thing we can promise you all is OUR SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW! That’s right; our team is coming together to bring you some of the finest in metal from our Midwest scene! Including All Kings Fall, Squidhammer Metal, H1Z1 and the almighty WRATH of Combat Records! It will be held in Green Bay, WI at the SV2 April 6th!

These wonderful dudes have come together with us to bring to life our FIRST YEAR as a publication brought to you by the people-for the people.

This show will be extra special and not only just for us but for all of you as well. All of us in the music scene have put a lot of work into our craft, working passionately TOGETHER to bring out the best that music has to offer. This show is brought to you FREE of admission because we wanted to thank all of you for your amazing love and support. We invite and encourage all of our fans to spend this night with us!

There will be a raffle with all kinds of cool prizes from bands and sponsors we have featured over this past year! We will be accepting donations as well, and with that- all who donate will get a special gift from us as well as free entry into the raffle to show our appreciation! We here at Maehem Underground are a nonprofit organization, so all donations go directly into what we do! This would include things such as putting on the show itself, equipment updates, site maintenance, and of course to travel as far out as we can get to bring you more cool shows from the scene!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event, please contact us either on our Facebook direct message OR via email at to apply!

Current Sponsors include:
Patrick Gunderson- Gunderslam
Chris Craig- Project Mayhem
Jake Olson- Metal Head Brewing Co.
Metal Jim- Metal Jim Rocks
Emily Mae- Emily Maehem Photography

But for now- HERE is your sneak peak!

Thank you all once again! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Team Maehem


Weekend Warriors: ATTALLA

Welcome to another segment of Weekend Warriors, where we feature some of the best musicians on the scene! This week we revisit the Wisconsin doom band- Attalla! After the release of their second album ‘Glacial Rule’ and a summer packed full of festivals and other great shows; we caught up with them at their Halloween Bash in their home town of Oshkosh, WI at the Reptile Palace with lead vocalist Cody James.

To see our full live Footage of Attalla’s evening at the Reptile Palace click HERE

To see more from Attalla, be sure to keep up with them in the links below!


-Don Niesen
Edited by Emily Mae



Album Review: Floyd Turbo- ‘Through Wolves Teeth’

Wisconsin’s favorite ‘middle-aged rock and roll’ band Floyd Turbo is back in action with the release of their newest full album- ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ Earlier this year we dug into their EP release ‘Orange’ which you can read for yourself HERE

Check out the teaser trailer to ‘Trough Wolves Teeth’ here!

“Something Afoot In The Mistletoe” is the first track of ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The progression of just the intro of this song leaves me interested in the full sound of the album. The mix of a stoner/doom vibe and almost Queensryche vocals gives them a unique sound that has me hooked from the very first note. This song builds on a very thick foundation of groove and has a strong ending. We are then taken to the title track of the album- “Through Wolves Teeth” which kicks things up a notch! I feel as though I have rediscovered the feeling that I can recall from the first time I heard Mastodon’s album “Blood Mountain” The dynamics of this song gives me some insight into the vast pool of influences that they have. Getting heavy and then “pulling it back” at just the right times, showing the true experience and talent of these musicians. The doom style solos are very fitting, but also unexpected in the best of ways!

In “Death Of The Sun” it continues a sort of storytelling theme. I love that each track has a tale of its own. These all have a beginning, a climax, and all end wonderfully. A vocal driven turn on this song takes me back to late 80’s style progressive vibes like the Queensryche above, Control Denied, and Dream Theater. The high energy rhythm under the epic leads creates something comparable to a unique life’s experience.

“Gold Tooth” has a little bit of growly back vocals that add a nice touch throughout this track. The drawn-out vocal patterns make you want to push your voice right along with them! The drummer’s techniques shine in this song for me as well. I dig his fulfilling style; never letting it drift while exploring an array of other fills and expression. The next track “Pillars Of Regret” has a vibe that matches the title perfectly. You can feel where Floyd Turbo is coming from with the one. The bits and pieces of reverb and production build an intriguing story as you explore the desperation in the vocals and lyrical content.

“The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is bringing back the groove. This tune rides a wave that feels like it never ends. The acoustics in the background gives a nice touch to the voyage type of feel. “The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is another neck-wrecker, if I do say so myself, however, it still keeps that vintage sound. “ITHAVOLL” is the final track from ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The clean, progressive tone is well placed at the end of this album. It gives a conclusive intention that allows you to build your interpretation to the ending and it sounds beautiful.

The overall levels of this album are even and appealing. I enjoy listening to each layer. I was a big fan of the originality and eclectic tendencies of Floyd Turbo. It had me grinding a lot of nostalgic styles all at the same time, and I loved it! The composition was excellent and if you’re one that is all about the story or music that paints you a picture- you will dig ‘Through Wolves Teeth’ without a doubt!

Physical copies of this album are available HERE

Soon to be available on other media outlets!


Dean + Mark + Nick + Jim = Floyd Turbo

Through Wolves Teeth Tracks
1. Something Afoot In The Mistletoe
2. Through Wolves Teeth
3. Death Of The Sun
4. Gold Tooth
5. Pillars Of Regret
6. The Dirt, The Devil, and Me

Check out Floyd Turbo online!
Official Site

Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by Samantha Crocker